Lost Shadows

The group decides to go camping when things take a turn for the worse. People go missing, others start dying. They must find this crazy killer. But what if the killer is one of them?


5. {Chapter 5}

We were all roasting marshmellows around the campfire. It had to be at least midnight now. Harry and Selena had made their way back to their tent. Calum left for bed leaving me up with Zayn, Louis, Liam, Michael, and Luke. Luke had retrieved a large tree branch that was at least as thick as my arm as his marshmellow stick. Ashton got smart and used a thin branch with many small branches jetting off. He had about seven marshmellows roasting at once.

I leaned toward the fire from my log,feeling Liam watching me. Michael reached out to take my stick. He was sitting right in front of the fire for better reach. "Here let me," he smiled.

I smiled and sat back. "Thank you." I said appreciativly.

"How do you take it?" He asked as he held it up to warm.

"Push it in and pull it out."

He stared at me with wide eyes. "Wh-what?" Perv.

"Push it in the fire...and pull it back out. I like it burned." I explained. I heard the others snicker at his expense.

His face flooded with embarrassment and he turned away. "Oh..." He did what I told him and I watched as he puckered his full lips and blew out the flames that made the white fluff ball glow. Well, not white anymore. He held the stick out to me. "Good?"

"Again." I said before I could contain myself. Why did I say that? I just really wanted to see him do that again. It was cute. Was that weird? He nodded and repeated the process. I stared again as he blew on the marshmellow. "Thank you." I said blushing. I moved to sit beside him now. I wanted to be closer the next time he did that. Get the full effect. I pulled the burned black outside of the marshmellow off leaving the squishy inside still on the stick. Michael stared at me. "What? Its the only way I eat them."

He smiled and shook his head. "Didnt say anything."

"Hey," Louis said standing. "Im gonna go for a walk."

"Take your stick with you!" Liam said jokingly. "Just in case."

"Good thinking," Louis replied holding his stick up, with the marshmellow still intact might I add, like a bat. He swung it, hitting the top of Michael's graham cracker right in half sending his marshmellow into the bushes off to our right.

"Dude! That could have been my hand!" Michael said with wide eyes. Yes, like small stick would take his hand off.

"But it wasnt!" Louis pointed out taking a small bow before turning to walk away, twirling his stick like a baton. We all laughed in response.

I looked at Michael. "Im gonna head off to bed." I told him and covered my mouth with my hand as I yawned.

"Goodnight. I'll be in soon." He grinned.

"Okay." I said standing. Liam stood as well and opened his arms. I smiled and stepped closer to give him a big hug. Michael glared over at him. I pretened not to notice and walked to our tent.


I heard the tent unzipper and rolled around. I felt like I had barely closed my eyes. I could barely make out the figure that was now working on re-zippering the tent. As the figure neared the small bed opposite of me, I made out Michael's pale fluffy spikey blonde hair. I sat up with a yawn and rubbed my eyes, making him jump.

He turned to look at me in the darkness. "Sorry if I woke you." He whispered.

"Its fine. I was barely asleep anyway."

"Zayn said you were a heavy sleeper. The liar." Michael grumbled and I smiled pulling my knees to my chest. I wrapped the blanket around my shoulders.

"I usually am," I assured him.

"So um how does Zayn know that?" Michael asked picking at his finger nails. "That you sleep heavily, I mean."

"Why? You jealous?" I giggled.

"No!" He said too quickly. "Maybe..." He admitted. I blushed a bit. "So how DOES he know?"

"Zayn used to be best friends with my brother. So they used to have sleep overs all the time, which was weird because I didnt know guys had sleep overs like girls did. But Issac and Zayn would play stupid pranks on me and I'd never wake up. They said I slept like I was dead." I shrugged.

"Why did they stop being friends?" Michael asked as he sat back on his pillows. His eyes glowed slightly in the darkness.

I hestitated. Was it a good idea to tell him? Besides my brother, Harry was the only one who knew. Well, besides Zayn that is. But who would it hurt? "Well, Zayn and I started hooking up behind Issac's back. Thats why Issac is so bitter toward Zayn and I, though I dont think its much of anything."

"Hook up?"

"Yea. Kissing and stuff. Im still a virgin if thats what you're asking." I smirked. He shifted uncomfortably making his sleeping back make a loud noise.

"No, thats not what I was asking. But good to know." I could hear the smirk in his voice. God damn, I wish I could see the face that went with that voice..

"But Issac found out or whatever and I guess felt betrayed that his best friend was hooking up with his sister behind his back." I shrugged.

