Lost souls

Talia has to make the biggest sacrifice, abandon her humanity to become a vampire in order to save her sister. However she gets caught up in the dark side of the realm where supernatural creatures dwell and she must try to survive ...

The amazing cover is by the talented @River_Summers :)


7. chapter seven

Before more could be said on the topic, Matthew strode in. Clearly agitated; wearing the crumpled clothes of yesterday and having a bird’s nest hair style.

   He barely notices them as he goes past to the fridge, which he wrenched open and grabbed the last blood bag.

   Talia gripped the counter again biting her lip nervously. She watched Matthew spit out a piece of plastic before drinking. Did he look like the type to be committed to an asylum for the criminally insane? He seemed like an arrogant person but was he capable of carrying out some monstrosity? He had a guarded look about him now the emotion hidden under layers, a secretive side yet she remembered seeing the distraught boy in the bedroom. Talia was unsure of what to decide.

   Matthew tossed the half-empty blood bag on the side and his gaze landed on Talia, who squirmed uncomfortably under those cool blue eyes.

   “We should go out, have some fun, what you say sweetheart, you and me?” He grins.

   “I don’t know,” Talia said slowly.

   He went up to her suddenly, his face peering close to hers.

   “Talia, don’t be so boring and go out, we will grab some lunch, have a little conversation.” He grins more widely. “I want to get to know my newborn.”

   She inched away from him.

   “I think she’s scared of ya,” Seth commented.

   Matthew turned to him and replied “There’s nothing to be scared of, I wouldn’t hurt her, she’s my newborn after all.” He picked up the blood bag and held it under her nose so the smell was stronger and it made her dizzy. “Drink, you look hungry.”

   She grabbed it and drank deeply.

   “Good girl,” he said, and added. “Seth I think Tasha needs you and by the way be careful with that tongue of yours.” He glared at him. “I know she tells you certain things but they do not need to be repeated.”

   Seth scowled and left the room.

   Talia finished the blood bag and put it to one side.

  Matthew looked down at her fondly and picked up a piece of her hair to twist between his fingertips. “Blood does taste so good doesn’t it? Sweetheart.”

   She licked her lips and glanced up at Matthew who suddenly appeared to be very kind to her or was it the blood talking?

   “Yes it does.”



The place looked to be torn out of some medieval book. The houses were squashed together in a jumbled line with thatched roofs, decorated with black wooden panels to decorate the house’s otherwise dull cream colour paint. The streetlamps were not powered by oil but by electricity as she saw power lines strewed from one house the other. The streetlamps were leaning over her due to the houses being crowded so close together that the road between them was a mere path worn down by the passage of feet.

   When Talia peeked into the shop windows, the products were an odd mix of old and modern pieces. It sort of explained the modern electricity being used to power the street.

   “Welcome to the realm,” Matthew said, grinning with his arms spread out wide like he was declaring it to an invisible audience. “This is a place where time gets jumbled up together and where the supernatural creatures live including us vampires, although we like to cross to the human realm as it suits our needs better.”

   “So is there humans here?” she asked, trying to see if she could spot any nearby or smell their familiar scent.

   “Of course but wiser to our kind, not very fun to play with,” he said.

   “Don’t say that!” Talia snapped. The last memories of Ella came to mind with her blank expression and that unnatural adoration for him.

   He laughed.

   “You are sick monster!” she cried, remembering her poor sister’s helplessness. She stormed away but he caught up to her.

   “Come on I was only having fun,” he said, smirking.

   Talia lost her temper and slapped him across the face. He reeled back.

   “I hate you, I hate you,” she shouted, her voice becoming chocked on tears. She began to sob.

   “Talia,” he said softly, there was no control in it, no humour just concern for a friend. “I shouldn’t have said that, I’m sorry.”

   She glanced over and saw guilt etched across his features but she still felt the anger boiling underneath the surface. She searched his face for any pretence but the concern was sincere.

   “I saw you standing at the doorway to my bedroom,” he said sadly. “I’m a little messed-up, it’s sort of complicated.”

   “I feel very sorry for you,” Talia replied, rolling her eyes at him.

   “I know I have angered you, I have acted irrationally by changing you and everything. I am not the most content with my mental state sometimes and I do terrible things.”

   Talia began to walk down the street, passing an old man hobbling along the path with his walking stick clenched in his thin hand. Matthew walked beside her.

    “What do you mean terrible things?” she asked, keeping her eyes focused ahead and crossed her arms over her chest.

   “You know that I was in an asylum long ago because Seth told you, well warned you of me.” He was trembling. “I had a wonderful life as a human, a fine job, a beautiful fiancé. She was murdered supposedly by my hands.” He was staring at his hands seeing the blood that painted them. “I’m not sure, my mind was too broken by then.”

   “Did you murder her?” Talia said, as the anger ebb away and she felt sympathy for the broken vampire.

   “I don’t know,” he whispered. “I was a puppet of some vampire who made me destroy my life and trap me in an asylum by my own madness. The vampire did more than just changed me, they changed me whilst I was inside there.” His voice took on a blank tone to only recite the events. “Along with all the other inmates, it turned into a bloodbath.”

   “I didn’t realise,” she said, coming to a stop at the corner of the street where it was darker.

   “Of course you wouldn’t, only Tasha knows the details because she saved me from that place and I told you because you are my newborn, my blood, my companion in immortality.” He smiled at her sheepishly.

   She shook her head. “I don’t know Matthew.” He had caused so much suffering for her already.

   “Oh.” He lowered his eyes. It made her feel sympathy for him again maybe she could come to understand him.

   “I have to see if I can live out immortality with you, I need time and well we have plenty of that.” She managed to smile slightly back at him.

   “I guess we do.”  


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