Lost souls

Talia has to make the biggest sacrifice, abandon her humanity to become a vampire in order to save her sister. However she gets caught up in the dark side of the realm where supernatural creatures dwell and she must try to survive ...

The amazing cover is by the talented @River_Summers :)


1. chapter one

Time had a sick sense of humour sometimes. The good times rush by like a train racing through a station with barely any time to notice it. It was the bad times that limped on, broken and unhurried even with the greatest of persuasion.

  It was only twenty minutes ago that Talia had gotten the panicked phone call from her sister Ella. Those twenty minutes stretched on and on, the minutes slowly falling off the end of the conveyor belt, teasing Talia that she was nearly there but only nearly. The only thing she could be glad of was that the Nightlife club was only a short walk away and she had not needed a taxi, that would have taken more time and right now time was already being a bitch to her.

  She was panting for breath when she reached the club that was only visible by the fluorescent green writing above a small door manned by mean muscular men. The men scrutinised her flimsy plastic driver’s license which had the awful square picture of her with dark circles and a scowl on the right-hand side.

  The man handed it back and she ran inside.

  She slipped on a puddle of split drink and stumbled forward, knocking into a guy who glared back with alcohol-blurred eyes. She moved back, feeling annoyed with herself, the situation she was in. The only way to stop her frustration overwhelming her was to continue her way into the increasing density of the mass of swaying bodies that lunged to the thumping beat of the music; strobe lights streaked across their faces in brilliant greens and purples. The sweet artificial smell of white fog weaving its way through the crowd mingled with the sticky odour of drink and warmer pungent smell of sweat.

  More time was passing by and Talia couldn’t find Ella anywhere.

  Her voice replayed over and over in Talia’s head. “I can’t find my friends, I think they have left me, I think a vampire is in the club.” Her voice sounded high and in a grip of panic. Talia knew she was close to tears but couldn’t let her own emotions come into this, it would only make it worse. She had to keep calm, strong, find Ella and get out. That was not an easy feat as she squeezed passed the hot, sweating bodies, a terrible singing voice burst her left eardrum and she was shoved suddenly to the right. Talia bit her lip to keep back her panic and tears.

  There was no one Ella could turn to for help at the club because hardly anyone knew vampires actually existed or even if they did were too intoxicated to care. There were only some people like Talia who could actually see them as far as she knew anyway, an ability called the Sight that allowed her to see them in their true form and nature. Vampires liked to prey on the oblivious people because they are vulnerable and easy to manipulate. However vampires don’t drain their victims of blood straight away. No vampires like to feed a human a drop or two of their blood or drink a tiny bit of the human’s blood and just like that the human was under their control. That way a vampire can play with their victim like a puppet or use them as a human vending machine.

  Everyone was in danger including herself but vampires usually went for beautiful humans who were all dressed up and unaware of their kind. So the vampire could impress the others with its prize. Well Talia guessed that’s what a vampire would do anyway. It didn’t make her feel any better about Ella’s safety.

  Talia was only wearing denim jeans and a simple pink t-shirt. Nothing that would draw vampire or human attention, she hoped.

  She stopped to scan the crowd for a moment. There was a temporary clearing and her eyes suddenly fixed on Ella’s face. She was only in sight for half a second before she was gone. Lost in the crowd.

  Surging forward Talia forced her way through, ignoring the protests and angered glares. A drunken man stumbled onto Talia’s path; she grabbed his baggy T-shirt and shoved him to one side. The man shouted a swear word as he spilled his drink all over the front of his T-shirt.

   “Ella!” she shouted, her voice drowned out by the music.

   Talia saw Ella was with three other girls. She didn’t recognise them as her sister’s friends. Maybe she was hiding?

   All of the girls were stood around a younger man, who looked no more than twenty. They looked at him with adoration, trying to get his attention. As the lights travelled across the room and highlighted the group, you could see the darkened puncture holes in their necks that glistened with blood.

   Talia saw this and froze, her breath catching in her throat. He was no man. It was obvious now she looked properly. The extremely pale skin stood out in the dark; the long black nails; and what looked like the tips of fangs when he talked.

