Two weeks only

''Dan! I understand that you've had a hard life and that this is overwhelming and that you need help, but cannot just take a girl off the street to help you! What about my family? What do I tell them?? Dan this isn't right!'' I yelled. I was furious.

''I know! I am sorry, will you just stay with me for two weeks? Just tell your mom you are staying with your friends in Finland or something! Please! I need help.''

''Finland?'' I laughed. ''Why that country?''

''Because..well it's nice there I've heard.'' Now he was laughing as well.

''Alright. I need to get away from home a while anyway. But I swear. If you are going to rape me you are gonna go to jail.'' I smiled.

That officially, was the weirdest request I'd ever gotten.


5. Chapter 5

''Well, if you listened to me, you would know why I helped you. I told you about the guys twenty seconds ago.''

I decided to just stay silent this time. I still didn't know how to feel about the situation. 
I kind of got kidnapped? 
But since I've always been independent as a person, I didn't worry about being away from my parents at least.  

''I want to get to know you better. I'll ask you questions alright?'' Dan suddenly said. 

''Bring it.''

''What is your name?'' I could actually hear the smirk in his voice. 

'' Theodora.'' 

''Oh, we are funny today, aren't we?'' 

''I'm always funny, get used to it, roommate.'' 

He scoffed.

''Have you ever been to a concert?''

''You kidding? I've seen like every band there is. Best one was definitely My chemical romance. What about you?''

''This isn't about me. I don't want you to know those things .''

I rolled my eyes. Mr. Mysterious? 

Before I had the chance to ask him about his strange answer, he was asking me something again. 

At the end of the car ride, I had at least found out about his strange love for cats. 






''We are here.'' he said, as the engine made a noise that sounded like it was about to blow up.
He got out of the drivers seat and walked around to open my door.

''My love.'' he said, gesturing towards a pretty cool house. It was really big.

He must have a lot of money.

''Don't call me that, Romeo. I am not your love, honey, babe or whatever else you are thinking about calling me. Got it?''

He chuckled. 

''You'll fall for me. They all do. Even if I need to force them!'' My stomach turned. What the hell was he talking about? 

I got out of the car. I actually tried to escape, but, you know, I'm quite a clumsy person. So before I had the chance to run away, I tripped over my own feet. And that was when I finally realized what was bloody happening. 

I looked around. I didn't know where I was, that guy could be a rapist, and how would I escape? 

Dan had already started walking, holding my wrist, so I couldn't attempt to run away again. 

I decided to just keep quiet. He wouldn't give me useful answers anyways. 

We entered the house. 




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