Lost souls

Talia has to make the biggest sacrifice, abandon her humanity to become a vampire in order to save her sister. However she gets caught up in the dark side of the realm where supernatural creatures dwell and she must try to survive ...

The amazing cover is by the talented @River_Summers :)


12. Chapter Twelve

Talia finally held onto the idea that the world was no longer collapsing on her but had stopped at a fair distance.

   She felt the smooth and cold marble floor beneath her and the brightness of the hall had dimmed becoming closer to her natural territory; the dark.

   “Talia, its Xavier and I need you to listen to me,” he said. She felt him crouched over her and she was aware that her lungs not working, why were they not working? She began to mimic hyperventilation in a delusion that seized her during this shock with an iron fist.

    “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe!” Talia replied rapidly, her voice was disjointed and a hysterical edge ran along it.

    “You are a vampire, you don’t have to breathe,” Xavier said in a sympathetic tone. “You are in shock and so I want you to focus on my instructions, follow them.”


   “I am going to help you up, I am putting a hand on your right shoulder.”

    She felt his warm hand cup her shoulder.

    “Take my hand and I will pull you up,” he instructed, holding out a black gloved hand and she took hold of it. Something was strange about the feel of his fingers that were cold and hard like there was only bone to be found under the gloves and not flesh. He pulled her up to a sitting position and they locked eyes. Talia simply stared at him, her mouth slowly opened and she barely whispered his name.

   “Hello princess,” he replied, his voice was soft and kind with a sort of calm that wrapped around her to keep her safe. “Come on, let’s get you out of this place.”

   He helped her up so she was standing and she saw everyone staring at her, their glares searing into her skin. She trembled and felt Xavier’s hand graze her cheek, gently coaxing her to look at him.

   “Don’t look just keep your eyes on me,” he said.

   “You shall face me,” Darina said. Their eyes turn to her still sitting upon her throne.

   Xavier placed an arm around Talia and grinned. “She is tired my Queen and-“

   “She is my subject, do you command this room?”

   Xavier’s grin slipped and he shook his head. “No my Queen.”

   “Approach Talia,” Darina said.

   Talia wanted to retreat not approach but she forced her mind to send the signal to her legs to drag themselves forward, her heels clinking so loudly against the marble it sounded like bones were being snapped. The air was so still that it felt she was walking through a grand mausoleum with only the corpses in coffins for company. She felt a giggle bubble up in her throat and had to hastily swallow it, the thought of all these vampires being a bunch of corpses struck her as darkly comical.

   “Oh god,” she thought. “I’ve lost my mind, this is what insanity feels like." Another giggle threatened to escape. But as it was about to break through Talia’s sealed lips Darina rose from her throne and towered over her. The Queen’s cold, dark shadow enveloped her and seemed to shroud the entire ball in its blackness. The giggle shrivelled and died away in Talia’s throat.

   “I have reminded you all here that no one, royal or commoner, has any special rights to being spared punishment when the law sees fit,” Darina said, addressing each and every person like she was personally lecturing them. “Today your Prince failed to protect your brothers and sisters in the human realm, for that he is being punished accordingly. As you all can see our new addition to the royal family Talia has been taught an important lesson, to defy my rule is to betray all of us, to take part in treasonous acts that will have to be corrected. Talia now understands that we are all equal in this realm in the eyes of the law and now I, Darina, Ruler of the night and blood, of the Vampires and the Decider of Fate binds you to the vampire legacy and to become one of us.”

    “I am one of you,” Talia said, the prospect souring on her tongue.

    Darina smiled fake and bright to the whole ball, the strain on her face still twisting her lips and made her blue eyes ever more piercing.

    “Enjoy the ball tonight my fellow vampires, it is done in the honour of our new Princess!”

   The ball erupted in cheers that sounded like screeching and Talia felt light-headed.

   “Talia, follow me,” Xavier said, grabbing her hand in his gloved one. He pulled her away but she was rooted to the spot. “You can follow me, don’t be afraid.”

     She was weak and half-fell forward into his arms. He held her up and guided her through the still cackling vampires. 

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