   He beckoned to Ella to come to him. His spiky blond hair shone in the multi-coloured lights.

   “No!” Talia screamed and pressed forward, not stopping for anything like a desperate animal. She threw herself in front of her sister.

   “Ella, Ella what are you doing? Can you hear me?”

   Ella looked at her blankly. Talia quickly looked her over for any bite marks, checking her neck and wrists. Her eyes finally settled on the red stain near the corner of Ella’s mouth that could be mistaken for smudged lipstick. She knew better.

   “Ella please tell me you didn’t drink vampire blood, please.” Talia shook her sister and felt tears well up in her eyes.

   “Excuse me for intruding on this touching scene, but what do you think you are doing?” The vampire’s voice sliced through the air, it became the most dominant sound and seemed to have been spoken directly into her ear. 

   Talia spun round keeping hold of her sister’s hand. The vampire was smirking, the corner of his mouth turned upwards, his unnaturally bright blue eyes were wide and were not those of someone completely sane.

   “Ella come here,” he said.

   Ella took a step forward. Talia tightened her grip on Ella’s hand and said “Do not listen to him Ella.” She began to back away but her sister wouldn’t move like she was stuck to the spot. A woman danced in the gap between them and the vampire. He simply moved forward, gently pushing the woman out of the way without her even realising. He stepped forward, his mouth twisted upwards in amusement.

   “Ella,” he repeated loud and clear over the music.

   Talia watched with a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, as Ella looked at the vampire with the same adoration as the other girls. Like how a dog looks up at its master. Without warning Ella yanked her hand out of Talia’s grip and rushed to the vampire’s side.

   Talia went after her but the vampire blocked her way. Ella stood slightly behind.

    “Shall we go outside, a bit loud in here,” he shouted, grinning and he wrapped his arm around her sister which made Talia’s skin crawl. She shot him an angered look.    

   “How could you do this you blood-sucking freak!”

   A couple covered in piercings and had bright, glittery hairstyles, who were dancing beside her turned around, sensing Talia’s distress. Still swaying the woman asked “Are you okay? Is this guy bothering you?”

   “That is none of your business,” he said icily, appearing beside them. He flashed his fangs at the couple. Both of their faces contorted into terror and confusion.

   “We need to go,” the man shouted over the music urgently and dragged the woman away.

   The vampire grinned watching the couple run away. A hint of hunger showed in his eyes. He glanced back at Talia and moved closer to her, she retreated in terror but stopped not wanting to be too far from Ella. Her eyes switched from Ella to vampire.

    “Follow me,” he shouted, turning away.

     Talia didn’t want to go outside, it was a terribly dangerous idea but what choice did she have?

    She managed to follow him through a fire exit that had been pushed open by a group who exclaiming how the cool night air felt good in this boiling hot club. Actually the cool open air was a relief after the stifling atmosphere of the club.

The music had dropped down in volume and it made Talia’s ears ring. The girls were still moving to the music like they had not noticed the change in location from the club to this dimly lit, litter filled alley.

   “Good girl Ella,” the vampire said so softly that Talia strained to hear him. Ella simply beamed at this. “Is she your sister?” He lifted his eyes to her.

   “Yes my older sister Talia,” Ella answered.   

   “The name’s Matthew,” he said loudly. He took a step towards her so she could hear him more clearly. Ella followed.

    “You let her go,” Talia said in her most confident voice which came out more quietly than she wanted.

   “Why?” he asked in that tone a child used when they were told not to do something.

   “How could you do this to her?” She trembled feeling the cold seep into her skin.

   “I don’t know why I picked your sister, is it her beauty that attracted me?” Matthew tenderly stroked Ella’s cheek. “Or is it the scent of her blood?” He took a deep breath of Ella’s scent infuriating Talia further.

   “Stop it let her go!”

   “Why should I?”

   “Because she’s just a kid.”

   “Barely, Ella’s an adult eighteen right? What do you say Ella?” Matthew turned to her.

