Monster Monster Monsters!

The second adventure after The Shadow Hunter continues. Me Charlie and my brother James are staying at our Uncle Sam's house for the summer holidays and inside his small cottage things aren't what they seem. First the inside is massive like a mansion, next things are moving by themselves and last the monsters show them selves with a DEADly surprise.


4. Sticking Together

In my room upstairs me and James were wondering what to do." I'm telling you Uncle Sam is not a vampire." Said James.

"Of course he's not. How could i be so stupid." I said.


"Uncle Sam may not be a vampire be he is still a monster. You saw that shadow didn't you... James." I said.

"Well... only you saw the shadow Charlie." Said James.

James left the room and shut the door behind me. This isn't right, was i the only one who saw the other shadow? I need answers and fast.

I knocked on James door. James looked at me with a annoyed face. "OK listen." He began.

"NO! We have to go and see Barny... Now!" I said.

I dragged James to follow me but he had no idea about what i saw yesterday. We eventually got to Barny's. "What if Barny is the other monster?"

"Well you can go and find out." Said. James.

"Too late now." I said.

James turned around and bumped into Barny, he looked up and sill couldn't see his face as clear as before."Barny we need to ask you something." I said.

"Come in. I think i know what this is about." He replied.

We followed Barny inside his house for the first time. "Don't get use to that Uncle Sam's cottage."

"Why?" I asked.

"If things get worse you'll be staying with me."

I don't know if i should be happy hearing that news or to be scared if Barny was the other monster. He seemed nice and I'm sure he was the one who saved us, i never actually saw the man with the chainsaw. "Like orange or something."

"Is that orange juice." Said James.

"Of course what else James." I said. "It is orange right?"

"Yea of course, follow me." 

James followed Barny into the kitchen.

"I need the bathroom." I called to Barny.

He nodded and shut the kitchen door. All i heard was James asking questions.

"So why are you spelt with no e in your name." He said.

"What? How would you even know." Said Barny.

"Uh, the photo in the living room. With your name on it." Laughed James.

"Oh hehe. Your are a curious little boy aren't ya." Said Barny.

Finally i walked upstairs and towards the bathroom. I saw a green light coming from one bedroom. I had to go inside, the room was empty and a cat basket in the corner. I read the sign. Warning do not enter. Green light puts the cat to sleep. That was strange. I still went inside and tripped on the lamp that was glowing green.

"Oh no." I cried.

What does the cat do, what danger does it hold. Only one way to find out. The cat awakened and stared its bright purple eyes at me. Then it started licking like a normal cat. It was acting all normal. What was with the sign. The cat kept licking itself even more and faster, so fast my eyes blacked out for a second with dizziness. I rubbed my eyes and saw that the cat was gone. I heard a growl at my feet, i wouldn't dare to look down but it made me. It scratched my leg making a cut and little blood pouring out. I fell to my knees and looked into its eyes. It started shaking and then i realized it was a monster just like Betty. It was all red and gooey and its whiskers were very sharp now. I stared at the cat again into the eyes. It shook even more until... It exploded and green goo splat everywhere all over the walls. I was already ready to hide from what it would do. So i was behind the door the whole time. At least i was clean from that goo. I heard Barny and James come running upstairs. Barny stared at me.

"What happened?, what did you do? Do you know who's cat that is?" He said.

"Uh." I said. 

So many questions i couldn't answer at once, and i was the one who wanted to know the answer to them. "The cat was on the landing." 

"It escaped the room but how? Unless you opened it."

Barny pointed at me with anger.

"Not to worry. It was Betty's anyway, its not even a real cat its a zombie cat." Chuckled Barny.

"OK, right that explains alot." I said.   

"We should go back, quickly." Said James.

"Why whats wrong? James."

James pulled be me like i pulled him before. I saw the anger that was hidden inside Barny's face. We should leave, before we get into more trouble, only two more weeks till we get picked up from mum. The first was not even other for another three days. We need help... Someone help us.

"Are you alright." Said James.

"Huh yes. We need help and to escape here fast."


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