"I can see why he stopped being friends with him."

"Whatcha mean?" I asked curiously.

"I'd be pissed too. If my best friend was touching my sister." I saw him flinch. "Fucking disgusting." I laughed a bit and rolled to lay on my bed, still facing him. When I didnt speak he went on. "So are things weird between you and Zayn?"

"No! No. He and I are really cool. We decided we didnt want a relationship and our hooking up days are over but I sure as hell wouldnt mind." I admitted quietly.

Michael was quiet and I could practically taste his jealousy. "So you really didnt know guys had sleep overs?" He asked changing the subject. Well damn.

"Uhm, well, no. What do they do at sleep overs?" I could feel myself getting sleepy.

"Uh, we chill. Eat. Talk; but not much dont take that in any weird way. Play video games. Watch movies. Pretty much anything that doesnt put us in some weird homosexual situations." He said thoughtfully.

"Nice," I said rolling my eyes at his last comment.

"What about girls? What do you do at sleep overs?"

I leaned up on my elbows to smile at him. "Oh tons of things! We bake cookies and then eat them off each other. Oh and sometimes we skinny dip! Oh and sometimes we make out and even a few times we get a little-"

"Okay okay! I get it!"

I giggled and laid back down, his face was bright red even in the darkness and he shifted again. "Just kidding. We watch movies; chick flicks of course. Whats better than watching Jack and Rose's beautiful love story. Or the Notebook ohmygosh! We gossip. We paint each others nails. Braid hair. Talk about boys. A bunch of stuff. But there ALWAYS has to be popcorn invovled!"

He nodded. "Pillow fights?"

"Ew no. Stupid stereotypes."

"All the others you just said were stereotypical! And you proved them right!"

"Did not!" I said covering my mouth to hide my laughter.

"Did so!" He said laughing along. "You really have never been in a pillow fight?"

I thought for a second. "Well once when I was twelve." It was quiet again and I felt myself drifting off slightly. I gasped and snapped back awake when I felt something hit me. I looked around at the pillow next to my head that wasnt there before and then back to Michael who was smiling. "Oh no you didnt."

"Yes. Yes I did. Whatcha gunna do, big shot?" He asked.

I smirked and grabbed my pillow. "You asked for it!" I said and leaped across the tent at him, beating him with the pillow. He let out a yell.

"Ah! Its awakened!" He yelled as I knelt on his chest and raised the pillow to beat him upon hid head. He shouted again and squirmed under me, but he was still laughing.

"You're going down, Clifford!" I shouted, nailing him in the head again.

"Im taking you down with me Katey watey!" He chuckled and flipped over. I landed on my back with a yell. Not that it hurt me. I just didnt expect it. Now he was hovering over me and grabbed the pillow. I giggled and pushed out from under him trying to reach the zipper. "Oh no you dont!" He said grabbing my sides. He yanked me back and tickled me. I laughed loudly tears coming to my eyes. I hated being ticklish. He laughed too and finally I caught a breath and threw the nearest pillow at him.

"EAT FEATHERS!" I shouted and unzippered the tent and scrambled out still laughing.

The tent shook for a second before Michael came busting out after me. I screamed and tried to run but he caught me around the waist picking me up, nearly falling. I hadnt smiled so much in a long time. When he spun me around we both froze and saw Zayn standing there with his arms crossed. The others stood behind him, or were coming out; yawning and rubbing at their eyes. The camp fire was dead.

Michael moved away quickly, scratching the back of his head awkwardly.

"Stop flirting! You're so loud!" Natalie whined.

"And SOME of us are trying to sleep." Zayn snapped in annoyance. Whoa.

I was waiting for one of Louis stupid comments. About us being too loud and some sexual shit and blah blah blah. But it didnt come. I glanced around studying the faces.

"Where is Louis?" I asked them all.

Zayn's face dropped as he looked around as well for his tent mate. "Um, I-I dont know.."

"He didnt come back?!" I asked feeling worried.

"He'll come back eventually." Michael said assuringly. It didnt assure me much though.

"We have to find him!" I chirped.

Zayn nodded in agreement. "I'll help." Everyone else nodded in agreement.

"I'll help as well," Michael said smiling at me as he took a step closer. I smiled.

"Great! Now their makin googly eyes at each other! Hurry up lets get the flashlights and find Lou before I barf up the smores you never told me about!!" Niall said marching away. Natalie sighed and walked after him.

I turned for my tent and started looking for my flashlight.

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