Lost Shadows

The group decides to go camping when things take a turn for the worse. People go missing, others start dying. They must find this crazy killer. But what if the killer is one of them?


4. {Chapter 4}

I saw Niall come back into view alone. Where was Natalie? Selena looked up from playing with Harry's hair and met my eyes. Why was Natalie not with him. He sat down next to Louis. He was paler than usual. What did we miss? Natalie came back into view next. Her eyes were red and swollen like she'd been crying. Great. Were they fighting? Selena met my eyes again and we looked away from Natalie as she sat beside me. Michael came out of our tent, finally and stared around.

"Yo Niall you okay, man? You look like you saw a ghost." He said as he sat down on the ground beside Harry, conveniently in front of me.

"Im fine." Niall said looking away. I saw Natalie from beside me. She got up from her spot and walked toward her tent. Niall watched after her sadly but didnt follow.

"Why arent you chasing her?" Michael said sounding slightly angry.

"She needs space. Please keep your comments to yourself." Niall sounded tired.

"Like fuck I will. If you dont go comfort yoyr girlfriend, I will you dick."

"Stay away from her Michael or I swear-"

"Guys! Chill!" I shouted. "I'll fucking talk to her, jesus." I said getting up knocking my knees into Michael's back. He looked over his shoulder at me with soft eyes. I gave an apologetic smile for hitting him before I stepped over my log to go after Natalie. I saw Michael slip up onto my seat. "You best know you're moving when I come back!" I shouted glancing back at him.

Michael gave a small salute. "Just keepin it warm, girl!"

I giggled rolling my eyes and stopped in front of Natalie and Niall's shared tent. "Nat?" I called to my friend. I guess I could consider her my best female friend. I didnt hang out with girls much.

"Y-Yeah?" She called back. Her voice wavered slightly.

"Can I come in?" I asked quietly.

It was silent for a second like she was deciding whether she wanted to allow me in to comfort her or send me on my way. She sighed. "Yeah, come in."

I carefully unzipped the zipper and made my way inside the tent. It was dark, but I could see her shadowed outline and her eyes stared at me from her make shift bed. She had her blanket wrapped around her shoulders and her knees were pulled to her chest, her hair pulled back into a pony tail.

"Hi," I said sitting across from her on Niall's bed. He wouldnt mind. Fuck him if he did.

"Hi." She said back quietly.

"Are you alright?" I asked. I was horrible with trying to make people feel better.

"Uh, well... No not really." She admitted. Fuck, it would have been easier if she said she was okay. Then I could draw it out of her. Now it would be strange.

"Is it you and Niall?"

"Kind of....sort of...not really. No. Its hard to explain. Actually, Im not allowed to explain."

"Says who?" I asked in confusion.

"Niall." She said simply.

I sighed. "Who gives a crap what he said. You can tell me anything. I promise I will listen."

"Its really not what you think. Its not relationship stuff. Its just what happened out in the woods." Her voice sounded unsure.

"Did you two...?" I asked not really wanting to say it.

"Almost. But no. Someone was watching us or something." She moved slightly and grabbed a small lantern and turned it on. I was blinded for half a second by the sudden flood of light.

"Im going to kill them.." I said shaking my head.

"What? Who?" Natalie asked almost surprised.

"Luke, Ashton, Liam and Zayn! They followed you guys and tried to spook you!" I sighed remembering how pissed I got when I overheard.

"Oh. I guess that explains what happened then. Makes sense." She said staring down. It didnt really sound like she meant what she said.

"What makes sense?" I asked, urging her to tell me what Niall wad forbidding.

"Niall and I found some creepy house. We went inside and heard people. Doesnt matter." She sighed pulling the blanket closer.

"Im sorry they did that. They're such dicks. I tried to stop them."

"Its fine. I think I will just head to bed." She said as she laid down. I smiled and scooted over to pat her head.

"Goodnight, Natalie."

"Night, Kate."

"You dont need me to tuck you in or tell you a bed time story, do you?" I asked sarcastically.

She looked up at me and laughed. "No, ha ha, thanks. But one thing?"


"Switch off the light please? Oh and tell Niall to come to bed soon. I dont want to be..alone." She gave a small smile.

"Oh, no problem." I reached over and clicked off the switch of the lantern and crawled out. I wiped myself off and zipped up the tent. A twig snapped making me jump. I stared into the trees behind the tent, trying to see if anything was out there. A hand fell to my shoulder and I yelped.

"Whoa! Calm down, Kate! Just me."

"Jeesh, Liam! You scared the bejeezus out of me!" I said holding my throat as I tried to catch my breath.

"Sorry, wasnt my intention." He said around a big grin. A big grin that gave me butterflies. Bad tummy. "How is she?"

I grabbed his wrist and walked away from Natalie's tent so we wouldnt bother her. "She's better. You guys scared the crap out of them today. You owe Niall and Natalie an apology tomorrow." I told him scoldingly.

Liam tilted his head to the side, pulling me to a stop. "What do you mean?"

"When you followed them." I reminded him.

"Oh. We got lost. We never found them." Liam shrugged. "Must be some more campers out here that spooked em." He said noncholantly.

I shook my head. "A-Are you sure?"

"Yeah, we went in big circles for an hour before we finally just came back."

"Oh... Alright. Doesnt matter I guess. As long as they keep away from me."

Liam gave a chuckle, it made my heart flutter. "Oh they wont. They cant mess with someone like you. Worse than the big bad wolf," he said nudging me slightly.

I grinned, "Yep, I'll huff and puff and blow their hou- fuck it I'll punch them. I dont think big lungs would help."

"Unless you're screaming." He added. We both laughed as we reached the group. Michael lid over and let me sit, staying on the log beside me. Liam took Michael's spot on the ground in front of me. He leaned back to rest against my knees.

"Natalie wants you to come to bed." I said to Niall. He stood up and nodded.

"Thank you. What did she say?" He wondered.

"Just that she wants you to come to bed. She doesnt want to be alone." He didnt say anything else as he raced to his tent. I smiled to myself.

"Hope they work it out." Harry said.

"Me too," I agreed. I didnt say anything about them being spooked by someone that wasnt our group..

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