Lost Shadows

The group decides to go camping when things take a turn for the worse. People go missing, others start dying. They must find this crazy killer. But what if the killer is one of them?


3. {Chapter 3}


I grasped Niall's hand in mine, feeling the familiar butterflies. Sometimes I hated how I felt around him. All giddy with bright eyes and glowing cheeks. Other times I loved it. He always managed to make me feel shiny and new. He glanced over and smiled at me like he was the luckiest man on earth.

"Natalie?" He asked a bit quietly.

"Yes, Niall?" I asked peeking at him from the corner of my eyes.

"I um, well, er...I love you." He stuttered for the first time.

I turned my face fully to him, feeling my grin spread on my face. I threw my arms around him. He hesitated for a slight second but hugged me back tightly, shoving his face into my neck. "I love you, too." I whispered. When he pulled back smiling I reached up on my tippy toes to give him a swift kiss.

He kept my hand and we kept walking, he guided me easily making sure I didnt fall. I was deep in thought, the butterflies getting worse making me feel slighty sick.

"Something wrong?" Niall asked his voice full of concern. I shook my head. Though something was wrong. I wanted Niall. More than ever. But what was a classy way to tell a guy you wanted to sit on his face?

"No, I just, um.."

"What? Go on." Niall encouraged with a smile.

I sighed. How did you even ask a guy to have sex? I'd never been the one to ask. And guys usually have no problem with it. But I wasnt a guy and it was scary to ask. "I um, well, I want to...ya know."

He stared at me cluelessy. "T' what?" He asked through his thick accent.

"Niall, I want to...ya know...with you." I stared at him for a moment, waiting for him to understand.

I saw his facial expression go from thoughtful to surprised to embarrassed as it clicked in his head. "Oh! I-I..oh. Here..?" He asked looking around.

"Anywhere. I just want it to be with you." I said squeezing his hand.

"And you dont want to wait until we're home?" I felt my stomach drop. Was he going to reject me? He saw my face drop and instantly corrected himself. "I mean, Im not saying no, we can if ya want to but I just figured ya wanted it to be like special or whatever." He rambled.

"It will be special, Ni. As long as its with you. And only if you want to." I said staring into his eyes.

He snickered a bit, "Isnt that supposed to be my line? 'Only if ya want to'." He repeated.

I rolled my eyes. "Shut up." I leaned up on my tip toes again to kiss him, wrapping my arms around his neck. His arms snaked around my waist and I sighed in contentment as I leaned into him.

He didnt break the kiss as he lowered us to the ground. He placed his hands on either side of my face, deepening our kiss. Our kisses were usually sweet and slow, but this was different. Sweet, but filled with longing. His tongue ran across my bottom lip and my lips parted slightly. Hr didnt hesitate, his tongue invading and exploring every inch of my mouth. My hands found his hair, grabbing tiny fistfulls, yanking slightly. He moaned into my mouth and pulled back slightly. I bit his bottom lip gently and he grinned.

I gasped as he threw me back against the ground, his tongue licking along my exposed collar bone. I gripped his hair again as he kissed from my jawline to my shoulder, leaving small bites. He pulled back to pull his shirt over his head. His hands traveled to my stomach, slipping under my shirt. When they didnt move, I squirmed under him, kissing him again. His hands snaked under my shirt and stopped to rest on my breasts. He massaged them through the fabric of my bra and I blushed, trying to keep my moans to myself. He wasnt having that. He ripped my shirt off in one quick swift motion, leaving me in my bra. I felt slightly exposed. Niall's hands reached toward the back of my bra, I arched my back so he had easier acess, and his eyes met mine, unsure. I kissed him again to reassure him. I felt him unclip my bra and I blushed as I helped him remove it and toss it to the small growing pile of clothing on the forest floor.

He kissed across my naked skin, kneading my breasts with his large hands. I reached down in an attempt to unbutton his jeans. He smiled into the kiss, reaching down to help me. He pulled the jeans off quickly and I tried not to laugh at the bulge in his boxers. It was weird to imagine my boyfriend with a boner. He fumbled with my pants and I kicked them off easily. I held my breathe as he yanked my panties off with his teeth. He leaned me back against the soft moss, and I leaned on my elbows to watch him. He placed his hands on my knees, running them up my thighs and finally between them, pushing my legs open gently. I was bright red as he dipped his head down and licked my inner thigh making me moan.

A loud scream made me nearly jump out of my skin. Niall pulled back quickly and glanced around. He was still panting. "D-Did you hear that?" He whispered.

I nodded. "Who was it?" I whispered back. He grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head.

"Probably one of the others pulling a prank." He said as he yanked up his pants. I quickly grabbed my pile of clothes and worked my way back into them. Were they watching?

"But we're really far out. They would have had to follow us." I said as he reached to take my hand. "Can we just go look and make sure everything is okay?" I asked looking in the direction of the screaming.

Niall stared at me for a long while before he let out a sigh. I knew it was stupid but what if it was one of our friends? What if they were hurt? "Fine. Just please stay close. Dont wonder off." I nodded as we started through the woods, weaving in and out of the tight trees. After about fifteen minutes of walking we came to a small cabin with chipped blue. I started walking toward the door but Niall grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. "Ya crazy? We cant go in there! Mama probably lives there with them demon kids!"

