Wherever You Are

"I'll be back before you know it, don't worry." I told her, but her tears kept falling. "You can't leave me." She cried, I pulled her into my chest. Standing in the middle of the airport waiting to board the plane. "I love you." I mumbled in her ear, I could feel the tears coming. "I love you, too." She said through tears then pulled away from me. "You should go." She pulled her sleeves over her hands and wiped away her tears. "I'm gonna miss you. Promise me you won't cut while I'm gone." I held her hand in mine. "I promise." She said in barely a whisper. I left a kiss on her lips, it felt like time stopped like the kiss would last forever. But we both knew it wouldn't.


3. Chapter 2

Kori's POV


"KORI! GET YOUR ASS UP HERE!" Jessie screamed from my room. I rolled my eyes and finished making our sandwiches and walked upstairs with them.


"What is it now?" I asked handing her her sandwich.


"Did you see 5SOS's new video?" Jessie asked putting her laptop in my lap and played a video. Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton were there. I watched and listened to the song. Seeing Ashton's face made me wanna cry. And hearing his laugh at the end. I missed it so much. I gave Jessie back her laptop and finished my sandwich.




"Nooo." I shook my head.


"Then what's wrong?" She asked.


"I just don't like thinking about him. It makes me sad." I shrugged.


"Sorry." She sighed.




"Kori, Kori, Kori, Kori!" Jessie shook me awake. "Get up, get up, get up, get up, GET UP!"


"Whyyy?" I whined.


"Why? Why? BECAUSE FIVE SECONDS OF SUMMER IS IN AUSTRALIA THAT'S WHY!" Jessie screamed at the top of her lungs. I sat up right away.


"What?" I asked in disbelief.


"You heard me!" Jessie yelled. "Now get up and get dressed so you can go see Ashton!" I got up and she plugged her phone into my speakers playing 'Don't Cry Your Heart Out' by Cody Simpson. I sang along quietly as I picked out and outfit. I picked out my pink Jack Daniels t-shirt and jean shorts with floral print on the front. I put them on with some my pink flip-flops. I straightened my hair, put on a little make-up and brushed my teeth.


"Are you excited to see Ashton?" Jessie asked as we neared the park.


"I don't know." I shrugged. Truth is I was scared. I didn't know if he would even remember me, and if he did if he would even want to see me. When we got to the park it was crowded.


"KORI!" I heard someone yell. Then four arms were wrapped around me. It was Lauren and Alyssa.


"Hey guys." I smiled wide as they let go. 


"Aw are you here to see your Ashy-poo?" Lauren teased me with a giggled.


"Lauren! Shh! You'll make her sad." Alyssa scolded her.


"Well Jessie dragged me here." I said. "Is Alyssa here to see her Cally-poo?" I giggled mocking Lauren.


"Yes she is." Alyssa smiled. Soon their singing stopped and I heard them talking. The crowd started moving and Alyssa jumped into Calum's arms as soon as he saw her.


"Kori?" Ashton's eyes landed on me. I smiled weakly at him. Calum pushed him toward me so he was standing right in front of me. "I missed you." He returned the weak smile.


"I missed you too." I managed to get out. My emotions were so mixed right now I didn't knwo what I felt. I didn't know if I was happy to see him or mad at him or sad.


"Kori, I still miss you. I know that I left and I know you probably moved on. But I can't, I love you." Ashton said grabbing my hands. I thought about taking them out of his, but I missed holding his hands. The fans were going crazy asking who I was.


"Ashton, I couldn't move on." I started but I couldn't finish because his hands moved to my waist and he pulled me into a kiss. I kissed him back and it felt like the fans weren't there, no one was there. No one was watching us, like everything just stopped and focused on the kiss. He pulled away, leaving his hands on my waist for a minute.


"Hurry up, lover boy." Calum giggled. Aston rolled his eyes and smiled at me.


"I have to go. I love you. I'll call you later." Ashton left a kiss on my forehead and let go of my waist. Alyssa and Calum kissed each other goodbye and the boys left with the fan following them. And he was gone like that. Again. I didn't know if I was happy or sad.


"Aw, Kori, don't be sad. He said he was gonna call you!" Lauren smiled brightly at me.


Ashton's POV


I didn't want to leave he, again, but I had to. I have to call her later, or go to her house. Something to see if she's okay. Make sure she didn't try anything again. Make sure she wasn't cutting or anything worse.


"You okay, Ashton?" Michael snapped me out of my thoughts.


"Uh, yea. Just thinking." I shook my head. 


"Who is this girl?" Harry came up to me showing me his phone. There was a picture of me and Kori kissing.


"Kori." I said sitting down.


"Is she your girlfriend?" Zayn asked.


"Kori is the girl that Ashton left behind for fame even though she is the love of his life and wants to marry her and make gorgeous babies with her!" Calum yelled saying all of his words in one breath, nearly screaming the last words he said. He fell onto the couch and caught his breath.


"WHEN DO WE GET TO MEET HER?!" Louis screeched.


"She is so, so, so, so, sooooo nice!" Calum said excitedly.


"WHAT?! No, she's mean! Remember in fourth grade when she told James Calvin she hoped his grandma died and made him cry!" Luke yelled.


"That was hilarious!" Michael laughed.


"Shut up, Luke. Your just mad that Kori loves Ashton more then you." Calum rolled his eyes.


"Nuh-uh! She's still my best friend." Luke protested. 


"So, I'll say this again," Louis paused. "When. Do. We. Get. To. Meet. Her."


"Um, whenever Ashton calls her." Michael shrugged.


"CALL HER!" Louis jumped up and down with excitement. They're a lot more excited then I am.


"Okay, okay." I laughed pulling out my phone. I dialed her number, hoping her number didn't change.


"Hello?" Kori's voice came through the phone.


"HI KORI!" Luke screamed.


"Luke?" Kori asked confused a little. 


"Yes. Me, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Calum, Michael, and Ashton are calling you on Ashton's phone." Luke informed her.


"Oh.. Hi?" She giggled.


"The boys want to meet yo-" Luke started but Liam cut him off.


"Let Ashton talk to her!" Liam told him. Luke frowned and sulked back on the couch.


"Um.. What Luke was trying to say was the boys wanna meet you and we all wanna see you so do you wanna meet up somewhere?" I asked.


"SAY YES!" I heard Alyssa shout in the background.


"Was that Alyssa? Oh my God, yes it was. Tell Lyssa I say hi." Calum whispered.


"Uh, yeah sure." Kori said.


"BRING ALYSSA WITH YOU!" Calum screamed.


"Okay." Kori giggled. "So we'll meet at the park?"


"Yeah, sure." I said and the others nodded.


"See you soon."



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Hope you like it :)

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