What does he want from me?

A story about a girl who suddenly discovers that someone chased her. But that's just the beginning! They must accomplish various tasks, otherwise they get punished. She get treated like a dog with a shock collar, .... Will she ever get back home?? Read the story if you want to know how it ends! Happy reading! x


1. The start...

On a hot Wednesday afternoon , I met with my friends. We had decided to go swimming and then we where going to take some foolish pictures in the nearby playground.

Meanwhile, it was getting late and we decided to become go home. I drove with my best girlfriend home because she lived 5 blocks further than me . Once we were at my house , I said goodbye with a big hug and said to tomorrow . I went in and turned around and waved at her. I closed the door and went to my room . I took my camera and took while the USB cable . I opened my Facebook and saw that my friends were already home. Here our conversation continued. While I was on Facebook chatting and  listening to some music , I placed the pictures from my camera to my computer . It appeared that this would take 5 minutes to complete. Meanwhile, did I played a song and did further on Facebook .

After 5 minutes the photos appeared on my screen . I immediately told to my friends that they were uploaded and sent them directly to them . I looked at all the pictures and saw that there were very nice between .

Even then I had  messages on Facebook that my friends had made ​​a new album. And that they had changed their profile picture and cover photo. All within a few minutes got the pictures some like's on Facebook. 

The next day at school on the playground , we still have much to talk about and over the great time we had yesterday.

Suddenly someone from the school went to our group . They came to say that we had taken beautiful pictures yesterday but asked who the man was in the background. I decided to look straight after school to te pictures on my computer.  That afternoon at school I could not pay attention tç the lessons.

I had to know who she had seen and who is with us on the picture ...

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