Lost souls

Talia has to make the biggest sacrifice, abandon her humanity to become a vampire in order to save her sister. However she gets caught up in the dark side of the realm where supernatural creatures dwell and she must try to survive ...

The amazing cover is by the talented @River_Summers :)


8. chapter eight

They walked together down another street. Matthew was shaky but not with upset, it was more on the lines of hyperactive. He had begun to walk faster taking huge strides. Talia was struggling to keep up and wanted to say something but instinct told her to go along with it.

   “I’m hungry,” he said.

   They stopped at a door which was elaborately carved out of oak in the shape of exotic animals some of which Talia had never glimpsed. Beasts with the heads of tigers riding on long necks, chasing birds with multiple wings that flew in between big flowers and vines; all twisting around the door’s edge. The beauty of it amazed her and her hand reached out to touch the smooth varnished surface.

   “Do you want to go inside?” Matthew asked, his hand rested on the door knob.

   “Yes please,” Talia said, still in awe.

   He opened the door, a warm red glow seeped out into the dark night air.

  “You first sweetheart,” he said, indicating for her to go in.

   It was like time-travelling into the 1920s, new but old styled couches were placed in the centre around low tables covered in drinks. Men and woman were dressed in dinner suits, gowns and flapper dresses. There was a posh drinks bar where ancient bottles of drink shone brightly under the lights, waiters were dressed in smart white shirts, red waist jackets and black trousers. This was all on the carpeted area of the room. The other side was polished wooden flooring where the restaurant area resided with tables draped with light pink tablecloths and shiny silverware. Tiny flickering candles encased in patterned metal cages were placed in the centre of each table.  

    The chatter and laughter went down in volume when they entered. Talia was still in her old, crumpled clothes and Matthew was dressed in once smart clothes flecked in dry blood at the collar. He draped an arm round her shoulders and grinned at the people who were staring at them until they looked away.

   “We should sit down,” Matthew said. He guided her to a table, pulling out a seat in a gentleman manner. Talia sat down.

   “Thank you,” she said, surprised by the kind action.

   “That’s okay sweetheart,” he replied, sitting down in the opposite chair sideways so his legs stuck out to the side not under the table.

   “Are we having a meal?” Talia asked, her thoughts filled with a beautiful dinner of roast meat in gravy with delicately roasted vegetables and potatoes or any delicious dish she was not a fussy eater. She felt her stomach rumbling and couldn’t wait for a menu to arrive to order as quickly as possible.

   “Yes we are, I am looking at the options,” he said, his eyes surveying the room.

   “What?” Talia said, her eyes following his. Her eyes landed on a boy beautiful with gorgeous jet black hair, green eyes that sparkled in the light, his blood flowing in his veins.

   “There,” Matthew said, pointing to the boy. He smirked at her.

   “No, no I can’t,” Talia argued, gripping the table.

   “This is a place to feast you are allowed to,” he explained to her, as if she was being stupid. “Over there she is enjoying her meal.”

   The woman in a black flapper dress could be seen as kissing another woman in a long, pink cocktail dress had it not been the blood that dripped down her neck.

   Talia shook her head feeling light-headed at the thought. “I will not feast on a defenceless human again.” The first real feed came to mind with the woman’s dead eyes. She found herself drawn to the boy again.

   Matthew got up and was beside her in an instant.

   “Do you like him?” Matthew whispered in her ear as she stared at the human whose fair features were delicate like a precious sculpture. His heart thrummed under his ribcage now her hearing tuned in properly.

   “He is,” Talia replied. Standing up, pushing the chair back with a screech against the wood. A part of her was screaming to stop, to remember Ella and why it was wrong! But the vampire, the thirst wanted the human desperately. She stopped, her hands clenching so tightly her nails bit in her palms. Her blood ran between her fingers onto the ground.

   “Go on then,” Matthew said, grinning wildly.

   “I can’t,” she replied, feeling frightened. “Please don’t make me do this.”

   Matthew took hold of her one hand, turning it over so the blood still glistened in her palm despite the fact her hand had healed. He kissed it, tasting the blood. She just stared at him unsure of what to do. He glanced up his lips had reddened.

   “Sweetheart, you shouldn’t stress about such idle things, he is prey and you are the predator so hunt.”

   He let her hand go and moved to the side so the human was in full view. It was like she was caught in the current and was dragged along to the human, her hands found him, taking hold of his wrists, slamming him against the wall. The human responded in surprised by raising his eyebrows but strangely no more. She twisted his neck to expose the throbbing vein. Her fangs elongated and bit into his flesh with ease. The blood flooded her mouth hot and sweet, she drank deeply gripping the human’s weakening body so she could carry on feeding.

   Something yanked Talia’s hair back violently, she screamed and was pulled further away. A male vampire with black hair came into view.

   “Stupid bitch feeding on my human!” he shouted. “I’ll teach you a lesson.” His fangs sunk into her neck. She screamed even louder in agony feeling the most intense pain as the poison felt like it was melting her flesh. The vampire fangs disconnected from Talia’s neck ripping bloody holes. She fell to the ground crawling away to some safety. Sparks flew across her vision as it rocked unsteadily. Her eyes managed to lock onto Matthew’s blurry image as he ripped the vampire’s head off. Talia cried her vision dipping into high definition once more as he drank the vampire’s blood from his neck stump. Revulsion filled her to the point she felt like she was drowning. Matthew was committing a beastly act like he were a cannibal of vampires.

   More people attacked and Matthew’s manic laughter filled the air as he easily decapitated more.

   He grabbed her and whirled her away with him. Crazy from the killing spree and blood. Matthew forced his lips onto Talia’s.

   She shouted in alarm pushing him away. She saw everyone staring at them drawing away from them.

   “This a romantic moment,” he said, and attempted another kiss but Talia pushed him away. He laughed and caught her arm

   “Get away from me, you are crazy!” she shouted, and he snarled.

   “I told you not to say that sweetheart.”

   He gripped her arm tighter Talia was blinded by tears.

   “I thought you didn’t like bloodshed,” she whimpered.

   “I was reborn in blood and I love it even if it does haunt me,” Matthew said. He touched the strand of hair that had fallen in front of her face. She smacked his hand away feeling disgusted at his touch. He sneered at her crying.

   Talia’s head felt heavy, woozy from the venom. She slipped and unintentionally fell against Matthew.

   “You want more,” he said, a sly grin appeared upon his face.

   “You are mad, you don’t see me in that way,” Talia murmured.

   His face filled her vision suddenly like some blood-splattered golden angel and she cried again feeling distraught. Yet too weak to get away.

   “No I do not but Talia, sweetheart,” he said, his voice becoming unravelled. “This is a romantic moment- the only person I like. You still have your –good looks, nah not good looks- youthful yes youthful looks and you’re rather feisty. You are mine.”

   There were shouts and stampeding footsteps, Matthew face distorted into rage and tried to drag her from the scene.

   “Never yours,” Talia whispered, like a pray over and over as everything receded from her vision. The last thing she felt was Matthew’s touch leaving her and she saw him being dragged away shouting until it all went black. 

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