What does he want from me?

A story about a girl who suddenly discovers that someone chased her. But that's just the beginning! They must accomplish various tasks, otherwise they get punished. She get treated like a dog with a shock collar, .... Will she ever get back home?? Read the story if you want to know how it ends! Happy reading! x


6. Do what I say!

I followed the man to the right , left, right, straight , stairs up , stairs down, ... After a long and difficult road we stopped. The man told me to sit down on the chair where he suffer me to go . I sat down and waited full of stress and nerves  till the moment when the man was going to say that I can took my red blindfold off. The man told me that I had to wait until he said that I could take him off. I heard a door open and draw near . I assumed that the man in the room was gone . I waited for his voice .
Suddenly I heard through a microphone : " Take your blindfold off " . I took off my blindfold and saw a big mirror for me . I saw that in each corner of the room there were hanging boxes where the sound came out. The rest of the room was white. In the middle for me  there was standing a camera, this camera was  filming  every moment and every move that I made ​​.
Suddenly there was a song that came out offthe boxes. "Don't you recognize this song " cried the man for questioning in the microphone . I thought for a moment and recognized that this was the song of the dance school. So I nodded . "Well " said the man, "dance now dance you have learned on this song" . "Cause I know you can dance very beautiful."he said. "But I don't remember the dance." I answered softly. " DANCE " yelled the man, "or there will happens something that you don't want to happen!" I hesitated , I didn't know the dance anymore , it was so long ago. I still sat on the chair . " DO WHAT I SAY ," sounded by the microphone . But I could not come up with the stress and the camera on my face I had lost everything. " If you do not want to listen you'll have wear the consequences," the man said .

I began to tremble, I can't remember.
Suddenly it began to rain in the room, the man had all nozzles connected to the ceiling . This made me all wet and I was verry cold . I ran off the chair and tried to get away. But there was no way out of the white room. I went to sat down in a corner of the room.

After 10 minutes the man asked, " Do you now remember the dance again??? ​​" I thought and knew a first piece of the dance yet . I got up and sat back down on the chair . The man put the music back on and I danced the first piece of about 20 dance steps that I knew . But at sixteenth dance step I sprained my foot , because it was all so smooth because off the water. The man stops the music. I started to cry because it really hurt and I was tired and wet and I didn't know where I was.

Suddenly the man took off all the lights . Now I was definitely scared , I couldn't see anything and I was somewhere far away from home I thought.

Suddenly I felt a cloth over my mouth again , this time I was again paralysed but still heard everything and saw everything that happened. The man took my sprained foot and lookes to it for he wasn't broken. He shouted at me :" How stupid can you be to sprain your foot in this beautiful dance , you did it on purpose."  "I wanted to see the dance again for the 10th time , but finally in real with you in the lead! " he screamed.

The only thing that  I could do was rolling a tear over my cheek . The man took the blindfold again and brought me to the room where I was at first.

"Because you have not danced like I asked ,you can now go immediately to sleep on that bed and you only get this piece of cake as food for tonight." He laid me down on the bed , took the blindfold off again and left the room .

I was always crying . What did that man  want from me , that I kept dancing and dancing? I looked again at the pictures on the wall and saw all the pictures of me when I was dancing. I saw that there was always the date, time and the song written on every picture . I finaly felt asleep. The next morning I woke up and there was breakfast in the room .
There was lying a note on the plate that read:
Hopefully you can dance better than yesterday , because every sentence is getting worse and worse . Now do the clothes on that are lying on the chair and put your hair in a high tail , because today we are going to do something else ....
ps : I see , I see , everything you do!

I was scared , I went to look to the wall where are hanging all the pictures of me and saw that there was a picture of where I was playing in the park with the dog of a friend in the summer. Oh no I thought, what did he wanna do? There was a pair of jeans and a green top with a red jacket on the chair with red Vans below . I did the clothes on , ate my breakfast and sat down on the bed . I was thinking about what would happen , what he wanted to do with me  what my punishment could be if I couldn't do the job. I just wanted to go home ....
I started to cry again, but at that moment that the first tear was on my cheek ,  the man  opened my door with a grin to his ears ....

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