Lost Shadows

The group decides to go camping when things take a turn for the worse. People go missing, others start dying. They must find this crazy killer. But what if the killer is one of them?


7. {Chapter 7}

Harry paced back and forth across the small site back at camp. I had been watching him for ten minutes. Natalie and Selena sat beside me still sniffling. You didnt fucking find him, I thought. We all met back up and the others saw for themselves. Only the girls were crying. It was still sinking in for the others. I could see Harry fighting tears.

I finally jumped up and stood in his path. "Who else is out here?" I asked.

"No one." He said flatly.

He tried to move around me but I blocked his path. "No one? Harry there has to be!"

"The others checked. No one is here but us.." Harry said looking me right in the eyes.

"So what the fuck does that mean?" Michael asked.

Harry just stared at me with a mix of numbness and sadness in his eyes. "Its means that one of us is the killer." I said slowly, speaking the words Harry couldnt.

"One of us-! Are you kidding me?!" Niall shouted.

"No! No Niall Im not! No one else is here but us!"

"Thats insane Harry! Why would one of us kill him?" Niall yelled at Harry. Everyone else stayed silent.

"I dont know! Jesus Niall." Harry started pacing again. The sun was starting to rise.

"Shit!" A voice mumbled. Zayn stumbled out of the bushes, yanking on his shirt which was stuck. He was holding a gun.

"I...Zayn..." Niall said quietly. Everyone stared in shock.

"What?" Zayn asked cluelessly.

"We were just talking about some nonsense of the killer being one of us and I was all against it. Then this fucker walks in with a fucking rifle!" Michael yelled storming at Zayn.

"Killer-? What? No no!" Zayn said with wide eyes. I grabbed Michael. He at least deserved a chance to explain.

"Where the hell did you go?" I asked.

"I went into the house. To see if they had batteries for our flashlights."

"Conveniently while we found Louis? Dead! In a fucking tree!" Michael barked. I kept my hold on him.

"Louis is dead.....?" Zayn asked in disbelief. He covered his mouth with his hand, his eyes filling with tears.

"Dont act like you dont know, asshole! You have a gun, you were gunna shoot us all!" Michael stormed forward again and I let go. It was hard to believe Zayn at this point.

Zayn threw the gun down and shoved Michael, getting in his face. "I WOULD NEVER HURT LOUIS OR ANY OF YOU, YOU PRICK!" He growled loudly. Harry and Niall jumped to grab Zayn quickly and I saw Ashton and Luke get a hold on Michael. Liam was just staring down in shock, silent tears running down his pink cheeks.

"Its not Zayn." I said evenly. Everyone stopped to look at me. "Zayn was walking in circles with the group to scare Niall and Natalie and never even found them. One of us had to slip away when no one was looking. And Zayn was their guide. It had to be someone else that scared them."

"How did you know that?" Niall asked suddenly. I turned to look at him but stayed silent. "Natalie! You told them?!" She looked down at her feet.

"Niall!" Harry screamed. "You knew?! You knew there was a crazy killer?! And you didnt day anything?! Are you fucking stupid?!"

"No, I-"

"OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE BECAUSE LOUIS IS FUCKING DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU NIALL DONT YOU GET THAT!" Harry's voice cracked and he turned away, covering his mouth as a sob rolled out of him.

"I get it! I really do! But I wasnt try to-" Niall was crying now to grabbing at his hair. No one moved to comfort any of them.

"Just shut up! Shut up!" Liam yelled and shook his head. "We need to leave before this gets worse!"

"Lets just get our shit and go. Leave the tents and just go!" Zayn said as he wiped his eyes.

We all exchanged looks. It was the best idea I'd heard all day.

"Lets go please. Lets just go." I whispered brokenly.

Zayn nodded. "Its decided. Lets go."

I felt Michael put an arm around my waist as he led me off to our tent. He was really sweet to help me, especially when I really needed someone. I dont think it sunk in all the way yet. I was expecting, no, praying; Louis would leap out and scare us and laugh and say how gullible we all were. I felt tears come to eyes again and I tried to blink them away. Michael sighed and pulled me into a hug just outside our tent.

"Please dont cry." He said softly.

"I want Louis back..." I sobbed into his shoulder, grabbing a fist full of the back of his shirt. I felt like a piece of me was missing. He was always the one I went to when I didnt have Harry. He always seemed to know how to fix me. But I wasnt there to fix him.

"I know baby shh.." He whispered.


I knew it was a bad time, but the butterflies filled my stomach. I pulled back to look at him. Thank god I was crying. I could blame my red cheeks on the tears. I usually hated when people called me baby. The way it sounded was disgusting. Like it was digrading women. I wanted to punch someone when they said baby. Especially to me. But I liked the way it rolled off his tongue, so smoothly, in his accent. It made my stomach turn; in the happy way. Was there a happy way for your stomach to turn? Oh well.

