Together (SOG Sequel)

Their back!!
You all remember the story of Toby & Louis? Well their back with more drama, more chaos and laughter.

"Live life to the fullest, find who you are before it's too late"


1. Prologue


     Together: Prologue


    It's been a year since Lou and I got married, and let me tell you it's been an hectic year. Paparazzi have been on our cases, I can't even step out of the house without having cameras shove in my faces. I knew what I was getting myself into but everything has just been so hard; especially when Louis has been on tour for so long, but we've always talk on Skype, texting, face-timing, he made me get all the apps on my iPhone so he could see me. Isn't that sweet?

    But anyways Louis doesn't know I'm coming to visit him. All the girls and I have plan to go visit them and spend a month with them. Arranged everything with Simon. Actually he was the one who came up with the idea, he said the guys can't focus right cause they've been missing us.

  Now here we are on the plane ready to go meet my love, wish us luck my darlings!!!  





Author's Note: Sorry it's short am just not feeling right today, I don't think I'll be updating soon but this is just a teaser & can anyone help me make a cover for this? I would really appreciate it , thank you so much!!!!! Don't forget to fan, comment, like, favorite. Follow me on twitter ii_Elizabeth1 & Instagram: itsonlylizx3

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