Monster Monster Monsters!

The second adventure after The Shadow Hunter continues. Me Charlie and my brother James are staying at our Uncle Sam's house for the summer holidays and inside his small cottage things aren't what they seem. First the inside is massive like a mansion, next things are moving by themselves and last the monsters show them selves with a DEADly surprise.


6. Vampire Cave

The Graveyard became dark as soon as we entered. "Its pretty dark isn't it." 

"Yes it is... James!" I said.

I turned around and James was gone. I turned back. "Get over here what are you doing."

"Check this out."

James brushed the leaves off the grave. "Here lies Sam... Wait Sam, our uncle."

"It can't be."

"But its got his date of birth and its a match." Said James.

James leaned on the grave and hit a stone that was frozen there. James felt it dig down then he pressed it. The stone was some sort of switch. "Aghhhh." He screamed.


The grave stretched longer and the platform opened up to a staircase. "Are you serious!" I say.

I heard the noise of Betty and Barny coming behind us.

"Well OK lets get down there."

"Here, a torch... Well more of a stick on fire."

"Yes its a torch." I said.

James walked down behind me holding a shovel.

"Where did you get that?" I gasped.

James turned to face me holding the shovel sideways, he knocked be down to the ground.

"Get what?.. Uh Charlie!"

"Down here."

"Oops sorry... but that's not what i was talking about." Said James as he freaked out.

James pointed at a shadow coming from the end of the tunnel. Uncle Sam came out the corner. I pulled myself up off the ground and grabbed the shovel off of James. I saw James running up to Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam had fangs and blood dripping from them.

"James stay away."

I ran at Uncle Sam with the shovel and smacked him in the head. But i didn't, i missed. He was too fast. He grabbed me by the neck and i felt his sharp teeth getting nearer to me.

Take these my boys." He said and flew out of the cave in a second. He had handed James two gold and shiny tickets.





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