I wish

Niall Horan and Daisy Seiler.
Or more?


3. Memories.


Daisy's POV


She looks at me, confused. She doesn't recognize me, her own daughter. I nearly break down into tears right there on the doorstep but i don't. I compose myself and count to ten in my head. She's staring at me now probably wondering what the hell I'm doing on her doorstep at Ten Thirty on Christmas Eve. I open my eyes and look straight into hers, cold and blue and rigged with alcohol. I can fool her easily. 

"ROSEMARY!" I shout and flash an over the top fake smile. I wrap her in a hug and she laughs. Yep she's so drunk she's fallen for it. She beckons me inside and i guess i look a bit fearful, the walls, the carpet and the pictures are all the same. Except theres no trace i was ever here. 

She leads me into the warm sitting room which is packed with people i used to know: Aunt Barbra, Uncle Joseph, Molly from next door, Timothy from school and endless others. When mum walks back in with me the chatter stops and everyone stares. They stare at me with eyes of questioning and eyes of confusion. In the corner of the room theres a beautiful girl with brown hair perched on the table with five boys surrounding her, she's laughing and theres tears streaming down all their faces. She snaps her head up suddenly and looks me right in the eye. I recognize her. 

Eleanor Calder. 

She gasps and her breath hitches in her throat, the boys around her look baffled as she stands up and lets tears fall freely down her face.

"Daisy?" She breaths quietly. Everyone freezes at the sound of my name. A wave of panic washes over me as i realize what Eleanor has done. She runs towards me and wraps me in a massive hug, she smells sweet and her hair is tickling my face. I burst out crying and she does as well. We break apart and she smiles at me kindly. 

"Why are you here?" She mutters just loud enough for me to hear. I shrug and look around, everyones staring. 

"Who are you." A cold voice shoots through the air. I whip round and see mum standing there, an expression of pure terror on her face and behind her, with his hand on her quivering shoulder is Dad. I hold my breath in terror as they both stare at me, how can they not see their own faces in mine? 

"I-i'm D-Daisy." I stutter just about audibly. Mum drops her drink on the floor and the glass shatters everywhere. A silent tear rolls down her cheek but she doesn't move, Eleanor flinches away from them and flops down on the couch. My fathers face is contorted in anger.

"How DARE you come back here you selfish little cow!" He roars in my face, everyone jumps and I cower away from him. The monster that made a mess upon my innocence. He laughs cruelly and slaps my hands away from my face. 

"HOW DARE YOU LEAVE AND THEN COME BACK!!!" He screams. Eleanor comes forward and tries to pull me away but i refuse.  


"I know." I say. Everyone looks at me. 

"I ran away at TWELVE years old because of YOU." I begin to yell. My breath becomes irregular and i start shaking, he sneers as my pain. I choke on the air and i know I'm having an anxiety attack. My eyes flutter and i fall to the floor in the middle of a seizure. 




Twelve years old and i had lost my virginity by force. He'd gone to far this time but i know he enjoyed it, enjoyed knowing that i'll remember this for my whole life. The pain and the vileness that it was my father not my boyfriend of any sorts. I collapsed into a heap on the floor, my clothes surrounding me, my wrists sore from where he tied me down. I was in my bra and knickers but only because i put them back on. Thoughts flashed through my head, thoughts that a twelve year old should not have to deal with. Suicide. Rape. Unwanted.

So instead of moping around i grabbed a bag off of my shelf, packed my things and waited till dad went out for a pint. I stuffed the bag under my bed so it wasn't visible when dad walked in.

"Hello princess." He slurred. Crap.

He grabbed my neck and kissed me, he put his hands where i didn't want to be touched and he did the unthinkable. To his twelve year old daughter. He straddled me on the bed and i could feel his bulge. It disgusted me. He smirked, kissed me and slammed out of the house. I tiptoed downstairs and saw my mother collapse on the sofa. He probably did to her what he did to me. Baby William is at his child minders and I'm glad for that. I leave a note for mum reminding her to pick him up. I go into the kitchen and grab a rolling pin out of the cooking drawer, i know, its cliche. I race up the stairs, its already Eleven PM who knows whats weirdos are out on the streets of Ireland (LOL). I grab my bag from under the bed and smash my window. I shatters all over my bed and i jump back. I hear mum stirring downstairs so i quickly do a last check of my room and scale down the vine on the back of the house. As i drop from midway i hear mums voice yelling up the stairs, i look through the patio doors in the kitchen and see her stumbling up the stairs, blood all over her face and hands. I run as fast as i can, jump over the gate and disappear into the night. I find refuge in an old bus shelter that has a hole in the roof. Its pretty clean and no one can see me in it. I relax and settle down. Ready for whatever the world wants to throw at me.

