the wolf

love story of a twilight wolf pack member


1. meeting the wolf

It was a normal day at school as usual I heard “steroid freaks, tall fuck brains”  I’m sick of it really,, I want to drop out of school but then I heard someone say ‘a new girl’ so I turned around to see her she smelt like a wolf so she is a shape shifter and she walked up to me and the pack and whispered “shape shifters to?” I said “yes we turn into wolves you smell like a wolf to” turns out she is and so the guys and I invite her to hang with us for the day and I’m driving her to Sam’s the alpha of the pack because in order to come on our land is to join the pack if you are a wolf, even better I imprinted on her and she imprinted on me to so we are going to tell Sam now he will be forced into inviting her into our pack Leah will have another girl so that’s good in a way but I can’t be sure Leah is always complaining about being Sam’s pathetic ex that he can’t get away from it’s like she wants to give up her wolf I won’t complain if she doe’s she’s so miserable I almost feel sorry for her well we have arrived at Sam’s now so I say the her “about Sam’s fiancé don’t stare it bothers Sam” she said “why would I stare?” we are walking in and see Sam and his fiancé Emily making out so I clear my throat Sam and Emily jump apart Sam sees Leonie and I say to him “I imprinted on her and she imprinted on me” a smile crosses Emily’s face the I have found my soul mate Sam and Leonie phase’s into their wolves Emily recons Leonie’s wolf looks like mine Sam gives me a look that says phase so I let Emily know and go outside behind a tree and strip then phase I can hear what she is thinking and a big wolf grin spreads across my face Emily in in hysterics and yet manages to take a photo and then walks inside I go behind the tree I phased behind and phase back putting my clothes on and walk inside and I ask Emily “what is so funny?” she said the grin was to die for so she took a picture 






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