What does he want from me?

A story about a girl who suddenly discovers that someone chased her. But that's just the beginning! They must accomplish various tasks, otherwise they get punished. She get treated like a dog with a shock collar, .... Will she ever get back home?? Read the story if you want to know how it ends! Happy reading! x


9. Not him....My everything...

I came into a room and saw a dark room , all the curtains were closed , and again there was a camera in the middle of the room. "As I had collected in the five years that I chased you , I also know that you have a boyfriend",said James . He turned on the light in the room and I saw a large poster of me and my boyfriend hanging up in the middle of the room . I also saw three paint pots on a table. James initiated me to the table and told me to sit down . I sat down and looked at the beautiful poster of me and my boyfriend . What does he  want me to do now? James gave me a paint brush . "I want you to paint a big red cross over the head of your boyfriend and then paint your boyfriend in red" he said. How could he say this now, I loved my boyfriend so much, why should I paint a red cross on his head? I thought. "If you don't do it, then you know what is happening and that you will be punished". Suddenly I noticed the silver knife lying on the right corner of the table . I dicided to paint a red cross over the head of my boyfriend, it was not so difficuld. This was just a picture of both of us. "Good" said James. "Now you take the green color and draw a cross on your face in the picture and color then you yourself in green". I did what he asked, and drew the green cross on my face. "You see that green is good and red is bad?" he asked. I did not answer. "Ok now you see the yellow pot still standing on the table, that is for later" said James. " Now  sit down and just think carefully about the question I just asked, it is important for later. I'm going to get something." James went inside a door, which stood in the room . I sat there and kept looking at the poster. Why was I green and my boyfriend red, no, there was notting wrong with him? 

5 minutes later, James came back into the room. But this time he had someone with him, that person had red bag over his head. Who could that be? I thought. Suddenly I recognized the sweater that the unknown person was wearing. Ohh Nooo this couldn't be true, I saw the sweater that my boyfriend als manny times wear! I froze with fear. " Do you recognize him perhaps" James asked me. I was silent and I almost got tears in my eyes. I jumped off the chair to give him a hug and pull him out Arms of that horrible Jamesn, but I was too late. James took a knife  and told me to sit. I sat back down. James pulled the red bag of my sweetheart  his head with a hard yank. 
"Ouch" he cried. He looked surprised to see me sitting before him and suddenly he wanted to come to me to protect me, but it was too late.James took him back and put him in a chair. He tied him up so he could not leave. "Ok I think that you have had enough time to think about the green and red color right?" he asked me. "Now you see that there is a yellow paint pot standing on the tabel, take the brush and paint the face of your boyfriend here in yellow."James said to me. I took the brush firmly and hesitated .

I decided  to do it, there was nothing scarry about  that he was a little bit yellow. I painted his face yellow , When I did that I saw his fear in his eyes while he was looking at me. I looked straight into his beautiful blue eyes .

"Ok" James said. "like I see you two standing there together now, I do not think you fit together. Cause you 're green and your boyfriend is red . So now I want you to take the knife that is laying on the table and that you stab your boyfriend, so that he is dead. I find that he should disappear now out of  your world, so that I 'm the only one that counts for you " he said. I don't believe my ears when he said that. How could I stab my lovely boyfriend!  "NOOO!" I cried.  "I don't do it, I don't killed my boyfriend!!!"I screamd. "You have to or you will be punished" screamed James loud! "NOOOOO, I will not do this , I sceamed back , my boyfriend is my everything!" "DO IT!" yelled James! "Noooo" I was sure about my decision that I won't kill my boyfriend!  "Turn around !" said James suddenly! I did not expect that answer. But I keep standing where i stood, I had the knife in my hand to defend me against  James. I did not turn around, I won't. My boyfriend was now the only person who knew that I was alive. Suddenly, James took me stuck in a strangle grip. I tried to stab him with the knife , but I stuck wrong and he took the knife away from me. I started screaming out loud and kicking around. He put me on the ground and pulled out suddenly whip.With this he hit me 10 times. I started crying and yelling that it hurt so much. I kept looking at my boyfriend  while  I was  groaning in pain. After ten lashes , James stopped and said that I now had to kill my boyfriend. "NO" she shouted in his ear. "I do not do this!" James was tired of my behavior and took the knife. He went to my boyfriend. I didn't think he  would killed him . I wanted to stop James but he pushed me roughly to the side .

He stuck right in the heart of my boyfriend. He groaned and hung his head. "So this is already one less worry ," said James . I burst into tears . How could he be so hard that he has killed my boyfriend without any feeling?  I could not believe that  he had killed my boyfriend. I screamed so hard. "YOU STUPID IDIOT!" I shouted. I felt so alone on the world now . I ran to my dead boyfriend on the chair, but I didn't dare to touch him. He did not move, how could it be that the only one who has seen me alive and that I had so much love was dead. I kept crying and screaming at James. But James was threatening me with the knife to come closer . Go ahead! I thought, as my boyfriend is dead , why I 'm still alive. I didn't care anymore. But I was still afraid that it would hurt a lot when he would kill me. He came a few steps closer and said:"So he is therefore switched off again , now you're all mine!". After he said that there came a big grin on his face ........

What would  he do now , he was never going to kill me because he wanted me for his own so ........ But I didn't want to go on without my boyfriend ..............


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