Lost souls

Talia has to make the biggest sacrifice, abandon her humanity to become a vampire in order to save her sister. However she gets caught up in the dark side of the realm where supernatural creatures dwell and she must try to survive ...

The amazing cover is by the talented @River_Summers :)


15. Chapter Fifteen

She followed markers similar to those near Xavier’s room; seeing the small crack in the marble step, the lamp on the wall that he had stumbled into and hit his head on when he wasn’t looking. She almost laughed at the memory as she staggered through the halls, dipping in and out of rooms when possible to avoid other vampires. Her throat felt raw, her muscles were sore and she desperately wanted to sleep. Seth was the only thing that kept her going she wasn’t going to be selfish and put her needs before his.

    Something kept trying to coax her back like someone was grabbing at her hands and dress to pull her back with them in a new direction. She ignored it because it was not her instincts telling her to go back or change direction and that was what made her press on.

    He was standing in the hall with his back to her wearing the creased white shirt and trousers from last night like those were the only clothes he could find to wear, his tattoos were glowing a soft blue. 

   Talia ran forward and grabbed him round the waist. She breathed in the sweet smell of soap and felt relief.

    He almost fell over and swore.

    “Xavier!” she said, burying her face into his shirt.

    “You scared me to death Talia,” he replied, his hands caressing hers, rubbing away the dirt and dried blood. “Can I turn around?” he asked cautiously.

    She let go and immediately felt guilty, embarrassed when she saw his horrified expression.

   “Xavier," she began, but he wrap his arms around her waist pulling her into a warm embrace. Talia hugged him back allowing herself to go along with it until some sense broke through the entanglement of affectionate feelings and she pulled away.

   "Last night?" Xavier said, phrasing it like a question, a small grin played on his face.

    “Last night-" Talia said, and mumbled a jumbled assortment of words, the mess of questions and feelings.

   "I have rendered you speechless," Xavier said. "Last night was amazing, you are an amazing lady Talia." He leaned closer but she turned her head to one side and put a hand up to block his advances.

   "No," she said, shaking her head. "No."

    He looked surprised and rocked back in his heels.

   "I don't understand," he said quietly, his eyes pleaded with her. She felt guilt's hands wrap around her throat, suffocating her so she could only mumbled a reply.

   "I need your help, I mean Seth needs your help."

   Xavier stared at her and a frown formed. Talia took hold of his hand and went to lead him to Seth.

   “He is hurt,” she said. “He needs your help right now.”

    “I see, he had collapsed in the pantry and will need the right medication to reverse the side effects, it’s in my room then,” he replied quickly, and went to the door without a single stumble.

    The hall was silent and Talia was too aware of that change making her nervous. Xavier seemed robotic and stiff in his movements as he unlocked the door and took a step inside.

    “I never said what was wrong,” Talia said, trembling. He paused and looked back at her with eyes filled with hostility. “I didn’t say he had collapsed in the pantry.” She took a step back.

    Xavier faced her and his muscles tensed up like he was a predator teasing its prey by testing its weaknesses and strengths. Also his tattoos darkened to a purple with shots of red in them that appeared like glowing brand marks. He locked his eyes, which had become dark pools of red, onto his target. “I guess I got ahead of myself, I guess…” He advanced.

    “What’s happening to you?” Talia pleaded, feeling distressed by his bloody tears and the shadows creeping from behind him and closing in on her.

    “Darkness,” he said.

    There was a second when he disappeared, displaced from reality and reappeared in front of Talia along with the succession of multiple stabs aimed at her chest. The dagger glided effortlessly through her ribcage, slicing near her heart, bruising the fragile tissue.

   Talia screamed.

    He brought her close, cradling her to his chest with his hand stroking her hair. She was shaking from the agony that was strangely numbed by confusion and betrayal. 

   “The Decider of Fate has branded you a traitor to the crown,” he said. 

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