Lost Shadows

The group decides to go camping when things take a turn for the worse. People go missing, others start dying. They must find this crazy killer. But what if the killer is one of them?


1. {Chapter 1}

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" I asked my brother Issac. Issac was packing my bags into Harry's black Audi, ignoring me completely. "Issac!" I said loudly placing my hands on my hips.

He turned to look at me. "Stop fucking yelling, jesus, Kate! Yes its a fantastic idea! Go be with your friends and stop annoying the crap out of me!" He roughly threw the last of my bags into Harry's trunk and slammed the trunk closed. He turned to stalk back up the driveway.

"No goodbye?" I called angrily. He was the worst brother ever. Setting me up with my friends to go camping without even telling me. What the fuck? Not that I didnt mind. I would love to be with my friends. But the least he could have done was fucking told me!

"Bye." He said slamming the door.

I felt a hand come to my shoulder and flinched. I glanced to Harry and smiled. He gave a smile back, reminding me of the tiny boy he used to be. Okay, so I would be with one friend. Harry had been my neighbor all my life and my best friend. "Issac must be on his man period," he said giving me a playful wink. I giggled. He grabbed my wrist. "Come on, we have to pick up Selena and Liam."

I smiled. Selena. I was happy he had found Selena. They had only been dating around two months and they were perfect. I was the first person he came to to ask advice about this girl. I gave him the best advice I could. And the next week he informed me they had a date soon. I was thrilled. I was also so excited to see Liam. Liam was one of my best friends as well. I jumped into the front seat and then turned to Harry.

"I'll jump in the back when we get to Selena's." I said slowly giving an apologetic smile.

He nodded. "Thats fine. I wouldnt have made you sit in the back just yet anyway." He grinned a sarcastic grin straight ahead as he drove. I rolled my eyes and sat back. "Are you sure you really want to come? I can still turn around."

"Im fine, really." I assured him. He nodded. "How many people will be there?" I asked curiously.

He drummed his fingers along the steering wheel. "Uh...er... Well. Hold on a sec." His nose crinkled in thought and I couldnt help but smile. I was so used to his small habits, I'd memorized them. I wondered if Selena did yet. She had a lot of quirky habits she needed to pick up. Especially with Harry. "Um," he let out a breathe. "Twelve?"

"Oh. Okay. Even amount of tents then?" I asked as I reached for the radio. I stopped when I saw Harry hesitate. "What?"

"Well, uh, yeah but, er...dont get mad, please?"

I stared at him. Why would I be mad? "Go ahead." I said carefully.

"Well, you obviously know the lads will be there."

"Obviously." I said smiling.

"And Natalie and Selena."

"Of course."

"Well, we have some more friends coming in. We met em through Niall."

"Oh." was all I could think of to say. "So whats the problem?"

"You might end up in a tent with a boy you dont know." He said this carefully, like he might set off some kind of bomb.

Though that was excactly what he was doing.

"A boy?! HARRY!"

"Its not a big deal! They're all really polite! Please, dont over react, Kate." He said giving me a reassuring smile.

I sighed sitting back against chair as we pulled up to Selena's home. I jumped out and gave her a wave as she walked outside. She waved back and grinned when Harry walked over to give her a swift kiss, picking up her bags.

"Get in the car, babe, I'll just be a second." He said, his voice filling with so much affection that my heart gave a small squeeze. It made me so happy that Harry was so happy. I wanted to see my brother-like figure as happy as possible.

Selena jumped in and turned right to me. "Hey, Kate! Excited?"

"Oh, yeah." I said sarcastically rolling my eyes. "Cant even keep myself still."

"I can tell." She laughed. "Not up for camping?"

"No, camping is fine. Sleeping with a stranger, not so much."

"Harry didnt tell you about Niall's friends?" I shook my head. When Harry got in, Selena smacked his arm, but not hard enough to hurt him. "Shame on you!" She scolded Harry.

"Wha-? I didnt think it was a big deal! She can just stay in Lou's tent or something."

"Louis is roughing it with Zayn." She said as a reminder, I assumed.

"Liam. She likes Liam. Sleep with Liam." He told me.

"Im not going to sleep with Liam!" I chirped, blood rushing into my cheeks. I saw Harry's cheeks rise in a smile. He knew I had a crush on Liam.

