What does he want from me?

A story about a girl who suddenly discovers that someone chased her. But that's just the beginning! They must accomplish various tasks, otherwise they get punished. She get treated like a dog with a shock collar, .... Will she ever get back home?? Read the story if you want to know how it ends! Happy reading! x


3. I see, I see, all what you do.....

I was so shocked that I  dropped my phone on the floor and burst into tears , who could that man be ?
I already decided to tell what had happened to my friends on Facebok. I tried to search from who the phone number could be. But this was unsuccessful , it was a prepaid card so you could not trace the number .
I began to tremble all . My friends on Facebook told me to call the police, but I didn't want to do that. What could the police do now , we have no evidence or no license or anything .

Suddenly I remembered me that I was alone at home , the whole evening . So there was no one to protect me. I went downstairs and turned all the doors locked , this gave me already  a little safer  feeling . I went back up the stairs to the top , but then things went wrong ....

 I did not put my foot right on the stairs and fell down to the end of the stairs, suddenly everything became dark ....
A little later, when I had recovered myself from the fall, I stood up and I saw that my lip was bleeding . So I went to the bathroom to see how bad it was. I took a washcloth and hold it against my lip . 5 minutes later it was already stopped bleeding .

I first went back upstairs to take my cell phone and put in my pocket. If there would be something, that I could call my parents. I also took my laptop with me downstairs. 

Once I was safely downstairs, I got a text message . I saw that the text was from an unknown number , but this time it was a different number than the number that had called me before. At first I was afraid to open it, but I could not stop my curiosity .
This it was written :
Did you hurt yourself ? Because the best  to stop a bleeding lip is holding water against it .
PS : I see, I see , everything you do .......

Now I was really worried, how could this man know that I had fallen downstairs??? ...

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