What does he want from me?

A story about a girl who suddenly discovers that someone chased her. But that's just the beginning! They must accomplish various tasks, otherwise they get punished. She get treated like a dog with a shock collar, .... Will she ever get back home?? Read the story if you want to know how it ends! Happy reading! x


7. Now you're going to listen stupid dog!

The man had a leash with him. I was already thinking of what could happen to me. But I wiped my tears off with my sleeve and made a deep breath. The man said that this was only the beginning of the process he had planned .

"As you know, you have played last year in the park with the dog, with your best friend Alexis . She had a border collie that named Lilly. You spend there a whole afternoon in the park. As you now will think what does this have to do with me, so that will you see in a few minutes" said the man . The man gave the leash to me , he told me to put it on my neck. I asked " why?" The man shouted :"Do what I say or you might want to be punished like they do with dogs! " " No" I said and did the leash around my neck . He told me to follow , I had to crawl on my knees next to him at the foot. I hesitated , but went on my hands and knees on the ground. He rubbed my head , just like a real dog . He opened the door and pulled on the leash. But I thought , if I stay now and just  stand where I stood , he couldn't do anything anyway . But I thought wrong . The man pulled on the leash again , but this time harder than the first time . I didn't move. "That's enough!" the man shouted in my ear!  You're going to listen stupid dog!" I was startled, now I was suddenly become a dog? What did a dog do, it usually sleeps all the day I thought.

The man shouted again , "Listen if I will punish you otherways!" But I was determined that he couldn't hurt me, so I still was standing on the same place as before. " Ok" the man said, "now you 've misjudged your last chance". He took a little box and pressed on the number 1. " AUWWWWW " I screamed very loud . And I grabbed at my throat . The man had nothing better found than to put me a shock collar on my neck. The man laughed in common. "It serves you right , if you do not want to listen , you must be punished ! And this is only number 1 , this would mean that it should not have been very heavy for you ," said the man . I dropped back a few tears because the shock was more painfull than I thought . Now I know the horrible feeling that dogs have if they have to wear a shock collar . 

"FOOT! " The man shouted again "and let me not say it a second time or you will get back another punishment ! Now monster!" I went on my hands and knees to the man. "Well done " said the man, and he continued. I followed him at the foot, because I didn't want to get a shock again .

After a few passages, my knees already started to hurt. Then suddenly we stopped in front of a dark green door at which was written: Dog Park! I looked up and didn't know what theire could be behind the dark green door.

The man opened the door and went inside . He pulled at the leash, but I followed , because I didn't wanted a secound shock .I entered the room and saw that there were green turf layers , a plank to walk on , a tunnel , a bath and a jump bars. I really did not know what he was doing , so I went to sit down. The man looked at me with shining eyes , you could see in his eyes that he so enjoyed off the power that he had now. The man left the leash and went off to a computer. Again I saw  that there was a camera in the middle of the room  to film everything.

The man clicked one time on the computer and there was started to playing an announcement : Today at the dog training parcours we see James with his dog . They will try today to complete the difficult parcour in the fastest time. I heard that he had spoken the text by hisself and that his name was James . The participant may placed with his dog and go to the start. From the moment that the music starts you may begin . Then James came up to me and snapped the leash loose, but the shock collar still stays on my neck. He told me that I had to do what all dogs had to do on this parcour, if I didn't do it then the shock would be painfuller than before. Every time you make a mistake you get a shock, he told me . If you do it right you get a reward .

We went to the start and I obeyed him , because I did not want to get a shock. On the way there, I thought it was going to be easy, I had seen  the dog Lilly doing it  many times .

The music started playing, so I had to start . The first obstacle was the tunnel , which I could just through . " Very good " said James and I got a piece of cake . But time ran out so I had to go , so I put the piece quickly in my mouth . The next obstacle was a jump bar . But I had no idea how I could skip there. How could I bring that up on all fours ??? The man call me to jump. But I could not so I ran into the jump bar . "Bad Dog " screamed James !! And there came the shock ....  "AUWWWWWWWW " I called again and I reached for my neck. It hurt so bad that you felt the shock throughout your body . I also felt good that it was harder than the last. "WALKING BY " James said. I let a tear fall over my cheek and walked on. The next obstacle was the bath . I had to go through the water on my hands and knees, this meant that my head had come under water. I took a big breath and walked around the bath . But my breath was not big  enough , so I came back up. "Again" screamed James. I quickly went back down and walked on. Once this was over , I got a piece of cake . But through all that crawling on my hands and knees, I was so tired and my knees did very very, they were already bleeding . But I had to go on, now we got to the last obstacle . I had to walk across the bridge, where you must first up and then in the middle of the bridge tilted down and than go down. I was actually afraid of heights so I thought it was too high. I stopped. But James took his little box all over , so I decided to stand there for a little bit. "HURRY UP"yelled James, "time is running out". "The longer you do about this, the less time you'll get  to wash you later". I went a step further . But I dared not really .

James suddenly hit on my but, I got 3 steps further , then I was in the middle. Now I had to lean forward so that the thing could tilt to the other side . But I could not keep my balance and fell off it. I had to try again , but I really wanted no further. I got another hard shock " AUWWWW " I called again . This time I really had a burning sensation on my neck. I tried again and this time with great difficulty and very slowly I've done it. It was done and the timer stopped at 20 minutes. James gave me  a half cake and put the leash back on. We went out of the room and shut the dark green door behind us. We went back to the room where my bed was standing. He took the leash and shock collar off . You saw a whole red line standing around my neck. He told me to wait here 10 minutes and that he was going to run my bath

10 minutes later he came back and he told me to follow him. I followed him . When we arrived in the bathroom , James said I had 40 minutes time to wash myself in the bath , the clothes I had to where after my bath were  lying on the seat next to the  bath . James left the room and closed the door. I did the wet and dirty clothes out  and went to the mirror .

"Is this what I deserve, what would James want from me, why is he doing this to me? " I asked myself . I looked in the mirror .... I looked at my knees and they were bleeding .
I decided to lie down in the bath. Why am I still alive , I can never leave here anyway. Why ? All these questions haunted throug my mind . When I decided to push myself under water and continued under several minutes. Since than everything was quiet and there was no narrow room or an assignment that I had to do . I came back up to get fresh air. I could not drown myself , I had to start a life , I did not let it ruin by some James . But my tears came back again , soon I could not get away , I was in a prison here and I was tortured in a house that I do not know . I came out of the bath and did the cupboarddoor door open , I found a razor blade. Ohh I thought that I could use to cut my wrists ,  than I'm finally gone. I took it out of the closet and turned my hand . But suddenly James did  the door open!

" What do you do there??? " ...... "Let the razor fall on the floor, you're too good to die , it's not over yet ." He came to me and took the razor off . I did not want to surrender and started screaming . But then suddenly I got back the anesthetic cloth over my mouth and I was paralyzed again .............

What did he do , I wanted to die , I wanted to go and leave that place.........


Please give a comment, to help me. So that I know if it is excited enough and that I have to write further. Thanks for reading my story for so far!
-Melissa xx-

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