What does he want from me?

A story about a girl who suddenly discovers that someone chased her. But that's just the beginning! They must accomplish various tasks, otherwise they get punished. She get treated like a dog with a shock collar, .... Will she ever get back home?? Read the story if you want to know how it ends! Happy reading! x


2. Who is that person at the background?

When I finally got home I threw my schoolbag on the side, took off my coat and ran upstairs . Meanwhile, I turned my computer on . On the way home I and my best friend where been thinking about who this man could be and how he might look like. This had brought more curiosity to me .

My computer was started up and I immediately opened the pictures from yesterday . I went to look at the first , there was no one I first thought . Then I decided to go and look at the next picture, I saw a man standing in the background . I zoomed in and wondered from where I should know him, but nothing came up to me . I thought it was just a casual person who passed by. And  I thought that the girl at school just wanted to scare us. I decided to go look at the next picture to check out.

But suddenly I saw the same man standing again . I decided to reassure myself and saying to myself that just slow person who that past by slowly . I looked at the next picture . But my anxiety came back , the man was still there and this time he looked in our direction! I went to look at the next, next , next, next , ..... on each picture I saw the man standing , getting closer and closer to us!
I decided to text to my friends and ask if they perhaps knew the man. I looked at the last picture that we had taken on the bike, my best friend and me. But even there, I suddenly saw something remarkable in the background!

I saw a car parked, two meters behind us , where we stopped to take the picture. It scared me so hard I almost dropped my cell phone on the ground.

My friends texted back that they would immediately start looking at the photos themselves.
Suddenly my phone goes off . I saw that my best friend  was calling. I picked it up and she said that it was a very frightening man . She also told me that she had never seen the man before .
While I was with her on the phone I walked around in my room . I looked through the window and suddenly saw a car standing across the street . I also noticed that the man looked up , straight towards my window . I suddenly became so scared that I sat back behind my computer. The last picture was still open on the screen. Suddenly I saw the same car at the picture that now was standing across the street . And I recognized the man in the car, he was the same as at the pictures!

I told my best friend what I saw across the street from me . She told me to look back and write down the license plate , if I could read it . I went back to my window and  I saw that the man still looked at my window . But suddenly when he saw that I was looking at him, he quickly drove away . I was just too late to read his license.

My friend told me that she has to go eating, so she had to stop calling with me. I said tasty and hung up.
I started to think about everything and suddenly a shudder goes over me .

Suddenly my phone rings again . I saw that it was an unknown number , I hesitated, but I  took it up anyway . The only thing I heard was : I SEE , I SEE , ALL WHAT YOU DO ..............

When he hangs up the phone .....................

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