Lost Shadows

The group decides to go camping when things take a turn for the worse. People go missing, others start dying. They must find this crazy killer. But what if the killer is one of them?


9. {Chapter 9}

Liam's POV:


I watched as Michael hugged Kate. They both looked so heart broken. I knew how they felt. It was so different with Louis gone. He was always the rock that kept us together. Everyone thought it was me. Yes I was mature. I kept everyone safe. It pained me to see them hurting. I felt like a parent, like these were my kids. I guess, in a way, we were a family. And our threads were running thin.


"Here, I'll help you move your stuff." I told Zayn as I grabbed his bags. He looked exhausted. He probably was. I mean, he did just get electrocuted. I let him carry his blanket as I carried his bag.


"Thank you, Liam." Zayn said as he set his stuff down. "Did you already move Luke's things?"


"Yup, I put it in Ashton's tent."


He nodded and was silent for a time. "Who do you think it is?"


"Niall.." I admitted, ashamed to blame our innocent blonde friend.


"Why?" He asked curiously.


"Because, he kept us in the dark. Im not sure."


"You dont think its me?"


"Are you saying you're the killer..?" I asked slowly.


He shook his head furiously. "No! I mean, everyone else did. After the gun thing..." I nodded in understanding. It did look suspicious at the time.


"Who do you think it is?"




"Why is that?" I wondered.


Zayn gave a shrug. "Its always the quiet ones." He explained.


"I guess. But thats in the movies. This isnt a movie, Zayn. Its real life..."


Michael's POV:


We all sat at the log circle now, but hardly anyone spoke; just a few comments now and then asking if another was alright. Kate picked at her nails nervously. What were we supposed to say? There was nothing left to say. Not with Louis and Calum gone. I wouldnt dare say they were dead. I could never think that. That would make it perminent. They were just gone for now. And to think one of us was the killer. How could we even find out who it was? Whoever it was was good at hiding things. Good at being sneaky. But who could that be?


Kate sighed, "God I hate this. I just really want a sho-"


Harry threw his hands over her mouth to silence her as he shook his head. "Dont say that cursed word.." He gave a feminine squeak and yanked away when Kate licked his hand.


"I want to to go home and shower. I hate nature." Kate said flatly. I wondered why she had even come in the first place if she hated it so much.


"Isnt there a lake around here?" Niall asked. We all looked at Harry.


"Well, yeah." He said as he nodded slowly.


"Lets go then!" Ashton shouted excitedly. I felt uncomfortable but more relaxed than earlier.


"Can we?!" Kate begged grabbing Harry's arm. Selena gave her a jealous look. I felt a grain of jealousy in the pit of my stomach. Well, maybe not a grain. More like a fistful. Stupid fucker.


Harry gave her a big dimpled smile that made me want to punch his lights out. Jealousy wasnt a fun emotion I had to admit. "Yea, I guess. But we should all together. That way no ones left alone anywhere. I dont want anyone going anywhere alone anymore. Even to pee." Everyone snickered a bit though he was dead serious. I even smiled a bit myself. I shifted so I was closer to Kate.


"I didnt bring any bathing suits or anything." Liam said. Everyone stared at him obviously. He really was an idiot. Wait... No!


"We're gonna skinny dip, Liam, ya angel, you!" Niall chirped sarcastically grabbing at Liam to rub his head. Liam pushed out of his arms looking embarrassed.


"We cant do that!" He looked around, back and forth before leaning in and dropping his voice to a whisper. "Theres women here."


Kate let out a loud laugh and Natalie covered her mouth in a small giggle. "Embarrassed about us seeing you naked Li Li?" She teased. He probably had a small package, not big enough to offer to a fine girl like that.


He did a double take at her words. You would think since he knew her longer he would realize she wasnt as innocent as she acted. "Oh-No I-I was thinking of you girls. That it might be strange for you. There being a lot of men and all.."


Kate shook her head. "Aint nothing we havent seen before," she shrugged and glanced to Natalie and Selena who nodded in agreement. "I hate that men make us seem small and blind. I dont mind you penis creatures. Its not a...big deal." I shook my head at her corny joke. Oh boy.


"Yea! Can we go swimming please!" Selena asked moving between Harry and Kate. Thank god.


"Yea, lets go." Harry said. He removed his shirt. Fuck fuck fuck. We would all be naked..


"Harry! You're not gonna walk there naked are you?" Selena asked snatching his shirt from his hands and folding it up.


"No," he gave her a confused look. "Eager for me to remove my pants?" He teased. We laughed as Selena blushed. He smiled and walked to kiss her cheek. "Chill babe, I was just taking my shirt off. Just enjoy the view."


