I wish

Niall Horan and Daisy Seiler.
Or more?


2. Daisy Seiler.



This is Daisy Seiler ^ Yes that beautiful girl 

So heres some facts for your nosy little selves.


Full Name: Daisy Grace Seiler.

Age: Nineteen.

Birthday: 10th May.

Parents: (aunt) Nessa Paris and (uncle) Joey Paris. 

(real parents): Donal Seiler and Rosemary Seiler.

Siblings: (brother) William and (cousin) Ellie.

Location:Northern Ireland (moved here when she was Seven).

Ethnicity: Spanish and American (Has an American accent).

Style: Print tees, shorts and Sneakers.

Hair color: Brown and slightly wavy (she likes curling it).

Eye color: Brown

Best friend: She hasn't got one.

Boyfriend: She's a reject of society.

Problems: Everything.

Mood: Never decided.

Feeling: Alone.






And it all goes downhill from there.

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