   Ella looked at him wide-eyed and replied, “Whatever you say Matthew.”

   Matthew grinned at Talia. “You see?”

   “Stop messing with me you know she has no choice,” Talia snapped, not caring to hold her tongue. “You had your fun now let her go!”

   “What do I get out of this?” Matthew asked. “Your blood smells delicious but Ella’s smells exquisite.” His fangs flashed and elongated. He stood close to Ella, ready to strike.

   “I will do anything,” Talia blurted out, her eyes centred on those fangs hovering above her sister’s unbroken skin.  Matthew’s fangs retracted, he straightened up. Talia let out a breath of mist out into the air that caused her chest to ache after holding her breath for so long.

   “Anything?” He started to circle around Talia like a shark. He stopped at an uncomfortably close distance, she became suddenly aware of her racing heart.

   “Yes anything, I will do whatever it takes for you to let Ella go. I will become one of your human groupies or something,” Talia said, watching other girls with him, who were still dancing shoot her a look of disgust and jealousy.

   “Would you go as far as to sell your own soul?” he said in her ear.

   She flinched and squeezed her eyes shut for a moment, forcing out the answer   


   “Are you sure?”

    She nodded hesitantly.

   “Let me make a deal,” Matthew stroked her hair lightly making her cringed. “I will let Ella go and make sure she lives a normal human life with no vampires.” Matthew began to smile. “If you are willing to become the reason why people fear the dark, to cast aside your humanity and become a vampire.”

    The deal shocked her to the core. All of those basic things that made her human being wiped away to make a fresh slate; the rise and fall of each breath and the steady beat of her heart that acted as a confirmation of being alive. To be cold and soulless was too much of a sacrifice to make, all of those human things she will not be a part of like marriage, having children even death would closed to her and locked behind a door.

   Talia began to step away from him shaking her head. Her back collided with a solid chest of a stranger who had left to get some air. She spun round as he began swearing until he saw her and smiled widely.

      “Hello baby,” he shouted into her face in a breath of thick alcohol, which made her gag. Matthew appeared behind him and grabbed hold of him.

   “Piss off,” he growled, and shoved the guy away, who fell to the floor, with hardly a second thought to the action. The guy was staring in amazement, his jaw dropping and closing like a ventriloquist doll’s mouth had malfunctioned. He staggered up and wandered away without making any challenge of a fight.

   “What is your answer Talia?” Matthew asked and added “Choose wisely.”

   Completely speechless, Talia looked at Matthew with a mixture of shock and uncertainty. She was unsure of how to answer and wanted to convince herself that this is a horrible nightmare. She pinched herself sharply and despite the pain she saw he was still there; being very serious.  It showed in his eyes although he was enjoying the way it was tearing her apart.

    “Haven’t got all night,” he said impatiently.

    Talia thought of her life so far. The nursery rhymes and stories her Mum read to her at night before her death and the turbulent childhood since. Her Aunt who stopped her life to look after her and Ella their whole childhood, supported them as best as she could on a minimum wage. Those little games of hide and seek, the small rare trips to the seaside with the salty air and sand between her toes, wiping away Ella’s tears when the bullies’ taunts became too much.

   “Yes,” Talia answered quietly, her lips barely moving to shape that answer.

   “Are you sure this decision is worth it, all to save your sister?” he said, rising an eyebrow in surprise.

   Surely sacrificing her humanity was not worth anything but Talia looked at Ella’s face knowing she was helpless under this vampire’s control. No one should suffer that fate and definitely not her own sister. Without a moment’s hesitation she answered, “Yes it is.”

   Matthew wasted no time.

   “Girls you can disappeared, go,” he said. Reluctantly they walked away.

He turned to Ella. “You are no longer under my control, go and live a normal human life doing human things and do not go to the places where vampires go. Also your sister Talia is happy no need to go visit her, look for her or contact her ever again. Now go.”

   Talia watched with a sinking heart as her sister disappeared down the alley. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

   “Let’s get out of here come,” Matthew said and indicated to Talia to follow.

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