Lost souls

Talia has to make the biggest sacrifice, abandon her humanity to become a vampire in order to save her sister. However she gets caught up in the dark side of the realm where supernatural creatures dwell and she must try to survive ...

The amazing cover is by the talented @River_Summers :)


4. chapter four

She was submerged in ice-cold water, which jolted her back to wakefulness. The water forced its way up her nose, and her mouth opened in a cry which only let the water enter her lungs. She punched out and fell through the air for a moment before hitting something. She fell on top of it, getting herself together she was faced with a pair of whitish blue eyes.

   Talia scrambled away from the person, a man, looking almost shocked as she did. Bewildered by what had happened, she glanced from him to her surroundings. It was a sort of enormous cave made of light silver and blue rock, she could see the individual marks in the rock and every tone of colour being reflected in stalactites that hung from the ceiling. The dripping of condensation from the rocks and the smell of fresh water and sediment. She was mesmerised by the whole simplicity of the place that she almost forgot the tearing pain in her throat. It was when she fully felt the thirst that she heard Da dum, Da dum, Da dum.

   “I must have overestimated the place where you would arrive Talia,” the guy chuckled, speaking for the first time. She saw him properly now, dusting off his black jacket and jeans. He had dark skin with tattoos swirling under the skin that glowed with a blue fire, and the otherworldly whitish blue eyes with only a small pupil set in the centre of each.

   “And I could so drink his blood right,” Talia thought with a blissful smile stretching across her face until she glanced away thinking. “What the hell am I thinking? Anyway less about blood he could be some crazy murderer with weird glowing tats.” Her hand went to her cheek to see if she was blushing but it was still cold and horrible reality descended.

   “How do you know my name?” she asked him, stepping carefully backwards over the slippery rocks and crevasses. She did not care necessarily for answers as much as to fill her head with other matters than the words vampire, undead, blood. Blood.

   “I knew you were coming, hungry?” His hand delved into into his jacket pocket and pulled out a burst blood bag. His forehead creased. “Guess it broke when you fell on me. I wanted to give you warm blood, I guess plans change.” He twirled his hand in a quick motion and a blood bag appeared, he threw it to her. “It’s a bit cold from materialisation.”

   She caught it easily and bit into it letting the blood flood her mouth and douse the fire in her throat like someone gulping water after eating spicy food. She finished it quickly and he handed her another one having moved beside her.

    “Thank you,” she mumbled between gulps.

    “That’s alright, my name is Xavier,” he said, smiling slightly. He still held the burst blood bag in his hand and looked at it thoughtfully. “I might as well finish this.” He placed his lips over the slit and drank.

   “You’re a vampire?” Talia asked amazed, with hunger lighting her eyes.

   “No I like the taste, it’s interesting.” Xavier replied. He crumpled the plastic in his hand and dropped it to the floor. “Now where are your friends?”

   “I don’t have any friends unless you mean the other vampires… probably you do, me being stupid and pointing out the obvious,” Talia laughed slightly in embarrassment and glanced down at the empty bag. Blood had the habit of disappearing too soon. “Why am I giggling? He could be evil or another hunter, another hunter?” She swallowed slowly and trembled.

   “Are you alright?” Xavier asked concerned.

   Talia didn’t answer him straight away.

   “Why do you want to help me? What is this place?” she asked, her voice rising in panic and her hand crumpled the plastic blood bag tightly in her hand, crinkling loudly so the sound echoed through the cave.

   "Talia you are in the other realm, I knew you would come here,” he said, talking in a slow and steady tone like a teacher explaining a very simple answer to a question.

   "How?" she shouted. "You're a-a hunter and you're going to kill me or torture me!" Talia was becoming hysterical and tears ran down her cheeks.

    "Oh that is what brought you here," Xavier said in a grave tone. "I am not a hunter in fact I'm something else entirely, please let me help you Talia I will explained everything to you."

   The Da dum, da dum, da dum of his heart was pounding the inside of Talia's head and she wanted to silence the constant sound. She looked at him. He gave her a concerned expression in return, his eyes begging her to trust him. The heart beat spoke more to her heightened senses.

   She pounced.

