Never Say Goodbye

"Well, I guess this is goodbye," she told me and I could see the tears pricking her eyes.
"Never say goodbye, because goodbye means leaving and leaving means forgetting. And I never want to forget you. Ever," I announce and she nods, a tear streaking her dirt stained face.
"I guess since 'friendly' isn't working for me I'll stick to straight facts," she chokes out, her tears causing her to stumble over her words. My own tears stream down my face and I clench the night lock tighter.
"This is the end," she states and I nod trying to hide my tears from her.
"Three," she begins. I open my hand to reveal the black berries staining the palm of my hand. I grab her hand and she doesn't protest. She is the best friend I've ever had and I want her to know that.
"Two," I answer her call, my voice rings out in the emptiness of the arena. Her hand tightens on mine and she raises our arms in the air. A signal, not of surrender or defeat but one of salvation and ending.


2. Chapter 2

"Rise and shine!" Effie's voice invades my sleep, drawing me out of the last bit of home I had to hold onto. I decide to ignore her and pull the covers over my head, the scent of the woods still clinging to the clothes I sleep in. 
"Come on Dearie, get out of bed and come join the rest of us for breakfast," she soothed and as I looked at her I saw a flicker of sympathy in her eyes. As tears threaten to pour I get out of bed and follow Effie onto the train that'll lead us to our deaths. We walk into the dining cart just as the train pulls out of the station. Matthew, Matt, smiles at me as I walk in and I lower my head. How can he be so happy? I sit down and frown, not wanting to eat anything. 
"You gonna eat?" Matt questions sharply sliding a plate with some sort of bread toward me. I swallow, glaring at the plate and try to ignore my growling stomach.
"No, I don't trust the food here," I state but his gaze only darkens. Effie takes in the situation and backs up.
"I think I'll leave you two alone. Remember though, no injuring the tributes until the Games," she announces as she quickly leaves the room. Smart woman. Unfortunately I'm not as smart.
"You need to eat Asha," Matt murmurs, standing, as soon as Effie leaves.
"How can you be so happy!" I scream at him letting all my emotions loose and standing. He doesn't looked shocked at all.
"I'm not happy I just think we might have a chance, you and me," he soothes in a quieter tone. I burst.
"You don't get it do you! Good doesn't win. Good never wins because good has to play by the rules. Evil doesn't. You're good, Matt, you'll never really beat the Capitol they'll always have their grip on you. Their tiny silver claws will always be digging into you're flesh pulling back when you get to far away from them. You. Can't. Win." I lecture. His eyes widen as if he just realized the truth. With tears streaming down my cheeks I watch him sit. He's silent. I truly shut him up. Effie comes back in and taking in the scene she stays silent. I turn and storm out of the room leaving the amazing smelling food and Matt behind. 
             It's dark out when Matt finally comes into my room to talk. He walks in and sits at the edge of the bed. Letting out a deep sigh he looks me straight in the eye and I try not to look away. I close my eyes and focus on trying to hear the hum of the train as it speeds along the tracks.
"I know we can't win. I'm not going there to win. I'm going there to make an impression. To leave the Capitol with something they'll never forget."


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