End of Flashback….








"Is she awake yet?" A smooth voice asks. 

"No but she's breathing steadily now." Thats Eleanor.

I open my eyes a slit and see five boys watching me plus Eleanor, i almost scream but i stop myself. Who the hell are they. I decide to open my eyes. They all jump back when my eyes flutter open, I hear a bang and someone goes Ow. I mentally laugh and sit up.  

Im in a bed. I immediately panic and i think Eleanor sees.

"SHOO." She pushes the boys out of the room and into he corridor. She turns back and smiles warmly at me.

"Hows life?" 

"Not amazing." 

"But your in magazines?!" 

"I know." I whisper and i feel ashamed of myself.

"Your should be proud of yourself." 

"Im not El."

i shrug and a tear runs onto my hand. 

"I've disappointed a lot of people in my life." She leans over and hugs me and i feel safe and warm like I've never felt before. 

"Where am i am how did i get here?" It suddenly dawns on me I'm in a strangers bed….

El laughs breathily.

"Your in my boyfriend Louis house and you got here because Niall carried you." I laugh.

"Who's Louis and Niall?" 

"You know when you came to your mums and those boys where with me?" I nod. "They're Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry.

"WHY AM I LAST." A voice yells from behind the door. El quietly opens the door and five boys tumble in on to of each other.

"Hi." The curly haired one laughs and raises a hand at me. They all blush with embarrassment but when i start laughing they burst out in peals of laughter too.

"Our names are Louis. Thats me by the way." The one with pajama pants on says and points sassily at himself. Thats Els boyfriend I'm guess. "Thats Niall." He points at the blonde one. "He's Irish. Thats Zayn." He points at the one thats shyly looking at his shoes. "Thats Harry." He points at the curly one who smiles cheekily. "And thats Liam." He points to the boy with the toy story t-shirt on and he raises his palm at me. I giggle and realize I'm in bed lol. 

"Buuuuut seeing at you seem nice. Eleanor told me you are I'm not a stalker." I laughed and my sides hurt. " You can call us by our nicknames. Harry is Curly Pervert. Zayn is Vas 'appenin. Liam is Leeeeeyum. Louis, thats me, is Spastic Carrot and Niall is Nialler the Leprechaun or just Nialler. OH YEAH and Eleanor, my beautiful girlfriend, is Elly Belly Smelly Welly Chelly Delly…"

"LOUIS SHUT UP." Harry yelled but in a jokey way. Louis held a hand to his heart and sobbed dramatically. Wow they're odd. 

I started feeling uncomfortable as they watched me sitting in bed, covers pulled over me so i jumped out. Everyone jumped back and i laughed. Then they suddenly all went serious, whats going on? I suddenly felt a cool breeze hit my back, hey thats funny i swear i was wearing a t-shirt last night… I looked down and nearly wet myself, i was in my strapless, low cut Victoria's secret bra and knickers. I quickly dived back into bed, my face as red as beetroot. I looked to the boys and saw them shuffling around uncomfortably.

Suddenly Niall burst out laughing and so did all the others.




That was quite a first impression.




Zayns POV:

Oh my god i feel sorry for the poor girl especially with a pervert like Harry in here….


Harrys POV:

Mmhmm i'd like to get with that anytime...


Liams POV:

Oh sheesh. But she's pretty fit i have to give that up.


Louis POV:
No Louis you HAVE  a girlfriend and she's just as gorgeous.


Nialls POV:

Oh my gosh. That was mighty sexy I'm not a perv like harry but she looked fit.


Eleanors POV:

Poor girly.





Daisys POV:
















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