Lost souls

Talia has to make the biggest sacrifice, abandon her humanity to become a vampire in order to save her sister. However she gets caught up in the dark side of the realm where supernatural creatures dwell and she must try to survive ...

The amazing cover is by the talented @River_Summers :)


2. chapter two

Talia followed Matthew down the alley into the quiet street nearby. Her ears were not ringing as badly as before adjusting better to the quiet street she had found herself in. She tripped over a rise pavement and was sent flying into a low brick wall, the edge burying itself into her stomach.

   “Fuck,” she said, grasping the wall.

   Matthew had been striding ahead. He stopped and walked back to stand over her.

   “Stop moping and come along,” he snapped without sympathy. She shot him an angered glare.

   “Sorry but I needed a moment to think about becoming a vampire!” she shouted, and gasped to hold back a sob.

   Matthew shrugged. “Fine take a moment.”

   She hiccupped a sob. Staring at the grooves in the brickwork she concentrated on controlling her breathing. Once ready she let go of the wall and began to walk.


During the walk Matthew every so often had to stop to let Talia catch up forgetting that she was only human. It only serve to make her more upset.

  They walked through a normal, quiet neighbourhood and stopped outside a row of pretty houses. It looked like an average family neighbourhood with the neat little front gardens and spotless exteriors. Talia could see no sign of anything wrong with the scene, not even a cobweb or broken glass in sight.

  Matthew’s blond hair shimmered in the streetlamp lights. He didn’t belong in this nice-looking, safe neighbourhood. Not at all.

  He went to the front door of one of these houses which was painted bright red. Talia couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the irony. He produced a gold key and opened it. He ushered Talia into a short corridor and pointed to a door.

  “Go in there,” he instructed, lowering his head in the direction of the door on her left. 

   She took hold of the shiny doorknob and pushed the door open. Talia shivered. Inside it smelt stale. The furniture squatted there unused, settled in the mockery of a normal living room. The place was missing the homely, lived-in feel; instead it had an empty feel and was more of a dusty showroom. She rubbed her arms to try to warm up.

   Matthew had gone straight to the small fireplace and tipped one of the ornaments along its mantle forward. They watched the fireplace rumble and groan. Then it slid to one side. It revealed a staircase leading down to some underground lair.

   “Hurry up I haven’t got all night,” Matthew said impatiently, pushing her down the stairs.

   Talia took each step slowly and cautiously much to Matthew’s irritation. She put her hands on either side of the walls, feeling the rough stone under her fingertips. As she was navigating her way down the winding stairs it opened up into a wide hall. It was still dark but Talia’s eyes had finally adjusted. She saw many doors lining either of the light blue walls, a line of circular lights went straight down the middle parallel to the brown wood laminate flooring.

   “Home sweet home,” Matthew said, and he stormed ahead.

   The hall split into more halls and those halls split into even more. Talia lost all of her bearings and was depending on Matthew to guide her. Hoping that he would not disappear down a secret passageway. And leave her lost and alone in the halls with a bunch of vampires.

   Strangely they didn’t bump into any vampires which Talia thought was odd.

   “Are you the only one living here?” she asked, instantly damning her curiosity and lack of control over her tongue. She shouldn’t be talking to him like he was normal person to chat to, like he hadn’t begun to destroy her life.

   Matthew laughed “No I’m not, nearly all vampires are in a meeting down in one of the main rooms if you’re wondering why we haven’t seen any vampires.” A crash was heard up ahead as if to confirm it.

   She jumped at the sudden noise.

   He smirked and said, “Probably a fight sweetheart, it is nothing, anyway I’m not interested in vampire business and my opinion is not valued much around here.”  There was more sounds of crashes and faint shouts but Matthew was not bothered by it.

   They turned a corner and he went to one of the doors.

   “We will go in here.”

   He held the door open and Talia stepped in.

   It was pitch black and Matthew turned on a dim light. That didn’t help her to see any better. She could make out a square windowless room painted a dull grey blue and the curve of a sofa arm near the door.

   Matthew appeared by Talia’s side, tracing the veins pulsing lightly in her neck. Talia flinched away from his ice cold touch. Matthew dropped his hand.

   “I will drain you of blood to the point you are close to death, then you will drink some of my blood, a chain reaction will occur between the venom and the vampire blood and the transformation will begin,” Matthew explained. “Are you ready?”

   That question echoed in her head conjuring up childhood memories of her and Ella on holiday, in school, even the little things like hanging out with her friends at the cinema and sleepovers. These memories flowed into one another and brought up a mess of emotion with it. But Talia had to do this. For Ella.

   “No but I want it over with,” Talia replied. She wanted to be brave and not give him the satisfaction of seeing her afraid.

    Matthew’s fangs pierced her neck like two big needles. She cried out involuntarily and tried to pull away from him. Despite the fact she wanted to be brave. She chocked and gasped in terror, her mind too numb with pain to send the command to scream, her limbs thrashing and she clawed at Matthew who held her in a strong embrace to her in place.

   Talia’s limbs grew heavy and she could no longer stand. Only Matthew was keeping her upright. More and more blood drained away and what was left was a deep ache as a pitiful amount of blood squeezed through the network of veins and arteries.

   Matthew pulled his head away baring his fangs in pure ecstasy. His tongue slid across his bloodied teeth.

