Lost Shadows

The group decides to go camping when things take a turn for the worse. People go missing, others start dying. They must find this crazy killer. But what if the killer is one of them?


6. {Chapter 6}

The group gather up outside the tents all chattering and waiting to start our search for Louis. Michael grabbed his own flash light and finally joined us.

"Okay, lets split up!" Liam suggested.

"Hell no! You crazy?!?" Niall shouted. "Have you seen horror movies?! Ya dont split up!"

"No, n-not really. Sorry.." Liam gave him a small smile.

"No thats a great idea!" I said rushing closer. "We can cover more ground!"

"We're gonna fucking die!" Niall said his eyes filling with fright.

"Well Lou may die if we dont find him!" Zayn snapped at Niall. Jeez he was snappy all of a sudden. It was weird he snapped at me moments ago. But he NEVER talked to Niall like that..

Niall flinched. "R-Right. So who is with who?" He snaked an arm around Natalie signaling they wouldnt be seperated. I saw Harry do the same thing with Selena.

"Im with Kate!" Liam and Michael said in unison. They met each others eyes in dark glares. Fuck.

"Okay those two idiots are with me." I said gesturing them over.

"Hey!" Liam said with a cute pout. Aw.

Michael snickered and walked over. His face changed to one of realization. "Hey!"

Zayn rolled his eyes and walked to join us. "I'll go with you guys. You need sone authority." I gave him a smile which he gladly returned.

"Selena and I can go with Natalie and Niall." Harry suggested. Natalie and Niall moved to stand with them. Calum walked over to Niall's group followed by Luke. Ashton stood in the middle for a second before walking to join us. Michael gave him a weak smile.

I turned on my flashlight. "Lets go. Dont get lost."

And with that we trudge off into the darkness.


Its been fourty five minutes and we still hadnt found Louis. He had his phone on him so we were all calling him, hoping he would answer or we could at least hear it ring. It was dark even with the flashlights. I really wanted someone to cling to but Michael and Liam were out of the question. If I picked Michael, Liam would get mad. If I picked Liam, Michael would get mad. Ashton hardly knew me. Then again neither did Michael. I stuck close to Zayn instead.

I stopped in the middle of the path we had been walking, trying to decide whether to go left or right. I saw the others' flashlights to the left and Niall gave us a wave. I decided on going right. Michael and Liam were bickering behind us over god knows what and Ashton was laughing like an idiot over the fact he almost tripped. Louis is missing and possibly hurt and they are acting like children.

"Are you okay?" Zayn asked from beside me.

I glanced up at him and noticed his forehead creased as he looked at me with worry. I had the urge to reach up and smooth out the crease with my thumb. "Im just worried about Lou.." I whispered.

"Its not just that." He stated. Damn he read me well. "Scared?"

"A bit." I admitted.

I saw him smile a white toothed smile and smiled back when he took my hand in his. He really did know me well. I heard Michael make an unhappy noise and Liam grumbling. Idiots. Zayn pulled me along, pulling us right. Soon we came to a small cabin. I felt the hairs on my neck rise. I didnt like it here. It was creepy.

"So you guys never found Natalie and Niall? You never saw..this house?" I asked Zayn.

"No. Not at all. We went the other way I think." He said pulling me closer. Ashton's flashlight began to flicker.

"Stupid piece of shit!" He sighed shaking it. It eventually went out. Liam's flickered next and he hit it against his leg. It went out and he sighed.

"Must be some crap batteries," Michael chuckled. He stared in shock when his began to flicker. "Okay this is fucking weird." He said when his went out.

I looked up at Zayn in fear when his went out. He dropped my hand and shook his flashlight furiously. "What the fuck!!" Everyone watched my flashlight desperately. I was shaking.

"Guys..." I whispered when mine flickered. The flashlight went dead in my hands and my heart nearly stopped. It was pitch black. "Come on!" I said banging in my hand. It flickered slightly. "Work!" I smiled when it turned back on. I flashed the flashlight on everyone to make sure they were there. Michael. Check. Ashton. Check. I flashed the light to where Zayn stood. Gone. I looked to where Liam was. Gone. "Liam? Zayn? Where did Liam and Zayn go?" I asked the others. They both shrugged.

"Here." Liam's voice said in my ear making me jump. "Sorry.. I just keep scaring you." I smiled back at him.

"Zayn? Zayn!" I yelled. I took Liam's flashlight and gave it a shake. It turned back on. The other two began meddling with the flashlights and seemed relieved when they worked. We all looked around for Zayn. Still no sign.

I realized I had strayed from the group and looked around. I was near a large oddly bent tree that had to be at least a good mile from the house. I could see the others' flashlights just in the distance. I saw something white on the ground. A marshmellow? But when I leaned to pick it up, I realized what it was. It had sticky redness on the end that made my stomach churn. It was a human thumb. I gasped and dropped it and glanced around. Thats just revolting! What the fuck! I heard a snap of a twig and looked around. When I turned around I heard a large snapping sound and something fell from the tree hitting me hard nearly knocking me over. I stumbled back and focused the flashlight on the swaying object.

And screamed.

Louis was hanging by his feet, his hands dangling near his face. Small twigs were run through his lip like stitches, dried blood covering his chin. Where his eyes should have been was black holes staring lifelessly into nothing. His nose was crooked as well, cracked open slightly, still dripping a small amount of blood. He had his stick gauged right into his throat, going in one end coming out the other.

I gagged at the sight of the body and turned away, crashing right into someone. I felt tears coming down my face.

"Kate! Whats wro- shit..." Michael got quiet instantly. He rubbed my back trying to calm me. "Shh.."

Ashton and Liam ran up next and came to a skidding stop. "Holy fuck..." Ashton said so low I barely heard him.

"Who would do such a fucked up thing!" I yelled sobbing into Michael's chest. He held me and rubbed my back. I didnt want to see that again. I didnt want to see Louis like this..

"Niall? Niall...we found him.." Liam said into the phone.



dkfjbgvbib Im so sorry this is going to be a very sad and gruesome fanfiction please dont hate me..

Sorry for any errors, Im in school and I didnt want to edit right now.


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