Monster Monster Monsters!

The second adventure after The Shadow Hunter continues. Me Charlie and my brother James are staying at our Uncle Sam's house for the summer holidays and inside his small cottage things aren't what they seem. First the inside is massive like a mansion, next things are moving by themselves and last the monsters show them selves with a DEADly surprise.


2. Bearded Barny

Uncle Sam asked me to deliver a letter to Barny who lived a few doors down. He showed me and James a picture of him. I couldn't believe it when i saw the picture, it was the man who was talking to that old lady. Before i could reply James walked out the room leaving me alone. "So Charlie would you please do it." He said. 

"Yes OK."

I was handed the letter and was shooed from the kitchen until the letter was delivered. I ran upstairs to beg James to come with me because these people are creepy around here.

"Fine I'll go with you, only for my extra extra slimy  winy goo. Deal." Said James.

"Fine whatever."

We checked with Uncle Sam just to be sure that he wanted to do it once more, but he wasn't in the kitchen and he wasn't anywhere else either. So me and James fled from the house and down a few doors. Barny's house wasn't what i expected, but what i seen so far i guess it would be something i was going to expect later on. The house was dark old and abandoned, there were no lights on. James knocked at the door whilst i stood back shaking like anything colder than snow and ice. It was so cold tonight, but it only seemed it when we came near Barny's house. Finally the door was answered.


"What, i think hes lost his hearing aid." I said. Barny must of understood that as he fiddled with his ears.

"Now what can i do with you, except eat you... hah only joking." He said.

"Right, here's a letter from our..." Started James.

"Uncle Sam at it again." Said Barny.

"At what?" I said.

Barny snatched the letter from James.

"Asking everyone about that lady and here problems, hehe, she was worried what he was going to do if she did something that annoyed him again."  

"Like what?" I said.

"Well she doesn't know exactly. Just you tell your Uncle Sammy who's boss and keep him on the good side, i hear he hates the smell of garlic and it makes him go pale." 

I saw James's face wide open.

"A vampire." He said.

"No James." I replied.

"Well see you around kids, by the way whats your names eh?"

"Charlie and James." I said. "You got something shaving to do here."

"What you getting at." Said Barny. He shut the door and spoke to himself. "Oh yes i see eh eh."

Me and James walked back to Uncle Sam's.

"He is weird." Said James.


"The way he goes eh every time... he sounds like an animal."

"I know what you mean, more like a creature." I said.

"You heard it too."

"Uh yea, anyway lets get back." I said.

We ran the rest of the way home in about two minuets and saw Uncle Sam watching TV. I dunno if we should ask about him and his connections to the old lady.


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