Oh, did I forget to mention that?


We pulled in front of Liam's apartment. He was waiting on the steps and jumped up with a smile. Harry helped him get his bags in the trunk. It took less time than mine or Selena's stuff. Liam climbed in next to me and I straightened up.

"Hey, Liam!"

"Hello, Kate." He said grinning his wide crinkly eyed smile. I couldnt help but blush. He was too cute.

"Liam, lemme ask ya somethin, mate." Harry said glancing in the rear-view mirror at him.

"Sure, shoot." Liam said.

"What are your plans tonight?" Harry asked.

"Uhm....Well, Im camping with you guys...?" He said quizically.

Harry sighed. "Er, thats not what I meant."

"Oh, I, uh, s-sorry. What did you mean?"

"Who are you tenting with?" Selena asked quickly getting right to the point. "Kate needs a sleeping buddy." I flushed again.

"Oh, does she? Well, I kind of already told Ashton I would share with him." Oh. Wait, what the fuck was an Ashton?

"Oh alright. Maybe Calum or Luke then. Luke is sweet. You'll love him." Who, not what, my subconious said. I nodded at Selena's reassurance.

"Lets just hurry and get there. Im tired." I sighed pulling out my phone.

"Its only 11:30 in the morning." Liam said with a smile.

"Exactly, Im supposed to be asleep right now." Liam gave a chuckle at my response and we lapsed into silence, listening to Selena and Harry talk.


"Finally!" Liam said scrambling out. I followed behind him laughing. I looked around as the boys went to get the bags. As I looked around I noticed a large fence and a sign.

"Harry! It says no trespassing!"

"Good, you know how to read!" He said patting my head. I pouted for a second.

"We cant go back there. Its illegal." I said crossing my arms as Harry began tossing bags over the fence.

"That it is. But everyone else is waiting already. Hope you can climb." He tossed over the rest of the bags and helped Selena to climb. Liam grabbed my arm gently and held my waist as I climb, grabbing the bottom of my thighs to support me, making me turn red. He scrambled after me when I reached the top. Liam climbed over to the other side where Harry and Selena gathered their things.

"Come on I'll catch you!" Liam said holding out his arms. I nodded and took a deep breath. Please dont drop me. His arms caught me easily, holding me to him before he gently placed me down. I smiled at him and gave a small thank you and began gathering my things.

Liam and I followed Harry and Selena down the path. It had obviously been walked before; by rebelious teenagers much like ourselves, or the workers, making the path more prominant and easy to follow. After about forty minutes of walking, god my feet ached, we came to a small clearing. The others stood around chattering. The tents were already sat up. There was a bunch of wood ready for a fire later, a big pile of bags, and logs placed in a circle around the fire pit. I swear, if they told old cheesy scary stories tonight..


"Louis!" I shouted and dropped my bags to run and jump into his arms. He laughed as he hugged me, giving me the best dramatic hug I had ever recieved. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too, Katey watey." He gave a loud yelp when I stomped on his foot. He knew I hated being called that. The others around us laughed at his pain.

"Hey, Katie!" Niall called waving. Natalie was over talking to Selena now that she had arrived. I smiled over at him, waving back at the loud mouthed blonde. Zayn walked over to help Liam and Harry with all the bags. I glanced over to the small group of boys by Niall.

"Hey Luke!" Selena called. He glanced up and smiled. "Share a tent with Kate." She told him. I gave her a look. She was so rude sometimes.

"Im already sharing with Calum. Sorry." He said looking to me. She was right. He is sweet.

"Looks like you're with Michael then." Niall told me.

"Who?" I blinked.

A pale blonde from the group turned to look at me then. He had nice green eyes that bore right into mine. "Im Michael."

Fuck, he was hot..




Hey guys so this is my new fanfiction! If you haven't read my others, you totally should wink wink. Searching and Last First Kiss. Their both about Niall. I chose to make this about all of them because I usually only focus on Niall and wanted a small change. There will be death and blood and gore so please be careful when you read this. Especially if you cant handle all that.. Its sad okay? I cry writing a lot of this; most of it is prewritten. Tell me what you think of the beginning. Comment your thoughts?

Tell me:
Like 5SOS? Whose your favorite? Im a Michael girl<3

Also what boy from 1D is your favorite? Niall girl here ;D


~Kate :*

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