Wherever You Are

"I'll be back before you know it, don't worry." I told her, but her tears kept falling. "You can't leave me." She cried, I pulled her into my chest. Standing in the middle of the airport waiting to board the plane. "I love you." I mumbled in her ear, I could feel the tears coming. "I love you, too." She said through tears then pulled away from me. "You should go." She pulled her sleeves over her hands and wiped away her tears. "I'm gonna miss you. Promise me you won't cut while I'm gone." I held her hand in mine. "I promise." She said in barely a whisper. I left a kiss on her lips, it felt like time stopped like the kiss would last forever. But we both knew it wouldn't.


2. Chapter 1

Ashton's POV


All I could think about was Kori as I beat the drums, shooting the music video to 'Wherever You Are'. In my head the song was all for her. I wanted her back in my arms. But it was true. I did almost call her every night just to tell her I loved her and she would be the only one. And it is the truth, I don't want to know if she's moved on. And nothing last's forever, but my love for her will. And I can't stop thinking about her, she's in mind every second, every minute, every hour of every day no matter what I'm doing or who I'm talking to. We were torn in two, because of me. And there is nothing that could compare to what we had. There never will be. Wherever she was she probably didn't care where I was. I broke her heart. I can't wait to get home and find her.



HAII! Here you go! :D

I hope you like it. I know it's not much but yeah... Imma start writing the next chappy now :)

I will be in Kori's POV and yea.

BYEEE FOR NOW! Muahh :* Love yous :)

~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

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