"Niall! Thats just a movie. What if Kate or Selena are hurt in there? We cant go until we know no one is hurt. Or I cant, at least."


"Niall, please." I said taking both his hands. He watched me carefully before giving in. He kept me close and we walked to the door. He jiggled the knob. It didnt budge. "No ones home lets go!" He said turning on his heel. He crashed right into me. I stared up at him with big eyes.

"Pretty please Niall!"

He groaned. "Dammit, woman!" He took my hand and I smiled. He started leading us around the house and we both searched for a new way in. We came across a sliding glass door in the back, which was left carelessly open. Niall glanced at me once more before pushing his way inside with a huff. I followed behind him quickly looking around. The was dark, just slight light fading in through the dusty drapes creating spooky lighting. I stayed by Niall as he walked. He walked into the kitchen and I stood in the door way, watching him walk around the kitchen which looked like a huge kitchen out of a resturant where all the cooks made the greasy food. There was even a frier thing in the corner next to the sink. Or maybe it was the dishwasher..

A small thud made me jump and I peeked into the living room which looked more like an old motel room. It had a pipe that dripped out of the broken hole. I could pull it down as a weapon easily if needed. I looked to Niall before I tip toed away to see what the noise was. My eyes scanned the living room coming up empty. Just a small puddle from the dripping water. Another thud sounded to my right. I turned toward the dark hallway. There was a brightly lit door on the end at the right. I walked quietly, doing my best to stay quiet. The floor boards must have been old; the creaked under my weight.

"Shhh!" I said to the floor boards and stepped again. It creaked and I sighed. "Work with me here." I said shaking my head. They finally stopped creaking and I reached the end of the hallway. I pushed the door gently open the rest of the way and stuck my head into the room. I stared in shock at the ratty childrens room. This had once been a nursery for a small child. The white carpet was stained with dirt and what I could swear had to be blood... I walked closer into the room, picking up the old teddy bear that was missing its arm. As I neared the crib I held my breath. I urged myself to look over the side instead of the hanging light full of shapes and colors over the crib. I let out a gasp, dropping the bear at the sight inside. There was a rotting corpse of a child inside. I backed away and stopped when something hit against the back of my knees. I swung around and threw my hands over my mouth. A fresh body was there, still bleeding, a knife guaged into the side of the womans throat. I tried to scream, to call for help, but my throat was dry. I felt tears streaming down my face.

I screamed when someone grabbed me. I spun around and was caught by Niall's arms. He pulled me to his chest. "Shh, its just me. Its okay." He whispered. I could feel him looking at the body. I whimpered his name around my sobs and he rubbed my back.

"I told you to fucking stay with me."

"Im s-sorry I just wanted to see what was back here I didnt think-" I couldnt finish my sentence as I choked on my tears.

He shushed me again, holding me close. "Shh baby its okay. Lets get out of here."

"Niall, wait-"

Our whispers were broken by loud yelling that had me jumping at Niall.

"GET OUT! GET THE FUCK OUT! GET OUT NOW!" It was obviously a mans voice and I was too scared to move. I was moving.

"Natalie! Lets GO! YOU HEARD HIM!" Niall yanked on me hard as the man continued his crazed screaming. Now he was screaming many threats and cusses. Niall pulled on the door but it didnt move.

The yelling died down and turned into laughter. "Ive got my gun now." The man said.

"Open it!" I yelled as the laughing continued. I heard a large bang of a door hitting the wall as it opened.

"Im going to find you." The man said in a cheery voice almost like he was enjoying himself. The fucking sicko.

"Im trying!" He said pulling harder.

"Im getting closer now!"

"Break it! Niall come on!" I said pushing at him as I pulled on the door. It was locked. I heard footsteps now. Oh my god.

"Im going to rape your little girlfriend!" The man shouted.

Niall grabbed a chair and growled. "If you fucking touch her I will kill you!" He was shaking with anger. The man just laughed.

"Niall! Break it!"

Niall looked back at me as the footsteps got closer. He grabbed the chair and swung it back in his arms, swinging the legs and throwing the chair with all his strength. It got quiet when the chair bounced off, not even scraping the...plastic? Fuck... The laughter started again and I heard something dragging. The gun against the floor.

"Come on!" Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me quickly away from the kitchen. We were in the living room now and we both tried pulling the door open. "OPEN DAMMIT!"

"Im going to blow your fucking brain out..." The voice said from right behind us in the shadows. I flattened against the door. We both peered into the shadows. I spotted an old battered trophy on the floor covered in blood just outside the shadows. I jumped for it. Niall yelled when the gun went off and I backed away. There was a whole in the floor where my hand just was. I ran and grabbed the drapes, it was dark out now. I smashed the window out and pushed out all the glass. Niall grabbed my thighs and helped me. "Dont go just yet. We havent had any fun!"

"Fuck you!" Niall said and dove out the window, hitting us both to the ground as the gun went off again. He didnt waste any time, scrambling off the ground, grabbing me and rushing us away. We ran as fast as we could, Niall much faster than me, no matter how much track I did he was still faster. He came to a halt when we saw the fire from our camp. "We cant tell anyone."

"What! Niall-!"

He threw his hand over my mouth and shook his head. "He wont come this far. Psychos never do. Just trust me okay?"

"What if he does?"

"He wont..."

He walked back to the others. I just stared after him. What the fuck.

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