the wolf

love story of a twilight wolf pack member


2. meeting the pack

Sam our alpha has decided to call a pack meeting with the elders, to tell me about their story's and I exchange mine. My legends clam that we are related to the Quileute Tribe they asked me if i was from the 'Blue moons' pack and I said that I am I'm over 1000 years old I never plane of giving up my wolf -my wolf is everything to me. Jack said "no wonder why you speak from a different time"  and I said "yes young one, do you know how painful it is to give up your wolf? my last pack member gave up hers and told me of the pain she went through" pule asked "why do you go to school?" I replied "I attend school now to learn how the modern-day people behave and speak and to learn more for when I was young I never paid any attention in school I thought of school as a wast of time you see I hated school with a passion my mother dis-owned me because of that I was always called in to the practicals office about my attitude to my fellow class mates and to the teachers" they were all amazed at my life as a child then Sam called the meeting off so I went up to him to see if I could meet the Cullen's he said he'll call them and meet up with them tomorrow after school.  


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