Two weeks only

''Dan! I understand that you've had a hard life and that this is overwhelming and that you need help, but cannot just take a girl off the street to help you! What about my family? What do I tell them?? Dan this isn't right!'' I yelled. I was furious.

''I know! I am sorry, will you just stay with me for two weeks? Just tell your mom you are staying with your friends in Finland or something! Please! I need help.''

''Finland?'' I laughed. ''Why that country?''

''Because..well it's nice there I've heard.'' Now he was laughing as well.

''Alright. I need to get away from home a while anyway. But I swear. If you are going to rape me you are gonna go to jail.'' I smiled.

That officially, was the weirdest request I'd ever gotten.


2. Chapter 2

After breakfast I got up and made my way upstairs again. Time for Tumblr. 
My tumblr was pretty popular, I had about two thousand followers. 
And I was obsessed with it. I would post pictures of myself, or basically everything I liked. 

I threw myself on my bed and opened my Laptop. Smiling I discovered twenty three new messages on Tumblr. I didn't have time to read them today though, at least not at the moment, I had to get ready! So got up, closed my Tumblr and Laptop and began to get ready.
I put on my ballet clothes, and put my shiny hair up in a bun. I pulled my bangs out and put on some makeup. I then grabbed my ballet shoes, threw them into a bag, and put on my Dr Martens. 

I looked at myself in my large mirror. 
I really liked how my lipstick made my almost black eyes stand out, along with my super pale skin. I grabbed the bag, ran downstairs, yelled a 'Goodbye' and slammed the door shut. 

I had to walk for five minutes before I finally arrived at the little studio I trained the kids in. 
I went to change my shoes and walked into the room where the children were waiting. 

''Hi everyone!'' I said happily, clapping my hands. 
''Today, I'll show you a few new steps, and we will have a chilled session okay?'' 

The kids agreed and got up to stand in a row the way I had taught them.
''I'll show you, and you try your best okay?'' I looked at them, grinning. 
Those kids were just mega cute. 

I showed them the steps and they were amazing at doing those! 

''Wow, amazing kids! But Arielle, put your arms up a bit higher and Lisa, make sure you hold your foot in place like this.'' 

I showed the blonde girl how to do it and watched her trying to do the same thing I had done. 
''That is better!'' 

The children were looking at me, expecting me to do something. They all looked beautiful in their pink costumes, they were absolutely adorable. 

I showed them a new dance routine and corrected them,before after two hours, we had to say our goodbyes.

When everybody was gone, I packed up my things and walked out of the studio. It was already getting dark by now, and I still had to walk home in my tutu. 



Authors note!

So I just wanted to say that it will get more interesting in the next few chapters! 

Should I continue writing this? 

And also, if you want to follow me on Tumblr (the girl in the story kind of resembles me.) my Tumblrs are: and


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