Wherever You Are

"I'll be back before you know it, don't worry." I told her, but her tears kept falling. "You can't leave me." She cried, I pulled her into my chest. Standing in the middle of the airport waiting to board the plane. "I love you." I mumbled in her ear, I could feel the tears coming. "I love you, too." She said through tears then pulled away from me. "You should go." She pulled her sleeves over her hands and wiped away her tears. "I'm gonna miss you. Promise me you won't cut while I'm gone." I held her hand in mine. "I promise." She said in barely a whisper. I left a kiss on her lips, it felt like time stopped like the kiss would last forever. But we both knew it wouldn't.


4. Chapter 3

Kori's POV


"When are we leaving?" Alyssa asked eagerly.


"In a minute." I said. I looked out my window and the sun was setting. Ashton texted me telling me him and the boys just left. I stood up and grabbed sweat pants and a white tank top out of my dresser. When I put on the sweat pants they were really big - because they were Ashton's.


"Hey, look; your literally in Ashton's pants." Alyssa giggled.


"Shut up." I rolled my eyes and grabbed my phone. I put it in my pocket and Alyssa came out of the bathroom in green flannel shorts and a t-shirt. She put on her flip-flops and I put on mine. We walked to the park and waited there. A few minutes past and Ashton and the other boys showed up.


"Calum!" Alyssa jumped up and ran into Calum's arms. I stood up and Ashton hugged me really tightly.


"Guys this is Kori." Ashton told the other guys that were there. I hugged Calum, Michael, and Luke. "That's Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry."


"Hi." I smiled.


"Hii!" Niall yelled.


"So are you two dating?" Harry asked.


"Uh..." I looked up at Ashton and he just shrugged.


"Yes, they are dating." Alyssa answered for us.


"Yup." Calum nodded. We stayed at the park for a while and talked.


"So how long are you guys staying?" I asked.


"We'll do a few shows here then we'll go and finish up the tour." Ashton said.


"Okay." I nodded.


"Kori, you know I love you right? There's nothing in the world that could ever change that. Even if I'm not here with you; you can call me. I don't care what I'm doing or where I am. Hell, I could be on stage and if you called I'd stop hitting the drums to answer it." Ashton said. 


"How would you know it's me?" I asked.


"I'll use my psychic powers." He said, putting his fingers up to his head.


"Oh yeah?" I laughed.


"Yeah." He nodded, grabbing my hands in his. 


"You giant hands." I giggled.


"No, you just have small hands." Ashton shook his head, looking down at my arms. I let him count up the scars. He looked up at me and smiled.


"Satisfied?" I smiled.


"Very." He nodded, leaning in and kissing me.


"Well, Alyssa and I are going to my house. Ashton and Kori are going to her house." Calum said.


"Huh?" I asked, looking at him.


"We'll bring Luke and Michael home." Louis said.


"I guess I'm taking you home with me." I giggled.


"I'm fine with that." Ashton smiled. After everyone left Ashton and I walked to my house, "Still in the same house." 


"Yup. I'm never leaving. Too many memories." I smiled. We walked up to my room and he held me close to him until I fell asleep.

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