Lost Shadows

The group decides to go camping when things take a turn for the worse. People go missing, others start dying. They must find this crazy killer. But what if the killer is one of them?


10. {Chapter 10}

Natalie's POV:

Niall reached to grab my hand as we walked, entwining our fingers. I glanced over and gave him a small smile. His forehead was still damp, small beads playing in his flattened hair. He gave me a cute smile back. How did I get so lucky? I really loved Niall. He was my everything. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, though the idea of marriage scared me. Not that I couldnt commit, I could, especially to Niall. The idea of divorce stood out to me like a smack to the damn face. It terrified me. I could never imagine my life without Niall. Without any of these boys actually, now that they had come into my life nearly a week ago. Now two of them were gone. Three of them were walking with us. Ashton was walking on my other side, Liam and Zayn leading the way in front of us. Ashton was staring at the ground quietly. He pretended to act unaffected, but honestly, he seemed to be more affected by Calum's death than Luke who had lost it in seconds. From what I saw anyway. Niall had told me he thought Ashton was the killer. I had an idea on who it was. It was easy if you paid attention. One person always seemed a step ahead, was missing more than the others, made simple and believable excuses-

"Okay, grab blankets that wont be used." Zayn said as we arrived back to the camp site.

Niall dropped my hand, "Im gonna check Kate and Michael's tents for blankets. Liam, can you check Harry and Selena's?"

Liam gave a nod, "If I find any sex toys of any sort, I swear..." He mumbled as he turned to walk toward the tent. I watched him for a second until Zayn spoke.

"Grab Calum and Louis' blankets." Zayn gave a small but visible flinch, his eyes filling with tears before he quickly turned to his tent in an attempt to hide his tears. I hung my head feeling tears brim my eyes as well as my throat stung and stayed silent.

I walked to the tent Niall and I shared and grabbed the extra blanket I brought. I figured it would be colder than it was, so it wouldnt be of use to me. And if it got cold, I could cuddle with Niall. He was such a cuddler. I smiled to myself as I folded my blanket and tucked it under my arm. I heard a single loud, wet 'thunk'. I froze and listened as the sound repeated. What was that? I ducked out of my tent and followed the noise to the tent beside mine. I pushed the tent door aside and gasped. A shadowed figure stood there, blood stained axe raised above his head. He dropped the axe and grabbed me before I could scream.

Niall's POV:

I held the blankets against my chest. Michael and Kate wouldnt mind. Much. I took Kate's only blanket, so she would probably scold me about it later. But Michael would be thankful. That meant they would most likely cuddle and share blankets. He really needed to just make a damn move. I peeked into Luke and Ashton's tent. Empty. I peeked into the next one. Selena and Harry's. Empty as well. What the hell? Where was everyone? I walked to the next. Liam and Zayn's. Empt-

My heart nearly stopped. A figure was strew across the floor of the tent on its back, blood puddled underneath him. Oh my god.... Zayn... I dropped to my knees beside him, dropping the blanket as tears rolled down my face. Not Zayn, it cant be. No. No no no no. But it was. His face was frozen in fear, a terrified expression glued into his high cheekbones. An axe lay beside his body, lodged into the ground, tearing a hole into the tent in which the blood ran out of like a tiny river. His chest was collapsed into large chunks. Someone has smashed his entire chest in with this damn axe. His face had somehow managed to stay blood free, unlike the rest of him. He looked angelic even in death. Please dont go Zayn... Please dont leave me.

"C-Come back.." I choked out in a small voice. I hardly recognized myself. "Zayn, please." My heart gave a thump as realization hit me. I hadnt seen anyone in the last ten minutes. I hadnt seen Natalie. I stumbled to my feet and looked around before shoving my way out of the tent doorway. I fumbled and tripped over the bottom and landed in the dirt, feeling a pain shoot from my ankle to my knee making me cry out. I pulled my ankle out of the tent and held it for a second before trying to stand only to nearly crumble again when I put pressure on my ankle. Damn, I fucked it up. I caught my balance and limped my way toward my tent. She had to be there. She had to be. "Natalie! Babe! We have to go! Where are you?" When there was no answer, I ignored my screaming ankle and closed the distance, diving into the tent. "Natalie?!" She was gone. I rushed back out of the tent yelling out to her, hoping she might answer. My brain knew she was gone, that something had happened. But my heart just couldnt accept it. "Natalie, baby, please! Answer me! Please.." I let out another sob as I grabbed at my hair. My heart never hurt so much before. "AHHH!" I screamed loudly now. I felt like my head was going to explode. My best friend was dead. My girlfriend was gone. What the fuck?!

"NIALL?! NIALL!" I heard a voice but I hardly registered it. I just kept screaming. "Niall! Lad! Look at me!" Liam... "Niall calm down! Tell me whats wrong!"

I shoved him away from my fast and stumbled back onto my butt. I let my back hit the ground and just laid there staring up at the sky. I had stopped screaming and was just quiet. I felt numb. I had no urge to move or scream. No urge to find this fucker and kill him as violently as I could. Just the opposite. I just wanted to die. I wanted to be next. I couldnt take any of this anymore. My chest felt to tight to even beg for death. I just laid there to wait.

"Niall..?" I didnt react when Liam's head appeared above mine, concern etching every inch, falling from his eyes to the set of his lips the the stature of his cheeks. "Niall speak to me, boy."

"Whats wrong? Is he okay?" The familiarity of Ashton's voice set some kind of spark in me. I sat up quickly, glaring daggers at him. "Niall?" Ashton and Liam said in unison.

"YOU." I growled as I shoved off the ground and stormed toward Ashton. His eyes widened with shock when I grabbed his throat in my hands, ready to crush his wind pipe. His hands clawed at my wrists as he gasped. "Where. Is. She."

"Niall! Let go." Liam's steady voice said in my ear as he tried to pry me from Ashton.

"WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE! TELL ME RIGHT NOW!" I screamed as I threw him down hard against the ground. His head crashed onto the ground hard and bounced off, making him scream. When he sat back up, he was holding his forehead that was oozing blood.

"Niall what the fuck!" Harry's voice shouted and he grabbed me, shoving me away harshly from the boy who sat on the ground bleeding, looking small and terrified as he bled from the wound I had created. Fuck..

"Ashton!" Michael ran to him quickly followed by Luke. Luke gave me a glare as he knelt beside his friend and helped Michael get Ashton off the ground. Kate and Selena watched from the side. I looked to Kate and met her eyes, starting to feel that numbness again. Her face dropped as soon as her eyes met mine and she covered her mouth with her hands. When she got closer is when I saw she was crying. "She cant be.."

"Shes gone," I told her flatly as I turned to go to my tent. Kate caught my hand in hers pulling me back, wrapping her arms around me. I hesitated a moment before wrapping my arms around her. She held me for a long time as I fell to pieces in her tiny hold. What was I going to do? She led me slowly back to my tent and helped me to lie down. She tucked me in and leaned to kiss my forehead. She smoothed my hair repeatedly, petting my head in an attempt to sooth me. I just barely remember asking her to sing to me. Like Natalie did. Not that she sang that well. But I still loved it none-the-less. Kate nodded and sang quietly to me as she continued to run her fingers through my hair. I felt myself drifting off to sleep when a scream; most likely Selena's, rang through the air. Kate jumped and rushed to leave the tent. But I knew what she would find... I hope Michael was there.... She would need him now...

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