Two weeks only

''Dan! I understand that you've had a hard life and that this is overwhelming and that you need help, but cannot just take a girl off the street to help you! What about my family? What do I tell them?? Dan this isn't right!'' I yelled. I was furious.

''I know! I am sorry, will you just stay with me for two weeks? Just tell your mom you are staying with your friends in Finland or something! Please! I need help.''

''Finland?'' I laughed. ''Why that country?''

''Because..well it's nice there I've heard.'' Now he was laughing as well.

''Alright. I need to get away from home a while anyway. But I swear. If you are going to rape me you are gonna go to jail.'' I smiled.

That officially, was the weirdest request I'd ever gotten.


4. Chapter 4

''Oh my favorite song!'' I said as 'Snow' by the Red hot chili peppers came on. 

''Really? You listen to things like that? I thought you were a .. Justin Bieber Katy Perry kind of girl?'' Dan said, never taking his eyes off the road. 

''What, because I am wearing a tutu right now, and I have a normal hair color?'' I asked, smirking to myself.

''Forget it.'' 

I turned to look out the window when suddenly I thought: Wait. I didn't tell him where I live!!

''Hey uh.. I never told you where I live.'' 

''I know.'' he said, without showing any emotion. 

''I think we drove past my street already Dan.'' 

''I thought so.'' Now he looked over at me for five seconds before adding: 

''I never said I would take you to the place You call home. I said home. Maybe I meant the place that I call Home.'' 

''Stop the car. I'm dead serious. If you are going to rape me, I'll bite you. I am not scared. My mom is a policewoman.''

Lies. First lie: I was scared as fuck. 

Second lie: My mom was a cashier at Morrisons.

''Who said I'll rape you?'' He smirked, pulling the car over. 

''Will you let me out now?'' my voice started to shake. 

He let out a loud low chuckle. Then he just locked the doors. 

''Nope. Not happening, sorry. I know you maybe think I am a Psychopath..''

''Oh hell yeah!''

''..but I am not. Those drunk boys that whistled know where you live. They want you. And they won't leave you alone. I've got money. I'll take you with me and I'll look for a house in West London for us to live in. We are going to move there, whether you like it or not. I just want for ya to be safe.''

''Excuse me? So did I get this right? We've met legit ten minutes ago, and some guys whistled at me, and now you think they want to rape me, take me away from my family without telling me, and now I HAVE TO MOVE IN WITH YOU?'' I screamed the last part. I was really upset.

How could he do that? What about my Dad? 

''I know these guys. Just trust me for Gods sake. I will not murder you.You don't have a fuckin choice anyway. Might as well cooperate.'' He said, looking me in the eyes. 

I now noticed how attractive he actually was. 

He had dark hair and pale skin with the most gorgeous haircut and warm brown eyes. 


''But why did you even help me, you don't know me!'' I calmed down. He was right. 

I didn't have a choice anyways. he wouldn't let me out. 

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