is it real

When long time friends meet but one doesn't remember the other and it has to start all over again
will she remember or will all be lost?


2. who are you

I decided to go get a coffe. Im noy really a fan of it but I was so tired right now it wasnt funny. My bect friend jamison works there. (J-Jamison  k-me)

J- hey Kalamazoo I missed you

K- hi hi hi jamison

J- whats up with you today

K- im frickem tired thats what

J-why are u tired and dont get that attitude with me only I can talk like that

K- whatever but I was up all nite doing things anyway I want a coffe

J- regular  

K- no surprise me with 4 random im going to see the girls

J- but there is only 3 of you

K- meronica gets 2 so make 2 of the same for her

J- kk go sit I will bring them to you

Jamison brings kalama her drinks and she leaves. On the way  out  she runs into a group of 3 guys. She spills her drink on the middle one.

K- oh shit sorry I dint see where I was going



Hey so do u like it let me kow

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