Two weeks only

''Dan! I understand that you've had a hard life and that this is overwhelming and that you need help, but cannot just take a girl off the street to help you! What about my family? What do I tell them?? Dan this isn't right!'' I yelled. I was furious.

''I know! I am sorry, will you just stay with me for two weeks? Just tell your mom you are staying with your friends in Finland or something! Please! I need help.''

''Finland?'' I laughed. ''Why that country?''

''Because..well it's nice there I've heard.'' Now he was laughing as well.

''Alright. I need to get away from home a while anyway. But I swear. If you are going to rape me you are gonna go to jail.'' I smiled.

That officially, was the weirdest request I'd ever gotten.


1. Chapter 1





''BUT IT WASN'T WHAT I MEANT!'' Mike screamed.


We were standing in his living room, yelling over each other. I had just caught Mike cheating. 

''Well..,'' I said, calming down, ''if you don't have to say anything anymore, I'll just go. I really did love you. But you've destroyed everything. Goodbye Mike. '' 

He didn't try to stop me. But it was okay, I didn't want him to. 


Flashback end




That was six months ago. Life had slowly but surely returned to normal. I got kicked out of school when I was fifteen,.. ( I am not that much of a good girl you know.)  so without Mike, I pretty much lay in my bed all day. 

But I did work. 

Two times a week, I went to teach a group of ten to thirteen year old girls the ballet. Wow, how ironic. I kind of looked a bit ridiculous in a tutu I have to admit. My long black hair in a top knot. All dolled up. But I've danced the ballet my whole Life. I had started when  I was 4, and I never once skipped ballet class.

I still lived my parents, of course, I was only sixteen haha, but I had a pretty crap relationship with my mom. Me and my dad got along pretty well.
We lived in a little place called Hartlepool, in England. Newcastle to be exact. 

The wasn't much to do there.

Don't get me wrong, England was the one place I loved more than my bed you know, it was a beautiful country, but I had wanted to move to Cornwall my whole Life. I had a feeling I belong there.

''Kate, have breakfast with us!'' I heard my mom yell, so I got up of my bed and made my way downstairs. 

''Morning mom, dad.'' I said with barely any emotion. I was definitely NOT a morning person. 

We all sat down. 

''What are your plans for today Katie?'' my dad looked up from his newspaper. 

''Job.'' yup, not a morning person. 



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