Monster Monster Monsters!

The second adventure after The Shadow Hunter continues. Me Charlie and my brother James are staying at our Uncle Sam's house for the summer holidays and inside his small cottage things aren't what they seem. First the inside is massive like a mansion, next things are moving by themselves and last the monsters show them selves with a DEADly surprise.


3. Creepy Cellar

Uncle Sam was still watching t.v, he eventually put the remote down after turning it off. "Haven't you got anything to do boys." He said. I shrugged and looked over to James. He was staring at me wondering whats going on. Uncle Sam fell straight into a deep sleep and started snoring. "Hey, lets check the fridge for garlic." Said James.

"What! Why?" I said.

"You know just if he is a..."

"Oh all right, why check the fridge... just be quick." James didn't answer.

I followed James into the kitchen and watched him check through the fridge from top to bottom. "Hurry up." I said. James shut the fridge door quietly and shook his head. "Nothing."

"Not a thing like garlic. I mean i don't blame him having garlic but it might not be a coincidence that there's none here. You know, he might not have any because he is a vampire or he doesn't like it anyway... i don't know which is right." Said James.

"Oh well OK, hey i remember staring into Barny's house when he opened the door to us. He had some on the table. Lets go." I said.

"We'll have to be quick before its too late."

I pulled my jacket off the end table and knocked off a candle that wasn't lit. James was right behind, we ran back to Barny's and banged on the door. He opened right away.

"What are you doing here." He said.

"Do you have garlic?" Said James.

"Uh... yes but i only got a few. I get them from Betty."

"Betty?" I said.

"Yeah, the women across the road."

James ran over there desperate for garlic. I had to follow him, i waved be to Barny.

"Uh thanks see you around." I said.

James banged on Betty's door. She took her time to answer and was surprised to James and me.

"Hello dears." She said. "I saw you at my husbands house a second ago, very nice man."

"Of course Betty and Barny, no wonder they sound so familiar." I said.

James was gazing past Betty.

"Whats wrong." Said Betty.

"What?..." I said.

"Looks like you two have seen a monster."

Betty transformed into a giant red gooey beast. Its teeth were long and sharp and had only a few hairs, the beast was-was BETTY. 

"AHH." Me and James both screamed.

We ran back to Uncle Sam's and screaming nonstop. Barny wasn't even looking out of the window and must of messed with his hearing aid again, because who couldn't see us now. Except Uncle Sam.

"This way." He pointed.

Uncle Sam slammed the front door shut and pushed it to keep it closed. The door was burst open and Uncle Sam was knocked back onto the armchair. I was pulled down the cellar by James.

"Why go here were trapped idiot." I said.

"But Uncle Sam said to go in here, OK." Whined James. 

We both saw the shadow of Betty transformed. It was large, but then we saw another. It was something fury. Was it Uncle Sam? The shadows got larger and closer to us. We saw Betty and then we saw it, another beast but black all over and hairy everywhere. It had red eyes and a face like a werewolf. It was too large for a werewolf, what are these thing?

The creatures got closer to us and then. A sound of a chainsaw was heard. We saw the shadow of Uncle Sam but it was rather large. A shadow that looked more like Barny, but how would he known about us, it had to be Uncle Sam. The man with the chainsaw came closer to us, the beast was gone as soon as the man showed up. It was only Betty who was being chased out. We ran after then back up into the living room. Betty was her usual self and running back home. The man was gone, i searched around and was pushed by James who was running up to Uncle Sam. 

"Thank you Uncle Sam." He said.

Uncle Sam was confused in his face and just smiled, but he smiled with a little evil in his face.

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