Lost Shadows

The group decides to go camping when things take a turn for the worse. People go missing, others start dying. They must find this crazy killer. But what if the killer is one of them?


8. {Chapter 8}

Michael's POV:

Harry and Niall grabbed Zayn, helping him to stand. Kate still looked a bit shaken from all of this, but seemed relieved that Zayn was alright. Natalie shared a look with Selena before they followed along behind their boyfriends. Kate came back to me and took my hand. Ashton gave me a small wink before grabbing Luke's wrist and tugging him away from us. Kate pulled me forward keeping me close. I felt a bit special that she chose to hold my hand instead of Liam's. Calum and Liam walked behind us, I hoped Liam eavesdropped. Maybe he would hear sonething he didnt like.

"What are we going to do?" Kate whispered. "We're stuck here."

"We will make it," I assured her with a small smile. She stared up at me and shook her head. I squeezed her hand a bit. "As long as we stick together."

"We will have to put Zayn with Liam and Ashton. I dont want anyone alone." I saw Selena and Natalie glance over their shoulders at us. They slowed down to walk beside us.

"Why not Zayn with us?" I offered. It might make her feel safer. I mean, she did know him quite good.

"He-I dont think he, er, likes you very much..." She blushed looking down.

Natalie coughed to try to hold in her laugh as I looked at Kate cluelessly. "Why?" Selena didnt hide her laugh, which irritated me. I gave her a glare and she silenced immediatly. She and Natalie began to whisper to each other. I heard my name a few times but chose to ignore it.

"Well, in a way he's kind of my ex." She said awkwardly.

"Wait...are you saying he's jealous because I like you?" I said the words too quickly before I could stop myself. My cheeks flooded red and I regretted opening my mouth. God dammit.

"What?" She asked with wide eyes.


"What did you say?"

"What did I say? I didnt say anything. What did YOU say?" I asked trying to change the subject.

"Michael..." She said impatiently.

"Kate..." I copied her tone perfectly and she smiled. Natalie and Selena giggled beside us and I shot them another glare which only made them giggle more. Idiotic girls. I looked back down at the other idiotic girl beside me. The one who was staring at me. "What?" I asked.

"So...you like me, huh?" She gave a cheeky smile and my cheeks began to burn again.

"What gave you that strange idea?" I said quickly, looking away.

She flashed a smile that I caught out of the corner of my eyes. "You did, Michael."

"Giiiirl, you is crazy!" I said chuckling nervously. I heard Liam scoff behind us.

"Michael," she prompted.

"Thats my name, babe, dont wear it out. Unless you wanna wear it out in bed, then say it nice and slow." I purred leaning down to whisper in her ear.

She squeaked, a very cute sound which made me smile, and yanked her hand away, smacking me on the stomach. "Pervert!" She said, though her cheeks were bright red. I laughed loudly causing Luke and Ashton to peek at us. We came to a stop back at the camp. Everyone stalked back to their tents in dissappointment. Ashton went to help Zayn grab his things. I scampered after Kate with a smile. I grabbed her stuff from her.

"Hey!" She chirped.

"Open the tent please." I said ignoring her protesting. She got the tent open and I ducked inside and placed her stuff down by her small sleeping bag. I placed my own stuff down and turned back to the door. Kate was standing there with her arms crossed. "Um, excuse me." I said and tried to move around her to join the others. She stepped in my path. What? "Uh, whatcha doin?"

"Tell me."

"Tell you what?"

"Tell me you like me." She said smiling triumphantly.

"Now why would I go and do a silly thing like that?" I said grabbing her gently and removing her from my path. I ducked out of the tent and gulped when she ran after me.

"Because its true!" She yelled at me.

I turned to look at her. I knew my eyes were wide and my cheeks were tinted red. I dont think I'd ever blushed so much in my life. "Can we talk about this later?" I asked as she stepped toward me.

She shook her head. "Im not gonna stop until you say it."

"Not even in front of the others?" I raised my eyesbrows at her.

A small smile played on her lips as she shook her head again. "Especially not in front of them."

I sighed. "Okay.. Erm, Kate, I-"

"Michael!" Ashton's voice said. We both turned to see Ashton coming toward us. Of course, perfect timing. Fuck you Ashton!

"Later then," Kate huffed. She didnt seem happy that I still got my way. I nodded at her.

Ashton stopped in front of us. "Have either of you seen Cal?"

"Calum's gone?" Kate asked in confusion. She looked to me in worry. I raced forward to the rest of the group. As all three of us reached the others, a scream ran through the air. It wasnt Calum's.

