Monster Monster Monsters!

The second adventure after The Shadow Hunter continues. Me Charlie and my brother James are staying at our Uncle Sam's house for the summer holidays and inside his small cottage things aren't what they seem. First the inside is massive like a mansion, next things are moving by themselves and last the monsters show them selves with a DEADly surprise.


5. Escape Plan

I sat on my bed thinking about what to do. James came in a second later. "What are we going to do." I said. He shrugged and sat next to me. "No really we do have to get out of here. James?"


James was staring out my window. "Barny looks more suspicious doesn't he." Said James.

I got up off the bed and opened the door. I saw Uncle Sam come out the bathroom and straight down the stairs. He left a few black group of hair behind him.

"Check this out." I said.

"What now. So its hair!"

I picked a group of it up and rubbed it in my hands.

"Its warm and really fluffy. To fluffy."

"What do you mean to fluffy."

"Look we have to stay out the house as much as we can." I said.

James nodded and grabbed his jacket from his bedroom. We walked past Barny's and stared into his house from the living room window. Barny wasn't there. James turned around and bumped into Barny again. 

"What on earth are you doing here." He said.

"Uh, CHARLIE!" Screamed James.

I turned around and saw my brother lying on the ground and Barny growling right at him. I ran at Barny with a shovel i caught that was lying on the wall. Barny looked up and grabbed the shovel with one hand.

"Superhuman huh." I said.

"No." Said Barny.

"Oh that's right, because your not human."

Barny's eyes opened wide and closed with anger. "Now!"

James kicked the back of Barny's legs that forced them to close and make Barny fall forward. I heard Uncle Sam coming at us with his loud footsteps. "I'm confused who's the beast... The monster!" I screamed. I saw Uncle Sam with fangs that were dripping blood from his mouth.

"Get another kid did you Sam." Said Barny.

"Yes a delicious blood flavor. I heard about you two Charlie, i only invited you here so i will live for another thousands of years." Laughed Sam.

"But-but. How do you know my mum?"

"Easy. She stopped off for petrol and when you were split... I went in and controlled her by looking in her eyes. I saw you before and sensed that you have very powerful blood. James isn't much to us as for now we got you."

"James the garlic you brang some didn't you... James?"

I looked down and saw James's teeth starting to grow fangs.

"You didn't. Oh no James!"

I took the garlic from his jacket pocket and stuffed it at his face, James began to coff and his eyes turned from red to the usual colour. "OK, escape plan. RUN!"

James looked at me and followed me as i grabbed his arm. Around the corner we ran into Betty who was in monster form. "How can no-one see you."

"We are the only ones who live here, we haunt it for our own territory." Said Betty. "We cannot leave or we will be hunted down and killed."

I pushed my way through Betty with James as we ran across the road and into the graveyard.


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