   “I’ve got to say Talia I was wrong, your blood is fantastic,” Matthew whispered in her ear. He carried Talia’s limp form to a sofa and placed her down gently.

   She was not really aware of anything it was all in a haze. She faintly felt the wetness of blood coming from the puncture wounds in her neck but that was all.

The sound of Matthew’s voice floated through the haze.

   “Drink Talia.”

   She felt a cool hand cup the back of her head lifting it up. Her lips felt the pressure of Matthew’s wrist and the trickle of his blood. The blood was cold and thick like treacle. It travelled slowly down Talia’s throat. She almost gagged; it tasted foul and old. After the first few drops, a light feeling of happiness and desire washed over her. The foul taste transformed into the most delicious and wonderful tasting drink. That danced across her taste buds and excited her senses.

   Talia was no longer weak and sat up, bringing Matthew’s wrist closer and gulping his blood down greedily.

   He pulled his wrist away and she glared at him. She reached out to grab his bleeding wrist.

   “You can’t have any more greedy or you will completely drain me,” Matthew laughed.

   Talia licked her lips of any remaining blood.

   “I want more,” she said, and attempted to grab Matthew’s wrist again.

   A spasm of pain shot through Talia’s stomach. She screamed and fell forward.

Matthew caught her in one swift movement and put her back onto the sofa so she laid on her side. 

   Multiple spasms of pain ricocheted through Talia’s body causing her to scream and cry in agony.

    Through the now swaying room she saw Ella leaning over her with a small smile.

    “Why are you here?” she asked, crying. “Not here.” Her sister blurred and faded from view.

   Matthew’s face creased up in concern. He kneeled beside her, making sure she didn’t hurt herself.

   The bouts of pain lessened and the time between them grew longer. Talia was lying on the sofa in a foetal position. It was so cold she was shivering; even the tears that raced down her cheeks felt cold. The thumping of her heart could still be felt and heard. She was taking short, quick breaths.

   “It’s okay Talia,” Matthew said softly.

   “Make it stop,” she whimpered.

   He went to answer when a loud Crash! was heard like something had exploded.

   Talia jumped and winced in pain from the sudden movement.

   “What’s that, vampires fighting?” she asked her voice still hoarse from screaming.

   “Doesn’t sound like it,” he said quietly, crossing over to the door. She wondered what he meant by that answer.

   Matthew opened the door. There were more crashes and agonising screams accompanied them. He went outside.

   Talia slowly pulled herself up into a sitting position. She looked towards the door.

More terrible sounds came from outside and they were close. Talia got up from the sofa, half bent over in pain. She watched the door fearfully. Her heart beating rapidly and her breathing had quickened.

   There were smaller bangs that hinted that bullets were being fired and finally a chocked cry followed.

   The door swung open and a towering figure stumbled in.

   An ear-splitting scream escaped from Talia’s throat.

   The figure was a grotesque creature, with pale white skin that was covered in scars where scarlet blood spilled out; there were four eyes all black and beetle-like, and abnormally long needle like fangs. In its claws it carried a severed head.

   Talia had somehow managed to scramble away.

   The creature moved towards her at an impossible speed, stopping just in front of her.

   “Talia it’s me Matthew,” the creature’s mouth moved in synch with the words.

   She stepped backwards until her back met a wall. She cowered in terror. The walls shook and dust rained upon her.

   “It’s Matthew you are hallucinating.”

   Talia’s expression turned to one of confusion. The creature was fuzzy at the edges then it evaporated leaving Matthew in its place.

   She made a small cry and collapsed. He crouched down beside her.

   “You were hallucinating Talia it’s a side effect of the transformation,” he said. She could still see Matthew all blood-splattered and still holding the severed head. She started to laugh hysterically and more tears ran down her cheeks.

   “You know what? I think I’m still hallucinating because you’re all covered in blood and holding a head,” Talia laughed more.

   Matthew was not laughing and he replied, “I am covered in blood and this thing.” He held up the head. The veins dangled from its neck. It looked at her with a surprised expression and glassy brown eyes. “Is a little vampire hunter who thought he could outsmart me.”

   Talia’s laughter cut short and her face drained of any colour. The distant firing of bullets and fighting filled the silence.

  “Either the transformation is working faster than I thought, or you’re going to be sick.”

   She felt the bile rising in her throat and turned away almost retching. She avoided looking at Matthew or the head. The smell of congealing blood and already decaying flesh stung her nose.

   “I will get rid of this head.”

   He threw the head across the room. It hit the wall with a squelch before it bounced off the wall and tumbled to the floor.

   “You’re crazy,” she said, her voice was shaking.

   Matthew’s face turned serious.

   “Do not call me crazy ever again or I will...” He stopped there and a single, strangled scream was heard from outside.

   Talia didn't even dare to breathe. The way he looked at her with those cold, stormy eyes. She was scared he might kill her.

   “We need to leave here because those screams are vampires being slaughtered one by one, and the hunters will not stop until every vampire is dead.” Matthew looked at her directly in the eyes. “But I will get us out of here alive along with any other vampire. If a vampire hunter tries to stop us I will rip his bloody head like his friend over there!”

   His face split into a psychotic smile, what he had said was a promise.  

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