Last Summer in Paris - A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

Katie Bell spent her summer in Paris. When she falls in love with the one and only Louis Tomlinson. Her best friend, Perrie, was dating none other then Zayn Malik. When the summer ends and she goes back to her collage dorm room in Las Angeles, CA, and she forgets about everything. When she takes a school trip to London years after that summer she runs into her old friend, Louis. What happens when unexpectedly Louis proposes with the whole world watching. Will Katie choose to leave her old life or stay in her small LA apartment?


1. Last Summer

Chapter 1. Last Summer


It was last summer.

The summer I traveled to Paris.

The summer I fell madly in love with Louis Tomlinson.

I was in my hotel room unpacking with my best friend, Perrie, who lived in London. I heard the screams of millions of girls outside my door. I stood up from the bed and opened the door. There was nothing. I closed the door and went back to my unpacking. I heard my door open then slam and I turned around. I saw Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson pile into the room.

Perrie jumped up off the bed.

"OMG!!!! Hey babe how did you get here!!!" she practically screamed as she ran into Zayn.

I sat there with a the most confused look you could give someone. She turned around with the biggest smile on her face.

"Oh, yea. I forgot to tell you. I AM DATING ZAYN MALIK FROM ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!"

"I havent seen you in 8 months and you forget to tell me 1. that you have a boyfriend and 2. that its Zayn Malik!" I half screamed

"Yeah sorry about that I just thought everyone knew. I mean do you even watch the news?"

I looked around at all the boys and Perrie hanging off of Zayn. My eyes landed on Louis and my insides started to melt. "" I snaped out of my trance and turned back to Perrie. "You know there isnt any TV in Northern Astralia. Where i have been for the past 8 months remember." I applied for a around the world curriculum to get my doctoret degree.

"Oh yeah right. So they are my main boys and they will be your too. This is One Direction." she said gestering toward them.

"Hi, I am Zayn Malik.", he came up to me and shook my hand. This continued with the rest, "Hi I am Liam Payne.", "Hi I am Harry Styles", "Hi I am Niall Horan."

Then I turned my head toward the famous Louis Tomlinson. "Ummmmmmmm......" Harry stepped in front of him and waved his hand. "Oh yeah, I am Louis Tomlinson." I shook all of their hands and introduced my self. "Hello, I'm Katie Bell." I said in my half British\haft American accent.

I was born and raised my entire life in London. When I finished school I moved to Los Angeles, CA for collage. I am just a normal 20 year old Brit, well sort. I have midium lengh bright red hair and super light green eyes covered by my black nerd glasses. I have the most dramatic curves you could find and I am 5'3".

They all greeted my with their adorable British accents.

Diiiinnnnnnngggg, Diiiinnnnnnnggg!!!

I looked down at my phone:

@LouisTomlinson: I have just met this amazing girl. She is sooooo nice go check her out!!!! @KatieBell

I looked up at him and he gave me the most amazing smile i have ever seen. I looked at the floor in embarsement.

"Hey why dont we all order room service." I half yelled. Everyone looked at me and agreed. When i turned around Louis was still staring at me. I looked at his gorgeouus brown hair and beautiful eyes. Parrrie started waving her hand in my face and I snaped out of it. After ordering we all sat down on the floor and decided to play truth or dare.

"So who wants to go first?"

"Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Perrie squeled in my ear. "Ok, jeez. Truth or Dare?" I said while holding my ear in pain. "DARE!" Deftening me again."K, I dare you to make out with Zayn for 3 minutes in front of all of us."

She leaned over and smashed her lips against Zayns and they didnt stop for 3 minutes. "Times Up!!" She looked at me with a big smile and we all couldn' stop laughing.

"Ok my turn. Hmmmmmmm....... Louis, Truth or Dare?" Perrie turned to Louis.

Louis's POV

"Louis, Truth or Dare?" Perrie turned to me.


I soon got lots of 'Boos' and 'Losers'. After Perrie shuting them up she turned back to me. "Ok, truth. What was your first immpression of Katie when you walked in the room. I looked around the room at Katie who was on her phone texting.

"I looked at her and I though she was the most beautiful girl in the world. I though to my self when she introduced her self that I wanted to know everything about her."

I looked over at her, still looking at her phone. When she looked up she had tears in her eyes. She also had the biggest smile on her face. She then mouthed 'Thank You' to me and I started to melt.

Katie's POV

I knew when Louis said that I wanted him to be my boyfriend.

After that afternoon we spent the whole night talking and I fell in love. Over the summer we went on 100's of dates and fell in love. I became best friends with Harry and Niall. Everything was perfect untill the last day.


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