"Natalie!?" Niall yelled and he jumped up in a panic looking around. "Natalie!!" He raced off followed by the rest of us toward the sound of Natalie's screaming.

"Niall!" Natalie screamed loudly. She was running toward us and Niall grabbed her quickly holding her tightly, shushing her.

"Shh, Natalie, whats wrong?" Niall asked wiping away her tears.

"I-over-its-hes-" She spoke in small words, unable to talk through her sobbing.

"Natalie, babe, I cant understand you." Niall said gently as Kate ran ahead from where Natalie ran from. Natalie simply pointed to where she ran from.

I ran after Kate hearing the others following behind me. Niall was still with Natalie a little ways back trying to calm her. When I ran into view, I saw Kate frozen, clutching one of Cal's shoes in her hand. My heart drooped, no no no. My mind was racing in so many directions. I stepped forward and saw Kate turn toward me. She had tears running down her cheeks and she was covering mouth with her free hand to hold back her sobs. Please, no... When she finally moved back to me, I got the perfect view of what the girls had seen. Calum laid flat on his stomach, his arms bent in odd ways, looking unnatural. He was only wearing one shoe and his favorite pair of skinny jeans. The black shirt I bought him just last week was soaked heavily making the cloth gleam. His favorite green beanie was just in front of me, covered in blood and large chunks of-

I felt my knees give out and I knelt there staring in shock as tears leaked from my eyes, blurring the horrific scene. I couldnt bare to look anymore.

Luke's POV:

Michael fell to his knees, shaking violently at the sight before him. Ashton doubled over and vomitted, grabbing at his stomach and he spit.

"Oh my god..." Ashton cried.

"Calum..." I said and my eyes fell onto the bloody hammer that laid next to his...head? It didnt look like a head anymore... Not since the hammer had smashed it so many times; it looked like someone had thrown a pumpkin to make it explode. I rushed to grab the hammer and turned to face everyone.

"Who did it! WHO DID THIS?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I wiped my tears away, and looked at my hand. It was covered in blood now. No doubt I had just wiped my best mates blood across my face. "Who did it! Fucking tell me! Which one of you cowards did this to him!"

"Luke..." Ashton whispered. "Stop."

"Shut up! You're supposed to be on my side." I shouted.

"I am on your side. I want to figure this out too. But threatening wont help, mate." Ashton said and walked closer. My grip on the hammer tightened. Ashton stepped in front of me and reached his hand out. I moved back slightly and he froze. "Luke, give me the hammer." When I didnt move or respond, Ash reached down to gently pry the hammer from my hand and tossed it aside.

I stared up at him, feeling my heart ache in my chest. "He was my best friend...." I whispered brokenly.

"I know, boy." Ashton said wrapping his arms around me as tears filled his eyes. He pulled me to him and let me sob into his shoulder.

Calum, come back.... I need you....

Michael's POV:

I felt Kate wrap her arms around me as she knelt beside me. It was so hard to breathe. I hardly even registered Luke's breakdown. I was too busy having my own. If Kate's arms werent around me, I might have went farther with that hammer than Luke did.

"Zayn can stay with me so Luke can tent with Ashton..." Liam said quietly.

"Holy shi-..." Niall said suddenly but trailed off. He must have just arrived with Natalie now that she had, I assumed, calmed down.

"Michael." Kate said gently giving me a shake. I looked to her and fell backwards onto my butt, unable to hold myself on my knees anymore. I could feel myself shaking. She wiped my eyes, running a hand through my hair, giving me chills. When I let out a small sob, she pulled me closer. I pulled her into my lap, shoving my face into her shoulder. She shushed me, smoothing my hair as I sobbed into her. I felt my chest shaking as sob after sob ripped out of me. She just held me tightly. After a while when all was quiet and my sobbing slowly subsided, the group helped Kate and I to our feet. I felt numb as she took my hand and led me back to the camp sight. Everyone was silent.

Luke and Ashton sat at the log circle, staring down at their hands. I really just wanted to be with Kate and have her hold me and make me feel less broken, but I knew Luke and Ashton needed me. I was the stronger out of the two. They needed me right now.

"I'll be back." I told Kate. She gave me a nod and leaned up to wipe my eyes again before she pulled me into a hug. I hugged her back tightly and pulled back. I watched her walk off to Harry before I turned and walked to Luke and Ashton who were staring at me. I took a deep breathe and sat down to mourn with them over the loss of sweet angel of a friend, Calum Thomas Hood...

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