   Talia knocked Xavier down, winding him in the process. He tried to breath and stop her from tearing out his throat. Her fangs went to cut into the fragile skin of his throat. Something grabbed her. Dragged her backwards. She screamed in anger at being denied. Cold hands covered her mouth and a familiar voice whispered in her ear.

   "You don't want to be drinking witch blood sweetheart."

   She bit deeply into his hand in response and let the dead blood touch the tip of her tongue. Matthew whipped his hand away.

   "Don't bite sweetheart," he scowled. "I didn't take you for a biter Talia." He grins and she tenses up in his arms. The touch of him made her skin crawl and she squirmed at being in close proximity to him.

   "Xavier why are you showing your mug around here and scaring poor Talia? Although I think you pissed your pants when she wanted to make a meal out of you."

   Xavier was breathing heavily and bent over with a hand on his chest like he was checking his heart was still beating, to confirm that his chest was rising and falling and was not his imagination.

   "You half-starved her Matthew? She hasn't feed straight away and packaged blood will not help,” he said in a hoarse voice.

    Matthew's grin slipped and he growled, "I didn't half starve her, I would never do that to her. It is unfortunate circumstances."

   "You seem to be born out of unfortunate circumstances," Xavier replied. "Hello Natasha."

   Talia turned her head to see Natasha wearing a grim expression, her blond hair straying from its ponytail and curling round her face.  Seth had an arm draped over her, the other clutching his side, his face was contorted into one of agony.

   "Xavier," she said, in a strange tone that was very solemn yet a hint of hope laid underneath.

   He walked forward and studied Seth for a moment, he removed the vampire’s hand from his side briefly. Talia could not see the state of his injury but when Xavier faced the rest of them his expression was grim.

   "He has been poisoned and needs immediate attention, Talia needs fresh human blood,” he said, like he was mentally ticking off a list of observations.

   He glanced at her and she bit her lip to stop herself from screaming No I won't take a life! She managed to remain quiet and focused on restraining some of her thirst.

   "And you have been left homeless by hunters," he adds finally. "I will help you because I know that is the question on Tasha's – I mean- Natasha's lips and undoubtedly on the rest of yours."

   Xavier looked at Natasha for a long moment and glanced away. He took out a small cloth bag that was once bright purple now it had faded spots of lilac. He tipped it over and a sparkly silver powder trickled out onto the ground.

   "Do you definitely wish to come with me?" he asked

   Matthew opens his mouth to protest.

   "Yes." Natasha said immediately, before he could say anything. He looks at her surprised.

   Xavier chants in response. The powder expands, swirling and swirling until they are caught in a whirlwind. There was a bitter taste on Talia’s tongue and the strange smell of rotting, sickly sweet fruits left too long in the sun, a whining sound streaks past her. Her whole body seems to unknit its very form and she comes apart, spinning into a black hole.

   The blackness buckles, morphs, becomes the outlines of shapes that gain depth and colour leaks into them like watercolours leaking into each other on paper. Talia falls forward but something stops her falling to the faded wood floor. She became aware of a pair of hands holding her around the waist.

   “A bit disorientating isn’t it?” Matthew said. She straightened up and tore his hands from her waist.

   “Welcome to my humble home.” Xavier announced.

   Talia surveyed her surroundings. It was a large but dingy living room with a ratty blue sofa pressed against one wall, columns of dusty books and pizza boxes rising up in random places, a large, battered coffee table set in the middle. Symbols were scorched black into the cream-coloured walls.

   “It is not very tidy but its home,” Xavier chuckled. “Come out dear.” The door at the other end of this domestic landfill opened and a woman stepped out. Not much older than Talia was, with greasy black hair and a sour expression. “I promised to give the newborn fresh blood.”

   Talia could hear, feel the thumping of the woman’s heart. Inside she was screaming to stop, that this is wrong, that the woman is innocent. But nothing stopped her from shooting forward, digging her claws into the woman’s shoulders, pulling towards her and sinking her fangs into the jugular vein. The flow of blood was endless and pleasurable unlike anything Talia had ever felt. The longer pauses between heart beats was the only sign that it would end.


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