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Everything’s white here. The walls are white, the floors are white, and the people are whitest of all. I loved to listen to music before I came here, but it’s not allowed in this place so sometimes I just lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling and pretending the white has a sound. If you listen to it, it actually sounds pretty good.

I’ve been here for a month now, it’s lovely. No-one ever gets angry at you, even if you do something bad that would have made your father yell and your mother cry, like smash a vase or go under your bath water and refuse to come back up or cut your wrist and rub the blood on the wall to add some red to the white. All they do is smile at you, pick up the glass, pull you from the water, bandage your wrist, put you to bed and wash the blood off the wall so it’s pure again. They have the patience of saints.

During the day I sit and read, go and talk to The Creator or play cards with my friends. There’s no tv here, which I miss a lot, it always makes my carer Paul laugh when I moan about it. The Creator never laughs at me, he listens and writes in his book and asks questions about my life, but he never laughs at me. This must be kind of hard because my life is actually a really funny story.

We call him The Creator because he helps us re-create our lives and teaches us to be better people; he also decides what pills we get to take. God the pills. They’re so pretty and small and some have colours and some don’t, and they do stuff like make you happy or sad or sleepy or excited.  I wish I could take a pill to go backwards in time though because then I wouldn’t be here. I know I said it was lovely but it was lovelier at home before all of this happened. Before I upset everyone.

I remember arriving here. Walking up to these huge golden gates and staring at them, just wondering how I’d get past. Maybe I could slip through the golden bars. No. I don’t slip anywhere, I wedge and get stuck. There were these great marble trees on either side of the gate, with some sort of serpent wrapped around them and on the other side of where I was stood was a long white walkway with fresh green grass either side, leading up to a towering white building, soon to be my home. I then heard a man’s voice over the intercom and the gates started opening, allowing me to be wheeled up to the great white building in my wheelchair. That’s when Paul took over for the first time, he checked all my details over in the log book and took the job of being wheelchair-pusher. Paul was lovely; he didn’t try and talk to me or confuse me, he just said “Hi, I’m Paul” then showed me to my room in silence. After, he gave me my stuff to unpack and left me alone.

So I sat on my bed for three hours and talked to Lucy.









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