I rolled my eyes and walked over to Kate who was whispering with Natalie. The death glare Natalie gave me told me it was a bad idea to imterrupt so I made a wide U-turn and walked over to Ashton. "You look like you've seen a ghost." He commented. Luke got pale and glanced down. Ashton realized what he said and frowned.


"Nah, I just got silent threats from Natalie. I think they're having a girl talk." I said nodding toward Kate and Natalie.


Luke looked up and stared at them for a second before giving me the best smile he could muster up. It just pained me. "So you and Kate huh?"


I shook my head. "Not like that."


"Sure sure. Whatever you say." Luke said standing. "Come on, love sick puppy."


"Im not love sick nor am I a small dog. Even if I was, my bite is worse than my bark." I crossed my arms childishly.


"Yea okay!" Ashton said through large amounts of laughter.


I felt a poke to my side and let out a...squeak?-and nearly jumped out of my skin. "So you better run for cover when the pup grows up!" Kate giggled as she started skipping away. Natalie followed close behind her.


"Nice reference!" Luke called to her.


Kate stopped in her tracks and nearly ran back. Natalie smiled shaking her head as she continued on to Niall. "You know Les Miserables?!" Kate asked excitedly. I watched their exchange. It was so cute. Wait, what? No.


"Yea. It uh...Calum really liked that musical.." He said looking away.


Kate frowned. "Oh...I-I didnt know. Im sorry."


"Its fine. Better to think about the good times then the bad, yea?" Luke said smiling at her. This time the smile reached his eyes.


Kate blinked and then smiled her big smile back. "THATS THE SPIRIT!" She shouted and linked an arm with Luke. "Now cmon!" She said dragging him off. Looks like Kate found a new buddy.. Great.


Ashton gave me a knowing smile. "Jealous, my friend?"


"No!" I said stomping off. God, I acted like such a child sometimes. It was almost funny.


Kate's POV:


Was I bothered by the soon to be nudity? Actually, yes. I said no but that was to shut Liam up. I did like him but I hated that he treated me like a child. I mean I'd seen Harry naked before-by accident-in my pool. His swim trunks fell off. So it wasnt that big of a deal. I just had to be mature about it. Without making any boner jokes. Boner jokes. Oh god. Michael. He would be naked. Near me. I felt myself flush madly. God dammit. I should have thought this through. We all followed Harry toward the lake. Michael stayed closer to me and I flushed yet again. Jeez..


When we reached the lake, Harry was the first to strip down and jump in. He, of course, was the bravest. I didnt waste any time. Thank god, I'd shaved, legs, underarms and everything, so I had no problem. I stripped off my pajama shorts with hello kitty on them that I never changed out of, my slippers, socks, and underwear. I threw my shirt off and made sure not to make eye contact with anyone as I dropped my bra to my pile of clothes and jumped in. The water was warmer than I'd expected. And there was also a small rock ledge along the edge to sit on. Like a small hot spring.


I sat to the side, as far from my best friend as the space would allow. He seemed offended by this. I hope everyone would keep their distance. But of course, Zayn sat on my left, Michael on my right, Liam right across from me next to Harry. All with a view of me. I sank further into the water. This was so awkward....


Natalie and Niall were the last in, Niall tying back his girl friends hair for her. It was too cute. He brushed it back perfectly and made sure not to hurt her. He smacked her hand when she tried to pin her bangs back and she sighed but smiled. I made sure to only look at everyones faces, never any lower.


Ashton stood up suddenly, letting everyone see...everything. "LETS PLAY CHICKEN OR SOMETHING!" He said excitedly.


"No!" Everyone said almost instantly.


"Oh cmon!" He whined. He certainly had nothing to hide. He had no shame.


"Sit down, Ash, you're scaring Kate." Luke's soft voice said. I looked over at him with a thankful expression. He was so...understanding and sweet.


"I guess Im too much to handle." He gave me a wink before sitting down, makingme sink into the water more. I was up to my nose now. Im sure my face was as red as a tomato. Everyone bursted out into laughter. Well fuck you all too, I thought.


"Hey, I think I have some extra blankets we can use to dry off." Zayn said quietly.


"Me tooo! Brilliant idea, Zaynie!" Ashton said jumping up.


"Call me Zaynie again and I might just punch you." Zayn said flatly. Ashton got quiet.


"Someone needs to go with them." Harry pointed out.


"I will." Niall and Liam offered. Natalie took Niall's hand showing she was going too. That would leave Luke, Harry, Selena, Michael, and myself here. They all stood and climbed out to get dressed.


"Stay safe...Zaynie!" I called when he turned to go. I saw his shoulders slump as he stomped away. Ashton followed after him, nearly walking into a tree as he threw his head back in laughter.

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