Lost souls

Talia has to make the biggest sacrifice, abandon her humanity to become a vampire in order to save her sister. However she gets caught up in the dark side of the realm where supernatural creatures dwell and she must try to survive ...

The amazing cover is by the talented @River_Summers :)


6. chapter six

It always started the same. She was a child walking through her house, it was completely dark and it was only by familiarity that she could find her way.

   The dark often conjured up the idea of monsters in her head and she hurried past the bedrooms towards the bathroom. That was when the carpet under her bare feet would become wet and spongy. She went to go back when she heard a high-pitch squeal and crying.

   “Ella,” Talia thought and went into the nursery. She rushed over to the cot where Ella now a small baby. Was she always a baby? Had a puffy red face and was whimpering.

   “It’s okay Ella, don’t cry,” Talia hushed. There was shuffling behind her. She turned and saw a hunched shadow. “Mummy?”

   The glow of the nightlight highlighted her mother’s blood covered face.

   Talia heart tightened in fear and confusion.

   Her mother looked right through her not seeing a daughter. She screamed a horrible animalistic scream that could make your ears bleed, and ran at Talia, the knife poised to strike…


Talia jolted out of bed and was gasping for air. Her hand was on her chest and she tried to stop taking in useless oxygen. It was an out of date reflex after all. 

   However the screaming didn’t stop and she realised it had a more masculine quality. It was coming from next door…Matthew’s room.

   She threw the covers to one side and went outside. She peered around the door and saw Matthew’s door wide open, the cries still issuing from the room.

   Cautiously she looked in.

   The room had been trashed and her eyes sought through the mess to find Matthew huddle in a corner rocking violently. He was screaming and crying to the point his voice was becoming hoarse.

   Talia went to go in when Natasha flew past her. She took Matthew into her arms, whispering soothing words in his ear. He looked across at Talia his eyes wide with child-like fear and completely vulnerable. She would have thought he deserved whatever had frightened him but instead she felt deeply sorry for him, almost wanting to take away his fear.

   “Leave us Talia!” Natasha shouted at her. “Leave!”

   She moved away from the door, taking her eyes away from the sight.

   Something solid move into her path and she walked into it.

   “Watch where you’re going,” Seth said, staring down at her.

   “Urmm I’m sorry I just saw, saw Matthew,” she said, glancing back at the now closed door. There was silence now.

   “Yeah I know he’s pretty messed up come with me.” He rubbed his left eye and blinked a couple of times. It appeared bloodshot.

   “Is Matthew going to be okay?” she asked worriedly. “Why am I asking that?” she thought straight after.

   Seth had already started to move away. “Yeah he’s okay.”

   They went into the kitchen, striding straight through the entrance past the broken door that was propped against the doorframe. There was cardboard covering the broken window, actually it was one of those mouldering pizza boxes that had been cut up.

   Seth to the fridge where he took out a strange bottle of disgusting mouldy yellow liquid. His disgusted expression confirmed it was an unpleasant substance.

   “What is that?” Talia asked.

   Seth unscrewed the top. “Medicine.” He sniffed it and grimaced.

   “What for?”

   “Vampire poison, got stabbed before the portal.” He lifted up his t-shirt to show an ugly purple bruise with a wavy yellow scar dissecting its middle.

    “It looks quite bad.” The smell was of sulphur and it made her feel a little queasy.

   Seth pulled his t-shirt down. “Yep it does, hence this voodoo medicine or whatever he gave me.”

   Talia leaned against the kitchen cabinet wondering what Seth wanted; maybe it was just to talk. She looked more closely at those grey circles under his eyes, the yellowish complexion. He was ill, very ill.

   "Did Xavier give you that? She asked.

   "Yeah he gave me it, likely a joke to make me sick." He took a swig and grimaced.

   "Why would he do that?"

   "He's the ex," Seth replied and realised she still didn't understand so added "Natasha's ex-boyfriend."

   "Oh," Talia said. The image of the handsome Xavier coming to mind. He was better looking in gracefulness and being lean and strong. Although Seth was all big muscles and brute strength, not quite fitting to a lady like Natasha. "You feel intimidated by him."

   Seth glared at her then laughed sharply. "I’m not intimidated by anybody specially some hybrid witch person," he said. He shifted his feet, pain flitted across his face. "Anyway didn't want to talk about me, wanted to warn you about Matthew."

   Talia gripped the counter tightly.


    Seth nodded. "Yeah Matthew, you seem like a nice girl, a shame you getting caught all up in his troubles."

   "I know that I'm already caught up in his troubles and I can handle myself, but thank you for your concern Seth." Talia smiled slightly but he shook his head.

   "You don't understand, Matthew is unstable and dangerous. I don't know much about his past but what Tasha told me was he were in an insane Asylum before he changed."

   This was an unexpected revelation and Talia loosened her grip on the counter. Perhaps Matthew needs professional help to overcome whatever mental health problem he had. Perhaps Seth being quite old she assumed didn't know how to deal with the sensitive topic. 

   "He may just need professional help," she said. Why did she care for Matthew? Even a little bit, he has ruined her life and turned her into a monster. 

   "You don't understand," Seth repeated, as he opened the fridge to store away his medicine. He faced Talia. "He wasn't in any insane asylum, he was in one for the criminally insane."   

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