Lost souls

Talia has to make the biggest sacrifice, abandon her humanity to become a vampire in order to save her sister. However she gets caught up in the dark side of the realm where supernatural creatures dwell and she must try to survive ...

The amazing cover is by the talented @River_Summers :)


9. Chapter nine

Talia was greeted with haziness mixed with flashes of black, she thought she was blind or going to become blind anyway, seeing everything in dazzling detail and for it to be shut off so easily like the flip of a switch made her cry in  terror. The sharp clattering she heard rattled inside her skull, and she convinced herself it was some frightening spectre coming after her. She could see claw marks opening up on her skin.

   “There is nothing there,” a voice echoed. “Nothing there.”

   She shook her head in disagreement, her vision narrowing until it faded into black.

   Talia was revived later and found herself staring at a concrete wall laced with cracks. She pushed herself up and noticed cuffs encircling her wrists like pretty silver bracelets.

   “You can’t break them, sweetheart.”

   Talia turned and saw Matthew shrouded in darkness, his face hidden.

   “Where are we?” she asked.

   “A cell.”

   “A cell,” Talia repeated, glancing round at the concrete walls that were all crowding in close, trapping her in here.

   “We were arrested,” Matthew mumbled.

    She pulled at the cuffs in panic, hoping to break the fragile metal but somehow her strength couldn’t make a mark on them.

   “You can’t break them Talia!”

   “I want to go home,” she shouted, letting go of the cuffs and pounding the floor. “I just want to go home.” Tears soaked her face, her nose running and she made sniffling noises.

   “Shut up you whining little girl!” Matthew shouted, revealing his face fully. Talia screamed, scrambling away. For he had mutilated half his face with his own claws, tearing and clawing rapidly at his face until he had reached the bone in some areas like around his eye socket and jaw. The tendon attaching his jaw bone to his face snapped and his jaw almost swung downwards, hanging by the other less damaged side of his face.

   “What have you done to yourself?” Talia said, covering her mouth.

   Matthew placed a hand under his jaw, pushing it back into place with a slight crunch of bone grazing against bone. He held it in place and he looked like some hideous parody of a philosophical statue, where a great philosopher is pondering upon life’s secrets. He was a demon staring at her as his jaw healed like seeing decay in reverse. He slurred some words at her.

   “What are you trying to say Matthew?” Talia demanded.

   Matthew stretched his mouth open, rotating his bottom jaw making clicking sounds.

   “Stress,” he said. “I get stressed.”

   “You tear half your face off because you are stressed?” she said in disbelief.


   “If- If you do that when you are stressed, I dread to think what you do when you are angry.” She sat down with her back against the wall.

   Matthew frowned. “You have seen me angry, like last night.”

   The image of Matthew bathing in the blood spurting from the vampire’s neck stump flashed in front of her eyes and she shook at the memory.

   “You beheaded someone, do you always behead people when angry?”

   “I do, it is my signature to everyone to not anger me,” Matthew replied, grinning wildly like a hyena.

   Talia wiped away the tears that had gathered on her cheeks with a hand. “Do you have any sense of morality, at all?”

   Mathew scowled, making the new pink flesh of his face wrinkle up. “I do have a sense of morality, I protected you from that vampire last night didn’t I sweetheart?”

    “By ripping his head off!” Talia shouted. She clamped her teeth down on a frustrated scream.

   Matthew smirked with his face now fully healed.

  “And also don’t call me sweetheart or I will rip your face off myself,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest which made the chains clang loudly. To her annoyance he was still smirking.

   “Your sister loved being called sweetheart,” he said.

   Talia lost her temper and scrambled up. “You bastard!” she cried, and charged at him. He raised his hands defensively although as she punched and clawed at him, Matthew deflected her blows with ease. He managed to restrain her and she screamed at him. “Let me go!”

   “Now that wasn’t very nice sweetheart,” he whispered in her ear. “I just made an observation between you and your sister, she liked to be flattered whereas you don’t, you are feisty but she is calm, Ella was lovely but you are average.”

   “I hate you,” Talia said.

   Matthew sighed. “I’ve already heard that insult from you.”

   “I still mean it, every word.”

   Matthew shrugged and he let her go. She moved away feeling the grime cake her hands.

   “Why do you still care about your sister?” he asked.

   “You seriously asked that question?” Talia said feeling drained. She closed her eyes for a moment.


   Matthew looked genuinely puzzled by the idea. He sat down on the floor cross-legged and was waiting patiently for an answer.

   “Because she is my sister.”


   “So she’s family and I care about her, I guess you never had any siblings,” Talia replied.

   “The 12th January 1849,” Matthew said solemnly. “That was the date my older brother drank himself to death.” His head hung low.

   “Oh,” Talia said.

   “This will sound cruel but I was glad when he was gone, he became horrible, put my whole family through hell.” Matthew stroked his healed face. “Then everything went wrong and I’m more screwed up then he ever was.”

    Loud footsteps were heard, the steady thudding of feet on the ground became louder until the sound ceased at their cell door. There was laboured breath outside the door and the squeal of a rusted lock being forced open. The cell door shook and popped open, letting in a shard of yellow light through. The shard widened and was overtook by the shadow of a guard. He had bulging muscles that made his skin so tight it was threatening to split, his eyes were wide open like he was constantly surprised. Strangely his appearance that was supposed to be intimidating felt like the opposite to Talia, especially when she saw the power radiating from Matthew who did not need change his appearance in order to intimidate anyone.

   “A visitor,” the guard said, standing to one side with his shoulders back, feet placed together like a soldier.

   “Finally Tasha has arrived to save us,” Matthew said, grinning. His grin soon disappeared when a woman appeared in the doorway.

   She held her head up high with authority, her white-blond hair was intricately weaved into ringlets patterned with glittering diamonds that looked like ice crystals in her hair, her hair cascaded down her back. Her dress was layers upon layers of thin black silks spreading out behind her. She had beautiful features so delicately carved out of the ice of her skin, her blue eyes framed by full black eyelashes, her lips were the only warmness about her as they were bright red but without appearing clownish, it was more like she used fresh blood for lipstick.

   Matthew was trembling and went onto his knees, Talia crept up beside him.

   “Who is-"

   “Shhh.” Matthew grabbed her arm and dragged her down so she was kneeling before this stranger. She could almost imagine frost surrounding the woman's feet.

   “Here is your majesty Queen Darina, ruler of the night and blood, of the Vampires and the Decider of Fate.” 

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