Two weeks only

''Dan! I understand that you've had a hard life and that this is overwhelming and that you need help, but cannot just take a girl off the street to help you! What about my family? What do I tell them?? Dan this isn't right!'' I yelled. I was furious.

''I know! I am sorry, will you just stay with me for two weeks? Just tell your mom you are staying with your friends in Finland or something! Please! I need help.''

''Finland?'' I laughed. ''Why that country?''

''Because..well it's nice there I've heard.'' Now he was laughing as well.

''Alright. I need to get away from home a while anyway. But I swear. If you are going to rape me you are gonna go to jail.'' I smiled.

That officially, was the weirdest request I'd ever gotten.


3. Chapter 3

So I started to walk down the roads of Newcastle. 
I was completely caught in my thoughts when I heard whistles. 
Probably some drunk men, yes, it was making me feel a tad bit uncomfortable. 

The whistles didn't stop, so I started to walk a bit faster. 

Suddenly, someone yanked my shoulder around. 

''Follow me!'' a boy, probably around my age, a bit older, whispered before dragging me with him. 

I was mega terrified, so just followed him. I actually thought I was going to die, and that the boy was a psychopath. He dragged me into a little alley that was lit by some lamps coming from a disco. 

''Didn't mean to freak you, but I just tried to save you from those drunk dudes. You never know what people have up their sleeves right?''

''Yeah, uh.. thank you.'' I honestly did not have words. 

''Well, I never introduced myself.'' he said casually. 

''Hi, I am Dan.'' he then said with a little wink. 

''Kate.'' I smirked. 

''Nice tutu Kate. Do you want me to give you a lift home?'' 

''You can drive? How old are you?'' I was really curious.

''I've just turned twenty. I'm guessing you are seventeen?'' 


It didn't seem to bother him, since he simply said: ''My car is over there, c'mon let's go.'' 

Was I stupid for just getting into his car? Probably. But I didn't want to walk home either, so I just followed him. 

''Smooth car.'' I said, once I had gotten into  the shiny red car. 

He simply smirked and turned on the radio. 


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