Lost Shadows

The group decides to go camping when things take a turn for the worse. People go missing, others start dying. They must find this crazy killer. But what if the killer is one of them?


2. {Chapter 2}

Michael's POV:

Fuck, she was hot..

How was I suppose to deal with that? I couldnt just share a tent with her. I mean, I could. But it would be difficult. I heard Luke chuckle as I stared at her. I knew my mouth was open like an idiot. God, I was a fool. I couldnt start liking her. I lived in Australia. She was in the England. I didnt get here to often. I remember when Niall told me he was moving from Ireland to England. And for a girl. But after I felt the pull of this girl, I understood why. But I wasnt going to be like Niall. Sydney was my home. My friends were there.

"Im Kate," the girl said. She had burgundy colored hair. You could see she tried to straighten her hair but by the slight waves, her hair seemed testy. Like her eyes. Her eyes which were a grey-blue. Kind of like a storm.

"Nice to meet you." I said with a nod. She smiled and nodded back.

"Which tent is ours?" She asked as she reached to grab her bag giving me the perfect view down her shirt.

I blushed and stood up. I grabbed her bag; anything to make her stop bending over like that.. "Here, let me."

She gave me a smile and reached to grab her jacket instead. Her ass was all I could see now. Okay, she had to be doing this on purpose.... I heard Calum snickered as I stared at her butt. I gave him a glare abd composed myself as she stood up and gestured for me to lead the way. I led her quickly to the tent and bent to unzip the tent and then held the flap open for her. She chewed on her lip as she passed me, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. It was a wonderful sight. If she kept it up, I wouldnt hesitate to throw her against the floor of the tent. Or maybe against a tree..

"Thank you," she said pulling me from my thoughts.

I shook myself mentally. Bad Michael, I scolded myself internally. "Yeah, no problem." She bent to dig through her backpack and I could see down her shirt again. I shifted my weight from one foot to the other trying to clear my thoughts. Finally I grabbed my sweatshirt off of the tent floor and tied it to my waist to hide myself. You know... just in case.

When I turned around I saw her ducking out of the tent with her phone in her hand. I followed quickly. It was around two now and Harry was making some food. Natalie was talking to Niall, pulling at his hand.

"Cmon lets go for a walk!" She was saying. I rolled my eyes. They just wanted to get away. Niall nodded and they walked off hand in hand. I hoped they liked the idea of squirrels watching them fuck. I went to sit by Louis.

"So, Issac didnt even tell you?" Louis asked. Kate shook her head.

"Who is Issac?" I wondered.

Kate turned her stormy eyes to me. "My asshole of a brother." I couldnt help the smile that crept onto my face. At least she wasnt one of those girls who had a big issue with cursing.

"Oh, alright." I nodded.

She sighed and gripped the bottom of her shirt. At first I thought she was going to strip right there. My eyes were wide until I realized she had a thing underneath. What were they called. Camisols? I looked away quickly as more thoughts came.

"A little hot today isnt it, Michael?" Ashton asked teasingly. My eyes went back to Kate. She wasnt looking my way thankfully. I covered my lower regions with my arms, leaning forward so that area wasnt in view.

"Shut the fuck up, Ashton." I said with a glare.

Kate turned to watch our bickering with a curious look. I kept my eyes down this time.

"Hey, Mikey, Im kinda lost. Can you point north?" Calum said and the guys all errupted in laughter. Kate stayed silent obviously confused. I just blushed as my shoulders drooped and avoided looking up.

"Hey, Michael, whats up? I mean, besides the obvious!" Ashton said around his laughter.

"Wood is suppose to be for the campfire Michael!" Luke said and Louis howled with laughter, reaching to high five him.

"What?" Kate asked looking at them.

I peeked up at her. I knew my face was still red. Ashton stepped closer and pointed in the direction of my pants. "Awww he likes you, Kate!"

"Ashton!!" I shouted.

"Hey Michael!" Harry called. Thank god, maybe he would call me over and save me from this shit. "Tell your boxers its rude to point!" He shouted. Fuck. Of course.

"Ohhhhh!" Kate said and started laughing as well. Great now she got it. She stared at me for a time before moving to sit beside me. Maybe she would spare me. Tell me it was okay. "Is that a toothpick in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" She gave a small wink and her hand moved to rest on my knee. I flushed and shook my head, standing up to walk away. Of fucking course. Im just a joke, as usual. I quickly zipped my tent, closing off the world to be alone.

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