Lost souls

Talia has to make the biggest sacrifice, abandon her humanity to become a vampire in order to save her sister. However she gets caught up in the dark side of the realm where supernatural creatures dwell and she must try to survive ...

The amazing cover is by the talented @River_Summers :)


3. chapter three

Talia stopped running and struggled to force air into her lungs which were starting to collapse. Or it felt like that. She fell to her knees which the scarred, splintered floor scrapped and bruised, tearing holes into her jeans.  Everything was changing before her twisting into a grisly landscape of bloody halls both reality and nightmare. Maybe a bit of both. Just running aimlessly past blue paint decorated and patterned in blood and scratches, parts of the floor had been clawed up and twisted upwards into spindly shapes. Vampire hunters were coming and going in a dance of fight and death. Humanity was slipping through her fingertips and the only thing left to do was to drink human blood. She shuddered at the prospect, although deep inside she secretly desired it.

   “We can’t keep stopping Matthew,” Seth said, a vampire who was large and muscular whose power laid in his physical strength. He was frowning making the dirt and dried blood crinkle on his forehead.

   They had found him along with six others. Three were dead.

   “You can leave her behind, buy us some time to escape, she’s still changing so the hunters will give her a quick death.”  The other male vampire nodded in agreement.

   “You should listen to him Matthew,” Natasha added, a blond, beautiful vampire who spoke with a strange old accent. He glared at her.

   “You should know me better Tasha, do you think I will abandon my first newborn?” Matthew shouted. Natasha shook her head and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear which had escaped her ponytail.

   “We are going, you can stay with the newborn but we are not going to wait for you, if you are left behind it’s your fault,” Seth said angrily, and went ahead with the other vampire. She was still with Matthew and Talia.

   “You should go Tasha get them out of here,” he said.

   “I can’t leave my newborn either,” she replied.

   “You’re not, you can wait or just keep the exit open for us if you have to,” he answered. “I will be fine,” he said more firmly.  Natasha seemed to disappear in front of Talia’s eyes, leaving the two alone with vampire hunters starting to close in.

   Talia leaned against the wall, her vision rocking and blurring at the edges. The walls softened and she touched the once rough stone wall that had now become flesh dripping with blood.

   "Blood," she murmured, day-dreaming about its coppery taste, the consistency of it when she drank it.

   "We have to keep going Talia,” he said calmly.

   She shook her head, gleaming white fangs could be seen when she drew low shallow breaths through her mouth, and her clawed hand went to her burning throat. The claws dug into the soft flesh, dark red blood dyed her hand and she barely paid attention to the action. Matthew took hold of her bloody hand to stop her.

   "Don't do that, you'll get scarred," Matthew said. "You can't heal properly yet."

He tipped her head up to see the extent of the damage. Her eyes rolled back so they pure white and she held onto him for support as she trembled violently.  He studied Talia's paler features, the sharp thinness of her cheekbones that would have hinted she was slowly starving, the huge dark circles defining her large eyes.

   "I'm carrying you," he said.

   “No leave me,” she replied, pushing away his hand. Hatred for him still bloomed in her heart and she couldn’t stand being in the same place as him.

   “We don’t have a choice they will kill us.”

   She wanted to say so be it but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Some part of her still wanted to live even as a vampire.

   She nodded slightly and he gently picked up her light figure. She was too weak to carry on and rested her head against his chest. The tread, heartbeat and breath of mortals was audible meaning they weren’t far away.

   “Can’t I drink their blood?” she asked in a low voice. Imagining opening up an artery and drinking deeply.

   “No their blood is contaminated otherwise I would have let you,” he replied.

   Talia murmured some slurred question along the lines of why is their blood contaminated? But a deathly sleep tugged her eyelids closed, paralysed her body and shut down her heart.

   Matthew managed to catch up and rushed to Natasha's side. They had now entered a tunnel where interior decorating was not continued and instead the tunnel had been dug out by bare hands along, maybe it had.

   "How long before we can reach a blood source?" he demanded, seeing Talia was now unconscious and the rhythmic heart beat had ceased.

   “Once we get to the other realm we’ll have to hope we find help,” Natasha replied. They ducked under a low opening which expanded into a round room. She strode towards the vampires who were waiting in front of a large stone statue.  

   It resembled a gargoyle-like creature with a huge row of fangs pulled back into a snarl, large eyes on either side of its head, ears curled upwards, and a pair of majestic wings stretched out and were tipped with bone. A sinister looking thing that was the key to the other realm away from the human one the vampires had gotten used to existing in.

   Natasha stepped in front of it and started to chant some old, dead language in a quick flurry which lit up the base the statue sat upon in a brilliant white light. Its stone wings fluttered and started to beat more furiously shaking off bits of stone, cracks appeared in its body as broke free of its stone shell. The walls shook and bits of stone hit the walls and crumpled to powder. You could see the gleaming black scales that covered its body and scarlet wings with a map of purple veins running through them.

   You require passage into the realm.  The statue’s voice spoke directly into every vampire’s head.

   “Yes immediately,” Natasha said.

   You are being hunted and this is an escape from death.

   “Yes please grant us safe passage.”

    The child is with you.

   “The child?” she said, confused by the remark. A sense of rising urgency to escape was all she worried about, not a riddle. Seth put a hand on Natasha’s shoulder to calm her. The other vampire moved to the back to keep an eye out for the hunters. Brandishing his claws against a wall.

    Matthew stepped forward holding Talia in his arms.

   “Do you mean Talia?”

   Yes, the child must pass through first.

    Seth went to protest but Matthew interrupted “Yes of course.”

   The creature turned and a torrent of flames burst out of its mouth. All of the vampires moved away from the flames that reminded them of the fear of burning. It lit up the entire room in an orange glow. It revealed the advancing elongated shadows of the hunters.

   “The hunters!” the vampire’s voice rang out.

   The first vampire hunter appeared with a stake in hand. The tip gleamed with silver reflected the determined look in the man’s eyes. The hunter charged at him and the vampire grabbed their stake to prevent them stabbing his heart. They wrestled with strengths from both of them matching to deflect imminent death.

    Seth ran to help and grappled with another hunter. 

   Matthew had no time to help them, his priority was Talia. As the ring of fire died down revealing an endless pit in the floor. The portal to the other realm. He ran forward and jumped into oblivion.      

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