Michael's POV:

"Thank you," Kate said quietly, attempting to give the best smile she could. It came out more like a grimance. She loojed so broken. It made my chest hurt.

I ran my thumb across her cheek, catching a tear, wiping her eyes. "Its okay to be sad." I told her.

She sighed staring into my eyes. It made my heart flutter. "I know."

"Here, let me help you get your stuff," I sighed and moved away slightly. I regretted it instantly. I missed the contact, the butterflies, the sudden fire, the feel of my racing heart. All of it. She kept close to me as I unzippered the tent doorway. She ducked in as I held it open for her. "Do you need any help packing?"

She shook her head. "No, thanks though." She went to her side of the tent and stuffed her lose clothing inside her duffle bag. I watched as she folded her blanket, her hands shaking making it difficult. I went over silently and grabbed one end and helped her finish fold it. She gave me a weak smile. I helped her stuff the blanket into the bag and fight with the zipper. When we finally finished she sat back and grabbed for her phone, typing a quick message before shoving it in her pocket. I shoved my own things in my backpack and swung it up onto my back. When I turned around she was waiting on me.

We walked out of the tent together to the small group. Everyone was waiting on us. Without thinking, I reached down to grasp her hand in mine. She glanced up at me in surprise, but didnt let go. Instead she twined our fingers together. I gave her a smile. It was like her fingers were made to fit perfectly between the spaces of my own fingers. When I looked back to the others, I met Zayn's eyes and he looked away quickly. Liam was glaring at me which made me smile more. Suck it, bastard.

We stopped in front of the others. "Ready?"

Harry gave a nod and took Selena's hand in his as he led ua down our original path that was taken to get here. The silence was eerie. No one spoke. Only the sound of our feet against the dirt was registering. My eyes kept wandering to Kate. She looked so distracted and frightened. I pulled her closer to me. I glanced around as we came to a stop in front of the fence.

"Lets get climbing," Zayn said and stepped forward.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Liam tense up. He suddenly jumped forward reaching out a hand to stop Zayn. "Wait!"

But it was too late.

Zayn grabbed onto the fence and his body went bolting up right and started convulsing. His mouth was wide open in a silent scream. Sparks sprung from where his hand touched the fence. My eyes flashed up to the sign. DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE! it read.

"Zayn!" Kate yelled and dropped my hand. She looked around quickly in a panic. She rushed to the right and grabbed a large tree branch. She ran back to Zayn and swung. He flew backward off the fence and hit the ground. His eyes were rolled to the back of his head and he twitched a few times before growing still.

"He's not breathing!" Selena screamed.

"He needs mouth to mouth!" Luke chimed in.

"Move!" Niall yelled shoving past the two. Selena gave him a look but quickly forgave him due to the situation.

Niall dropped to his knees in front of his friend, nearly in tears. To think minutes ago everyone wanted him dead. Now we were fighting to keep him alive. Niall looked pale as he opened up Zayn's mouth and tilted his head back. He pinched his nose and lowered his head, connecting their lips, pushing air into his body before pushing on his chest. He repeated this a few more times. It seemed useless at this point...

Kate turned away and I pulled her into my arms, rubbing her back. Everyone else watched in horror. "How did you know?" I asked recalling Liam's attempt to stop him.

"The fence. You can hear when its on. It makes a buzzing sound." He said meeting my eyes. I nodded.

"Cmon Z, dont give up on me..." Niall said quietly. Tears stained his cheeks as he continued to push Zayn's chest. "Please." He said brokenly.

"Niall, its useless....cmon lad..." Harry said so quietly I barely heard him.

Niall shook his head fiercly. "No its not!" He dipped his head to breathe more air into Zayn's lungs. His hair gave a small rise as the air filled him. Kate turned away and leaned into me, letting me place my arms around her. Everyone else watched in horror.

"How did you know?" I asked Liam recalling how he tried to stop Zayn.

"The fence. You can hear when its on." He said meeting my eyes. I nodded.

"Niall, cmon..." Harry said grabbing his shoulder.

Niall yanked away. "No! Get off!" Niall let out a scream when Harry grabbed him and started pulling him away. We were all watching them silently that we didnt notice the sudden movement.

"Niall...? Why are you screaming like that? I have a headache. Quiet down will ya?" Zayn spoke weakly rubbing his head.

Niall threw himself out of Harry's arms and at Zayn. "ZAYN! You're okay!" He cried. We all smiled and cheered and Kate was crying happy tears as she ran over. Even I was smiling depsite it all.

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