Last Summer in Paris - A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

Katie Bell spent her summer in Paris. When she falls in love with the one and only Louis Tomlinson. Her best friend, Perrie, was dating none other then Zayn Malik. When the summer ends and she goes back to her collage dorm room in Las Angeles, CA, and she forgets about everything. When she takes a school trip to London years after that summer she runs into her old friend, Louis. What happens when unexpectedly Louis proposes with the whole world watching. Will Katie choose to leave her old life or stay in her small LA apartment?


3. Years Go By

Chapter 3. Years Go By


Katie's POV

A lot has happened over the last year.

When I got off the plane I turned on my phone and noticed i had over 1000 notifications on Twitter. I opened the app and looked through my feed:

@OneDirection4Ever: You are such a BITCH. Why did you break up with my baby. Your so fat and ugly. @KatieBell

@1D_Love_Me: You are such a skank and a bitch, You are so fat and ugly and a total asshole.

I scroled through all 1000's of them reading each one. I started to cry and get lightheaded. I looked scrolled down till I saw one that came to my attention:

@LouisTomlinson: All of you stop!!! You all are blaming her for something that she was forced to do. She had school and a life to get back to. All of you please stop hurting my Katie. @KatieBell

That went on for about 3 weeks. I soon started to believe everything they were saying. I became anorexic, bulimic, and I started cutting myself.

During this last year of collage i made a new best friend who was my roomate. Her name is Sadie. She is over the top gorgeous. She has long golden hair with bright blue eyes. We were the best of friends.

Four months ago I got  a call for the London Police Department.

"I am sorry to inform you that both of your parents died in a murder at your house during a robbery."

I soon got there will and they left me everything. Even my younger sister's death money after a severe bullying incident 5 years ago. I now had $100 million for my self. I became obbsessed with my image. i stopped cutting myself on my arms and stomache and started on my upper thigh so no one could every see them and i could wear whatever i wanted.

I traded in my geeky glasses for contacts. I bought myself millions of clothes and my own appartment building in Hollywood. I also bought myself a crimson red Porshe.

I now have long beautiful red hair and gorgeous green eyes. I dropped down to 90 pounds with no curves. I also am the richess person in LA right now.

Louis's POV

When Katie left i soon became very depressed. Half way through our tour i dissappeared to Northern Canada. One Direction sooned announced that we were broken up. I have been living up here for 1 year now. I sleep with a new girl every night and am alway drunk.

I still think about Katie everyday. I still love her can not wait to see her again.

I havent talked to Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, or Perrie since i left.

I want to see them but non of them know where i am.

Harry's POV

The last year has been kind of crazy. One Direction broke up. I moved in with Niall next door to Zayn and Perrie.

I miss Katie sooooooo much she is one of my best friends and i want to k now how she is doing.

"Hey Harry I have an idea." Niall, Louis, Zayn and Perrie walked into the room. "Yeah whats up Nialler." "So, You me and Perrie go to LA and see Katie and see if she is ok. Then, Zayn and Liam go to Canada and find Louis by tracking his phone and convincing him to come back and live with us."

"Sounds good lets get going." We all pack our things and meet up at the airport. Me, Niall, and Perrie get on a plane to LA ,and Zayn and Liam get on a plane to Northern Canada.


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