Lost souls

Talia has to make the biggest sacrifice, abandon her humanity to become a vampire in order to save her sister. However she gets caught up in the dark side of the realm where supernatural creatures dwell and she must try to survive ...

The amazing cover is by the talented @River_Summers :)


5. Chapter five

Talia let go of the limp body, the enjoyment soured and she chocked on the last mouthful of blood in shock. It dribbled down her chin. The warmth of the woman’s body stuck to her hands like a stain.  Her eyes were drawn to the back of the woman’s head those black hair was matted and to her splayed limbs on the floor.

   She screamed and reeled away from the corpse.

   The others watching her; all wore a grim expression apart from Matthew who was smirking.

   “Talia,” Natasha said softly, advancing towards her.

   Talia stumbled away from the others her back hitting the cabinet behind her, the light touch of the dead woman brushed against her leg. Talia cried loudly and leaped away to the door beside her. She fell inside slipping on the tiles, she slammed the door shut.

   “Talia it’s okay, open the door,” Natasha said.

   Talia pushed against the door, escape was the only thing on her mind.

  “Have to get away, have to get away,” she thought, trembling violently.

   She quickly studied her surroundings. The yellow-stained tiles with their roadworks of cracks lead to the wooden chair nearby. She tried to reach for it but could feel the pressure of the door being open, only light pressure like they were cautious of her, needed to calm the situation. She pushed against it and slammed her fist against it repeatedly until it bloodied.

   There were more talking but it sounded muffled to her bewildered state of mind.

   “Have to get the chair,” Talia thought.

  She counted one, two, three. She ran and in seconds had jammed the chair under the handle. The door buckled under the pressure and had splintered in the middle where her shoulder made contact.

  “Don’t make me break down this door sweetheart,” the patronising voice of Matthew warned. “I can do that right now but I’ll rather you just open it.”

   She could imagine him grinning, holding back a laugh behind his teeth.

   Talia moved away from the door and went to one of the windows, she climbed onto a plastic counter and swung her fist down onto the fragile glass.

   There were alarmed shouts and the door being broke down.

   She ignored this and simply focused on removing the glass to create a bigger hole. The glass shards dug into her palms but she didn’t feel pain only the sensation of blood dripping down her wrists.

   Talia dropped out onto the hard ground, falling onto her ankles. Something snapped and she lost balance. She touched her ankle and could feel the unnatural flexibility of the joint.

   Feeling determined, she tried to crawl forward. There was clicking in her broken ankle the bone realigning itself and mending. She got up and felt more ease in walking then she was running.

   The sky was lightening to a dark blue and this revealed a grey marshland. It was just an expanse of grey with grey fumes leaking from the earth’s pores like body odour smelling of mud and fetid water.

   The ground was becoming sticky underfoot and she found herself wading in ankle deep. There was some spindly trees black against the grey like skeletons rising to claim the living, or undead in Talia’s case.

    She stop to stare at the lightening sky and the horizon that showed no shelter. There was nowhere to hide.

   She cried in frustration.

   “Where did you think you could run to sweetheart?”

   She became paralysed at the sound of his arrogant voice. He was only a few feet behind her grinning wildly. He was dangerous she knew that immediately from the way he carried himself as a predator.

   “Don’t let your human morals rule your head, she was a criminal that’s pretty lucky for a first dinner.” He laughed. “You could have killed someone important to you, a friend, a lover, your sister.”

   Talia stiffened.

   “Count yourself lucky the human was a common criminal, please come over here.” 

   She wanted to stay where she was but Talia found herself moving towards him. She stopped in front of him confused by the action.

  “Now Talia don’t do something stupid like that again okay?”

  “Okay,” she replied the word formed against her will. She shook her head. “No leave me alone,” she spat out.

   Matthew sighed. “You are my first newborn sweetheart, your will is my will and I don’t want you running off getting hurt or lost.” He raised a hand, his fingers brushed against her tear-stained cheek. “You don’t want that do you?”

   She turned her head away in disgust.

   His hand dropped.

   “We should get back daylight is coming and we have a busy night ahead.” 

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